Saturday, September 25, 2004


From the Times-Picayune's profile of Senatorial candidate John Kennedy (a Vandy phil/polisci/econ triple major):

Asked to name his favorite book for this profile, Kennedy first said 20th-century French existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre's "Being and Nothingness." He later e-mailed to say it was actually "The Sickness Unto Death," by 19th century Dutch existentialist Soren Kierkegaard...

What an obvious pander to Louisiana's vast existentialist demographic!

Well, it sure worked on me. Despite knowing (black) friends working for Chris John and (white) Deaniacs working for Arthur Morrell, my vote is going to Kennedy. This spring, on the riverfront, he delivered a stellar speech while buying time prior to Kerry's late arrival. He didn't even tone down his Ross Perot-like twang, either. More blue dog than I'd prefer, of course, but I do like the man's style.

And for the philistines at the T-P: Kierkegaard was DANISH, not Dutch.
Title inspired by Ricky.
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Friday, September 24, 2004

Intestinal fortitude 

The bivalve is back, loyal droogs, and will parcel out some tidbits for your weekend perusal. Topics may include softness, sickness, addiction and pain... but in a funny way, naturally.

Also, advanced apologies to those prone to losing their breakfast: a Paula Cole lyric may find its way into a coming post title-- and, really, why even read Your Thief but for the uncanny titles?
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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Absence makes... 

Might be a day or two before any more posts. My monitor died and Colicky won't let me borrow hers.

In the meantime, enjoy the superior listings to the left of this post, or visit my "comparable" archives.
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Sunday, September 19, 2004

"I am the owl, I seek out the foul" 

Well, New Orleanians who actually got to vote should be pleased with the School Board election results. The anti-Amato forces have been "erased" (or soon will be in the runoffs), signalling how widespread the discontent is with our public school system. That is a clear victory for the city's kids. The margin on the gay marriage amendment success was highly depressing, though.

Ratboy and I are thinking about "patrolling" the city all day November 2nd, looking for irregularities and voter suppression tactics. Every year fishy things occur, and we want to collect evidence wherever possible. I've written about the despicable strategies the GOP uses here, and a refresher course for Florida is here (via the Fulcrum). I just need advice on how to best maximize our efforts: where to go, what things to focus on.... We're not interested in mere poll monitoring, but finding the misleading leaflets, signs and other sneaky stuff which can be quickly reported and spur outrage before the polls close. How would you go about something like this? Any advice would be appreciated. We're thinking about riding around all day keeping our eyes peeled for bad guys, with our contact at the local news channel on speed dial.

President Bush, like Lyndon Johnson, is not a racist, but he will allign himself with those who won't hesitate to disenfranchise minorities. I'll describe this more explicitly in coming posts, but it really boils my blood, and catching some of their minions in the act would be supremely satisfying to me. (Those owls still play a lot of games...)

For now, on a brighter note, look at this Heineken commercial that's running during the football games. I like it a lot, because it shows an interracial couple in such a natural, nonchalant manner. Perhaps even ten years ago, some of my friends might scoff at the premise (white guy/black gal-- how often do you see that?) or they would at least note its rarity. Now the scene seems commonplace, and the (guy) humor comes purely from the male/female dynamic. That's progress.
Update: Yatpundit has a good summary of the OPSB results.
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Bad Poodle! 

This seems... inopportune.

The British Army is to start pulling troops out of Iraq next month despite the deteriorating security situation in much of the country, The Observer has learnt. The main British combat force in Iraq, about 5,000-strong, will be reduced by around a third by the end of October during a routine rotation of units.

The news came amid another day of mayhem in Iraq, which saw a suicide bomber kill at least 23 people and injure 53 in the northern city of Kirkuk. The victims were queueing to join Iraq's National Guard. More than 200 people were killed last week in one of the bloodiest weeks since last year's invasion, strengthening impressions that the country is spinning out of control.
There are now fears that scheduled Iraqi elections in January will have to be delayed because of the growing instability.
The forthcoming 'drawdown' of British troops in Basra has not been made public and is likely to provoke consternation in both Washington and Baghdad. Many in Iraq argue that more, not fewer, troops are needed. Last week British troops in Basra fought fierce battles with Shia militia groups.

Small dogs give him trouble
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