Friday, December 23, 2005

Snow Job 

Heed the Dark Wraith.
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They said it was a war on Christmas, but you commies just wouldn't listen. 

Now look!
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Merry Christmas-- or not 

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Where's the love? 

From 11/08/03 Newsweek article "Cheney's Long Path to War":

In the late '90s, Ahmad Chalabi, the leader of ... the Iraqi National Congress, began cultivating and lobbying intellectuals, journalists and political leaders in Washington. Chalabi had a shadowy past; his family, exiled from Iraq in the late '50s, had set up a banking empire through the Middle East that collapsed in charges of fraud in 1989. (Chalabi, who has always denied wrongdoing, has been convicted and sentenced, in absentia, by a Jordanian military court to 22 years of hard labor.) But operating out of London, the smoothly persuasive Chalabi presented himself as a democratic answer to Saddam Hussein. With a little American backing, he promised, he could rally the Iraqi people to overthrow the Butcher of Baghdad.

Chalabi was hailed in some circles, especially among the neocons at AEI, as the "George Washington of Iraq." But the professionals at the State Department and at the CIA took a more skeptical view.

December 2005: The man whom Chris Hitchens described as a "mathematical genius", the man whom neocons once hailed as "The George Washington of Iraq", the man whom the WSJ op ed page unfailingly supports despite his alleged passing of American intelligence to Iran, the man who basically "gamed" the international intelligence community into believing the worst about Saddam's capabilities, has received about 8,000 votes out of 2.5 million votes cast in Baghdad.

Here's a related story from Michael involving Hitchens, Scott Ritter (as well as Leslie Stahl who did the reporting on the last link of the above paragraph).
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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


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Last minute opposition from the Bush administration stalled legislation to create a federal corporation that would buy homes damaged or destroyed by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, according to the bill's sponsor.


DJ Nordquist, spokesman for federal Katrina recovery coordinator Don Powell, was less direct when asked about the latest White House position on the Baker bill.

"We share the goal of expediting the recovery of the Gulf Coast region and will continue to work with Congressman Baker and other leaders to come up with the best solutions to revitalize and rebuild the community for the long-term," Nordquist said.

On Saturday afternoon, Baker thought he had achieved the breakthrough needed to pass his bill during a hastily called meeting with Senate Banking Committee Chairman Richard Shelby, R-Ala. Baker sold his bill as the best way to avert thousands of mortgage foreclosures in Louisiana .

Although staffers on the Senate Banking Committee had been raising questions about the bill, Shelby assured Baker and Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., who helped set up the meeting, that he wouldn't stand in the way if top GOP leaders signed off.

"In our minds, that was the last obstacle and we were ready to pop the champagne," said a Baker aide.

But the Senate GOP leaders wanted the White House's okay.

Despite a carefully orchestrated effort, which included frantic weekend e-mails and phone calls to the White House from long-time Bush supporters Joseph Canizaro, developer and leader of Mayor Ray Nagin's Bring New Orleans Back Commission and Donald "Boysie" Bollinger, president and CEO of Bollinger Shipyards, as well as former Democratic Sen. John Breaux, White House officials balked.

Congressional staffers said too many questions were unresolved about the overall costs of the housing buyouts.

To recap:

Canizaro, I believe, is the only Bush "Pioneer" level fundraiser in Louisiana.

Boysie recently said that Bush is Louisiana's "best friend."

Yeah, right. Why is our "best friend" always working so hard behind the scenes to kill legislation helpful to the Pelican State? Why is cost always an obstacle when it comes to "the gret stet", but never when it comes to Iraq, Big Pharma, KBR... etc?

How many times does this have to happen before Bush supporters in this state see a pattern? How did these guys succeed in business if they can be played like yo-yo's so consistently, and come back for more?

So: After waiting nearly four months to declare that the Bush administration will honor levee commitments made to this state forty years ago, the President has the chutzpah to say that his belated commitment to Category 3 protection will help businesses return to the area. (No joke, Buckwheat!) Many thousands of area businesses have already left the state because of the extended silence from Washington on this matter.

And then the Bushies went out of their way to subvert a bill which would have given so many Louisianans hope during the holidays. Now they will only receive harrassment from their mortgage companies. (Hint to Homeowners: use your situation to your advantage during negotiations).

Happy Holidays, Louisiana!
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