Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Christians in Iraq who do not flee are killed, terrorized. 

Sectarian militias continue to target Christians in Iraq; car-bombing churches, terrorizing and harassing believers, kidnapping and beheading priests.... Hundreds of thousands of Christians have fled Iraq since the war began; they decided that current conditions are now "UNACCEPTABLE" and are much worse than they were during Saddam.

Think about that. These are pro-democracy Christians who lived through Saddam's dictatorship only to find that the country has worsened after he was deposed.

You'd think Republican Rhombi would be sympathetic and suppportive of their plight; you'd think pro-war fantasists would be constantly reminding us that "Iraqi Christians deserved to be liberated and they will be an important voice for reform and democracy in the new Iraq. We need to make sure that this persecuted Christian minority is not disenfranchised by Kurds, killed by sectarian death squads, and forced to flee a land they've inhabited for 2,000 years. Iraqi Christians need fair representation in Parliament and a government that can provide security."

No, you won't be hearing about the Iraqi Christians anytime soon-- especially from the Pro-war Religious Right. (You know who I'm talking about, right? These are the same fundagelicals who abhor gay behavior, but seem to love voting for closet gays.)

Well, here's an excerpt from an IHT article titled "In Iraq, a new level of threat to Christians":

Christianity took root here near the dawn of the faith 2,000 years ago, making Iraq home to one of the world's oldest Christian communities. The country is rich in biblical significance: scholars believe the Garden of Eden described in Genesis was in Iraq; Abraham came from Ur of the Chaldees, thought by many to be in Iraq.

Both Chaldean Catholics and Assyrian Christians, the country's largest Christian sects, still pray in Aramaic, the language of Jesus.

They have long been a tiny minority amid a sea of Islamic faith. But under Saddam Hussein, Iraq's million or so Christians for the most part co-existed peacefully with Muslims, both the dominant Sunnis and the majority Shiites.
Over the past three and a half years, Christians have been subjected to a steady stream of church bombings, assassinations, kidnappings and threatening letters slipped under doors.

Nice job, you stupid fundagelical sheep! You elected a "moral man" to be President who engaged in a war of choice at the first opportunity, and who f*cked up the subsequent "nation-building" so badly that one of the world's oldest Christian communities is being... extinguished! They survived for two thousand years, and now, after Bush "liberated" them, these Christians are almost literally being cast out of the Garden of Eden! Isn't that ironic?!

And you fundagelicals couldn't give a shite. You'll say: "Those who cut and run don't understand that freedom isn't free... etc." In fact, you probably think these Christians are not properly "saved" and are on their way to the lake of fire, anyway. Perhaps many of them are immoral and gay and therefore brought these terrorist death squads on themselves. Perhaps it's all part of the Divine plan.... right?

Like the DK's said, y'all keep on "masturbating with a flag and a bible. God must be dead if you're alive".

Another snippet from the IHT article:

Dora, a neighborhood in southern Baghdad that was once heavily populated by Christians and has been plagued by sectarian violence, has now been mostly emptied of them. Christians were singled out there by insurgents who accused them of being friendly with the occupying Americans.

"They are Christian, we are Christian," said one holdout, who asked to be identified only by her first name, Suzan. "They think most likely we know each other well."

Well, you can't blame those insurgents for thinking that. You know those Christians-- they all look (and think) the same.

Good thing we understand "them" better than they understand "us".

Here's some moving Congressional testimony (.pdf) by an Assyrian Christian.

More YRHT coverage of this issue here.
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When will the Christian populace realize that the Pat Robertsons and Ws of the world are not Christians, as money and power and fame are their idols?

Oh, and props for the DK's reference.

By Anonymous ashley, at 2:53 PM