Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Insurance ain't charity 

George Bush apparently includes Flood Insurance payments to the Gulf Coast when he cites his $85 billion figure for Gulf Coast aid. You'll recall that he went out of his way to remind people in this "part of the world" that "$85 billion is a lot".

Read this fine post, wherein da po boy observes: "I didn't know that the paying of flood insurance claims was optional."

Well, hell, if that's how Bush wants to inflate the numbers, why not include every federal service provided to the Gulfsouth in the past 5 months? Medicare, SS... etc. In Bush's view, if the Government makes a deal with U.S. citizens, and keeps it, then the citizens should be grateful.

I paid over $100/month for flood insurance, and now, after a catastrophe, the president wants to "remind me" that the payout is a lot of money for the feds to dole out.

Back many moons ago, when oyster sold health insurance in Louisiana to small businesses, some customers would ask why my company's premiums were lower than other plans. Occasionally, if the mood was right, I'd look them in the eye and say with a straight face "Because we don't pay".

It was an obvious joke, and we'd have a good laugh.

Bush is basically saying the same thing without laughing. Policyholders should be thankful for their payouts. The feds are giving them "a lot".

How these insurance handouts must strain Bush's frugal budgeting! See, a trillion dollars for Iraq or for a Medicare bill isn't "a lot"... it's the flood insurance settlements to victims of catastrophe!! That's when the numbers REALLY start to add up for the president who outspent Lyndon Johnson, and who created fewer net jobs than Jimmy Carter!
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