Monday, March 21, 2005

Hester report 

Friday March 11th was a difficult day for me. I happened upon Sandra "18 Wheeler" Hester's cable access show that night, and what I saw wasn't uplifting at all. As you may recall, Ms. Hester is frequently described as a "tireless" activist on behalf of students suffering within the execrable Orleans Parish School system. And such targeted activism is a good thing-- up to a point. Gadflies are good. Energetic malcontents who stir the shit at all costs-- not so good.

Anyway, on Friday the 11th faithful viewers of the Hester Report witnessed a disconcerting sight. Ms. Hester was completely worn out.

Thoroughly Exhausted...

I became worried.

She informed her audience that at a recent School Board meeting she had propped her swollen foot on a chair (the one that she'd broken a year or two ago) and a policeman came over and unceremoniously removed the chair out from under her bad foot, which dropped to the floor, causing her pain. She verbally informed the School Board of this "police brutality" during the meeting, but they would not listen to her urgent pleas.

Also, Ms. Hester spoke about a lawsuit she had filed against the School Board (whom she would sue "every day" if she could). But she did not elaborate on the details. Clearly, though, the events of the past week were weighing on her heavily.

So, during the show, in an effort to cheer her up, her show's producer put up an updated background graphic of the new School Board members' asses-- complete with new nicknames. You may recall how eight months ago we noted how Ms. Hester stirred up-- what else?-- a controversy on her show by referring to School Board member Jimmy Fahrenholtz as "Fahren-honkie". She also displayed a drawing of the School Board members' asses with their names tattooed across their buttocks. Regrettably, these hijinks interfered with her later campaign for a School Board seat (against Fahrenholtz), because the media would bring up this "honkie" controversy which she would not apologize for or discuss.

The new picture on the Hester Report still shows an artist's black and white rendering of everyone's ass. They're left unpigmented but are drawn approximately to scale. For whatever reason, S.B. President Torin Sanders is shown with a remarkably hairy derriere. Only three of the members get nicknames this time around:

Jimmy Fahrenholtz is still "Fahrenhonkie"
Lourdes Moran is "Lawd dis Moron" (Hester-- like myself-- is unimpressed with Moran. Her overwhelming outright victory in the S.B. primaries still mystifies me.)
Una Anderson is Tuna Anderson (because she's too skinny and "needs to eat")

So this graphic cheered Ms. Hester, but only briefly. Then she said she felt lonely; like no one could really understand her, because no one is quite the activist that she is. And that is certainly true (and in more ways than she meant it). Ms. Hester proceeded to sigh several times and did an extended meditation on a TR quote which she felt applied to her. She was the "man" in the arena, the one who counted, rather than the sniping critics.

All of this is written so that you can understand this story in context.

Outspoken Orleans Parish School Board critic Sandra Wheeler Hester was arrested Tuesday on domestic violence charges. She pleaded not guilty at her Wednesday arraignment.

According to investigators, Wheeler-Hester and her husband were arguing when the fight became physical, and Wheeler-Hester punched her husband in the stomach. He refused medical treatment.
"These charges are bogus," she said as she walked out of jail. "It's just a witch hunt."

another story notes:

This isn't the first time Wheeler-Hester has been in handcuffs. She was escorted out of several school board meetings for disruptive behavior. In 2000, she faced charges of criminal tresspassing, disturbing the peace, and resisting arrest at her children's elementary school.

The "18 wheeler" is having a really rough week month. We wish her the fortitude of a bull/moose until she regains her characteristic zest and vigor.

h/t to kelly at yer mom an dem
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