Thursday, October 19, 2006

Turn your volume up 

... and visit World Class New Orleans to hear what the Sacredome can sound like during Saints games.

Go watch it. Feel it. Relive it. But afterwards, do not-- I repeat-- DO NOT forget to turn your volume down, because you may stumble upon a "music"(?) video like this one.

(H/T Baizetown.)
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Oyster -
The first video gave me chills.
The second video gave me flashbacks - my brother and his buds used to have an annual PAGAN bash at the end of the summer, even made some really cool t-shirts. Brought back those memories...
The baizetown link, however, sent me into a spiral of links and reading until I was at and reading a response David had toward something said by Larry the Cable Guy. David Cross is one of the funniest comedian/comedic actors I have ever seen. If you have never seen Mr. Show with Bob and David, you are missing out. Truly funny stuff.

By Blogger LatinTeacher, at 7:19 PM