Friday, June 18, 2004

Tonight I wanna dance with someone else 

Madonna now goes by Esther.

I wanted to attach myself to the energy of a different name," explained the Material Girl. Fans assume the name change reflects her devotion to Kabbalah, while her critics say it's a lame attempt to hype her Reinvention Tour.

I, however, have an alternate theory for her inspiration.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Ever Lonelier Drive on Durango 95 

John Cummings, my favorite Ramone, has terminal cancer. Scowling, with unchanging Moe cut and fiercesome guitar-play, Johnny Ramone rocked with the seminal punk band for over two decades. Like Joey and Dee Dee, he'll leave us far too soon. I met the band almost twenty years ago at the old Murmur Records in Orlando. They liked the store and would drop in unannounced to sign albums and meet fans. It so happened that Johnny was recovering from a pretty serious health scare at the time, and appreciated the kind wishes. I gladly duplicate them tenfold today.

Suffice it to say:
While the Ramones were one of the longest-lasting bands, recording albums all the way into the 90s, their biggest legacy were the bands that they inspired. The Ramones first show in England was July 4, 1976, at the Roundhouse. People like Paul Simonon and Mick Jones (soon to be in The Clash) met the Ramones backstage and told them that they now had courage to be in a band. The Ramones encouraged everyone to just get out and play. [Others in that audience included members of the Sex Pistols, the Damned, Gen X, Chrissie Hynde](A.S. Van Dorston)

Dee Dee Ramone named the band in reference to Paul McCartney's occasional use of the psuedonym. In February 2002 Spin Magazine ranked the 50 greatest bands (based largely on influence). Appropriately, the Ramones were #2 after the Beatles.

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Hope yourBloomsDayis streaming with consciousness 

Chris Hitchens realizes the Iraqi torture scandal was more than a harmless game of Ghraib-ass, much more than some guys blowing off steam at a Skull and Bones circle jerk. He calls it a Moral Chernobyl, where "rape" and "murder" occurred. Referencing a meltdown with lasting contamination seems to suit current facts. Will coming pictures and disclosures shake the faith of the remaining 11% of Iraqis who still have confidence in the Coalition? Bravo to Kerry campaign spokesperson for Louisiana (until otherwise informed) and good friend Brian Welsh who put on a maestro performance for Jeff Crouere's conservative audience on WTIX 690am. Strong, direct answers without giving an inch. Nicely done! Ironically Brian and oyster's effort to form a 527 org had to be shelved because Kerry did the unexpected and is putting a very strong effort into winning this state. However, after courting several big donors I can honestly report that the pettiness, factionalism and narrow vision of Louisiana Democrats with money cannot be overestimated. Like pregnant bellies, a cute kid, we've learned, acts as an open invitation for physical contact. Last night dining on Jamila's Maple Street sidewalk, a man approached and asked-- She's beautiful, What's her name?-- Colicky.-- What a beautiful name.-- Then he holds her hand, pats her head, as I sign the check something controversial occurs. --I love children. That's why I have eight of them from four different wives-- Oyster, we better go. --Ok, Lovely. -- I'm sorry, folks.-- Let's go.--Ok.-- Apparently when I wasn't looking the guy kissed Colicky, baptizing her with his 100 proof breath. Then he bothers hospitable owner Monsef and brags about his Ay-RAB girlfriend (pregnant?). Lovely tells me what happened as we take Colicky home. Muhammad Ali kissed my pal Medium Yim-Yim on the head in 1978. I doubt in twenty five years this episode will be as memorable for my daughter. A witch is stalking me. Lovely and I are doing the Zone together. I need to, she doesn't. Unfortunately I'm having trouble shoehorning a stuffed mirliton plate with fried oysters and french bread into the Zone's carb formula. State Senator Cleo Fields: "I think it's high time for us to stop putting so many stigmatisms on our children." A relative of Joyce will be celebrating Ulysses at O'Flaherty's tonight. My fellow moderns should attend.
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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Bow. Wow. Wow. 

I want Candy.
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Little read or not, my blog promotes sex-- zapatastic sex! 

I get email after email from YRHT comrades demanding updates on the the Maoist Internationalist Movement's stance on sexuality. Jeez, for the last time:

Monogamy is still second-best to asexuality!

Why is it so difficult for energetic militants to understand that?-- especially the young men. Simply focus on Chairman Mao's Zedong instead of your own. Jeez.

Of course, I did happen to browse the May issue of MIM at a Rue de la Course which was formerly a savings and loan. Thirty foot ceilings, gargoyles peering from rafters, majestic echoes... a truly great venue on Carrollton, with a fine staff too.

Hell, if asexual Maoists wish to replace more banks with coffeehouses, that's a revolution for which I'll be first in line; but it better work this time.

Actually, come to think of it, in my own subversive way I'm leading precisely that revolution. My business capitalizes on the stupidity of banks and the illiquidity of real estate. So, given those impressive credentials in radicalism, you should probably now refer to me as subcomandante oyster. In total seriousness, former philosophy professor subcomandante Marcos is truly one of my heroes. Who is yours?
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Monday, June 14, 2004


A small sampling of things I recommend wholeheartedly:

The Center for Longevity and Wellness offers great client- centered care with an emphasis on prevention and nutrition. No waiting or attitude or 5 minutes actual face time with a physician or any other of the myriad bullshit you normally put up with at most doctor's offices. For example, Dr Kancher's business card has seven ways to contact him, anytime, including his home number. Plus, if you practice law, they won't decline you treatment, which is nice. (Note: the east-west fusion of techniques isn't as hokie as the site might indicate.)

If you want a new Dodge Magnum see the ever-helpful Mr. Wild at the Bohn Zone. Tell him the bivalve sent you.

My daughter, Colicky, just loves Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Made locally (now by Dr. Tichenor's in Covington), and nationally retailed via Sprawl-Mart.
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What is your dominant thought?-- What should it be?
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