Saturday, January 07, 2006

Thinking about my baby, and my happy home 

In an otherwise optimistic post, World Class New Orleans makes an alarming claim:

Those of us with unflooded houses got lucky, period. The river wasn't far from overtopping its levees; if it had, Uptown would have Lower Ninth style devastation.

Someone else informed me of this last month-- that the Mississippi backed up due to Katrina's massive storm surge and rose within feet of the levee tops (in places). Has anyone else heard this? I'm fairly confident that World Class' source (or source's source) was an eyewitness to this phenomenon. Did this claim make it into print anywhere else?

After K, YRHT friend Ratboy went down to Chicago.
Sorry but he can't take you.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Live free or DIY 

Jane Hamsher submits that:

the blog world has the feel right now that the punk rock scene of the late 70's had, and for much the same reasons.

But then concludes:

We thought punk rock and the energetic counterculture it produced would last for ever, but it didn't. It was over quite quickly.

Enjoy the blogs while you can. These are the salad days.

To which I would say: we must remember that punk rock has "died" and resurrected many times. Back in the day, I thought the salad days were in '82. Now I'm wistful for Operation Ivy in the late 80's. In another few years I might be pining away for the Suicide Machines of the 90's.

Is there not a way of living that will make any time period-- even now-- appear as a cultural/historical/artistic highpoint years hence? Punks in 87 looked back to 82. Punks in 82 looked back to 77. I will say more about this as it applies to New Orleans next week. Have a good weekend.
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Great title with pun or musical reference 

Description of Bush administration waste or moral emptiness.

Killer quote with highlights in yellow for the skimmers.

Snarky sarcastic concluding comment with futile wailing about Louisiana.

Title Reference asterisk
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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Light posting today.

I will, however, submit that the new Chevy Impala looks about as "fierce" as a late 90's Civic.

How the once-mighty have fallen! (Nothing against Honda of course. Nobody makes engines like Honda.)

Via Hullabaloo, I found this Wapo article on domestic spying to be valuable.

And, last but not least, this seems highly appropos.
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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ashley named his son after the Crescent City. Go congratulate him, and consider emulating his fine example.

Jaybirdo located some green space for Fema trailers.

Ian recaps the news.

Jeffrey recaps 2005, concluding: "New Year's Eve finds me looking back at the saddest year of my life thinking mostly about how unbelievably lucky I have been."
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Won't you let me take you on a Plea Cruz? 

Firedoglake has the summary. But I'm sure this ballooning scandal will do nothing to dissuade those who believe that Louisiana is so much more corrupt than Washington, and must "clean up" so that it can get support from upright congressman like Tom Delay. Sure, LA has problems; but we're pikers compared to these GOP cronies. Their K-street web is unraveling, and the fraudulence in this state will look benign in comparison to what the Justice Dept. will disclose this year.

Who're the "stupid mofos" and "troglodytes" now?

Ooowee, baby. Ooowee.

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

"Year Zero" 

Greg's latest comic is a masterpiece. View it here if you weren't able to pick up a Gambit.

He says "history begins now".


A happier new year to y'all.
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