Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Cig Cig Sputternic 

In a significant defeat, the Queen Bee failed to get the votes for her $1/pack cigarrette tax to fund teacher's pay raises. She's blaiming "willful obstructionists" in the legislature who put Big Tobacco over our precious, darling, defenseless children.

Poor Bee. She started with honey and finished wth the stinger, yet she still could not get her hive in order. Now she's buzzin' around blamin' folks. She should blame herself for not being able to explain the necessity of the tax; especially after state revenue forecasts improved.

If you're a proud "willful obstructionist", Chad Rogers has a list he'll put you on.

In other news, the Senate approved slots at Louis Armstrong Int'l to fund the Saints. Over at the Metblogs, I railed on the T-P for their opposition to this measure.
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