Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ashley, a matter requiring your trademark subtelty and finesse... 

Mr Vanderleun wants his donation to New Orleans sent back, with interest. Like others who commented on his post, I am willing to refund his donation with interest (10%) if he will give me the amount, and date. Perhaps Ashley can think of another offer for Mr V. [Update: Ashley responds in classic fashion.]

See, the USA TODAY "quadrillion article" irritated Mr. Vanderleun. He says it's time to get "cold blooded" about New Orleans:

The city and its long line of corrupt citizens and politicians have already managed to hoover $127 billion out of the federal government and that, as they say, should be enough for any cluster of crooks.

Keeping that figure in mind, my policy is that the New Orleaners among us are paid up and paid in full as of today.
As a city that is part and parcel of America New Orleans does exactly nothing to better the country...
We've already poured billions over this raw festering sore of a city. The infection is still there and it gets more virulent by the day. And now we find that the denizens of this sewer want us to actually pay billions and trillions more to keep this chancrous old collection of corruption afloat? I don't think so. But con-artists don't stop conning until you stop them.

My suggestion to the Army Corps of Engineers is simple. The next time any of the poor sots of New Orleans come staggering up to the Federal Courts shaking the begging cup, blow all the levees and let the city drown its sorrows in the Mississippi.

This canine vulva heartily agrees with Mr. V's sentiments.

Update: Most locals and regular readers understand how wildly inaccurate that 127 billion dollar statistic is. Whenever the Bush administration has been asked about the recovery of New Orleans, they have consistently cited (questionable) total expenditure figures that apply to the entire Gulf Coast recovery after hurricanes Wilma, Rita and Katrina. Ultimately, that pernicious linkage formed the basis of Mr. V's bogus argument about New Orleans' irrelevance, as well as his suggestion for USACE to destroy New Orleans if more recovery money is requested.
Update #2: More on Mr Van der Leun here. Mr V. says he considers "unremitting intellectual honesty" to be the most important personal quality. (H/T Instaputz via blogenfreude).
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Well I'm not Ashley, but I did my part.

By Anonymous GentillyGirl, at 8:34 PM  

I have a better idea. Let's blow the levees just below the city and end navigation. Then we take out the superport. Fuck them. Let them fight each other to the death over raw soybeans in the dark until winter finishes the rest of them off.

By Blogger Mark, at 8:35 PM  

"Comments that exceed the obscenity or stupidity limits will be either edited or expunged."

I think his "stupidity limit" might be set a bit high

By Anonymous mark c., at 8:36 PM  

Mark, I love that idea.

Wetlands restoration and making mooks like the American Digest wish they had never crossed us.

I can live with that.

By Anonymous GentillyGirl, at 11:50 PM  

If I get the $500,000 I claimed, after I refunded the money my insurance company paid me, according to the contracts I signed wit them (including federally subsidized flood insurance). I'd be more than happy to pay back any one I got money from. So far that's about $0.00.

In fact the sad, unexposed truth is that most of that money went to pay for people to organize other people who weren't paid.

By Blogger mominem, at 1:05 AM  

Yep...they'll scream bloody murder about New Orleans but say nothing about billions wasted on frivolous wars and weapons that accomplish nothing to make us safer.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:12 AM  

those canine vulva folks seem to be virtually drinking beer in the comment section. and trying to figure out how they would nuke new orleans. they came up with barksdale air force base.

By Anonymous mark c., at 5:10 AM  

Mr. Vanderleun is "legalized slunk trading" personified.

By Anonymous Marco, at 7:56 AM  

Seems to me talk of nuking an American city is an act of terroism. Anybody know how to contact the FBI?

By OpenID doctorj2u, at 8:45 AM  


By Blogger Ashley, at 3:13 PM  

When I imagine you interlacing your fingers and cracking them just before typing a rant... I feel God's pleasure.

By Blogger oyster, at 3:46 PM  

Hey, Vanderleun, you worthless sack of shit: since you never actually made a donation to New Orleans, you know you're not getting it back. But don't give up hope. I'll buy you a first-class ticket to New Orleans and limousine fare from the airport to the Lower Ninth. Then I'll give you a tin cup, and you can go up and down the streets explaining your situation and begging for your money back. I'll even pay for your return travel as well, although that's an easy promise for me to make since I know you won't be needing it.

By Anonymous Dr. Wu, at 11:59 PM