Wednesday, March 23, 2005

"We love free speech in America."

Thus did our beloved President Bush respond when he was rudely interrupted by a protester during a recent Social Security "discussion" in Nebraska. The audience rightly cheered W's noble sentiment.

Sadly, this love of freedom couldn't be found amongst the White House staff during a similar event yesterday in Tucson. Apparently a snooty Weepublican operative spotted a college student wearing a Young Democrats shirt waiting in line to see Bush. The operative proceeded to question the young man's politics, and then took his entry ticket and destroyed it. A spokesman for the Young Democrats of Arizona put this gross offense in its rightful context:

If this would have been paid for by the Bush-Cheney campaign and they discriminated entrance, it would have been unethical, undemocratic and wrong, but they would have had the right... The distinction is that this was paid for with taxpayers' dollars-- some of the money even comes out of Social Security.

Nicely done, sir!

That's right: American SS dollars (partially) fund events where Bush touts his privatization non-plan to the converted. Bush then warns Democrats that they better come to "the table"... or else! And then some little goosestepper prohibits a guy wearing a t-shirt with a donkey on it from hearing Dear Leader's canned spiel. Now, if this were an isolated instance, I'd let it pass. But recall the eery similarities between Tucson and this utterly chilling episode from last year. Sadly, there's plenty of others. (By the way, can someone please get a name or a quick photo of these pissant brownshirt operatives? A picture is worth a thousand votes, people!)

You may wonder what sort of informed citizens are deemed worthy of admission to one of Bush's orchestrated "forums". Well, let's all take a gander, shall we? (My emphs):

"There are some crazy liberals here," said Devin Michalski, 13, an Old Vail Middle School student on spring break. "I want to see my president. I love my president. I'm also here to argue with some liberals."


His father, Tyler Landis, wore a T-shirt that read, "Right wing extremist."

Could there be a timelier moment to self-identify as such?

"Without Social Security my wife and I would never be able to retire," said the 30-year-old, stay-at-home father of four.

Wow. That last sentence is a keeper. It's not every day that you hear a "right-wing extremist" proudly proclaim his dependence on his breadwinning wife the hallmark of FDR's New Deal!


(Sorry, I'm still giggling)


Ok, so what sort of presentation do "outed" Democrats miss when they're banned from these events? Here are some typical excerpts, highlights mine. [Warning to my leftist brethren: reading further may cause intense laughter, nausea or a nasty combination thereof]:

PRESIDENT: I think it's important for people to be open about the truth when it comes to Social Security. That's what we're here to talk about. And I also have an obligation to help come up with solutions. It's one thing for a President to say, we've got a problem. A President, in my judgment, also needs to come up with solutions.
I came up with an interesting idea that I want to discuss with you. I know some of our panelists will discuss it with you, as well. I believe that younger workers ought to be able to set aside some of their own payroll taxes in what's called a personal retirement account
... of the reasons I'm traveling the country is not only to say we got a problem, let's come together and fix it...

Next on GOPTV a very special episode of: Buffoonery, the Irony-Slayer.

(Big H/T to Philosoraptor)

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