Friday, January 18, 2008

Avman explains it all 

It had been a while since I visited Louisiana Conservative, so I stopped by recently and reviewed some of Avman's archived commentary. Below you will find the fruits of my labor. Here are some excerpted insights from Avman that I wanted to pass along, followed by a shot of YRHT snarkasm.

Avman: "We lost the election in 2006, not because we governed like conservatives, but because our Republican leaders spent so much money, even Liberals were embarrassed, perhaps they were just jealous because even they couldn’t spend that much. We tried to out lib the liberals, but were doomed to fail from the outset. We are not liberals, we don’t understand liberal thought, we can not do a better job of liberalism than liberals do. Attempting to do so is like a genius attempting to communicate with a chicken, our brains are too large to understand such puny thoughts."

That's just clucking hilarious.

Avman: "... there’s something about that compassionate conservatism that I just don’t like."

I'm guessing it's the "compassion" part.

Avman: "Then there’s Bobby Jindal, there with his hand out ready to glad hand potential voters, but his hand seemed to be a hand that is lifting up people who have just fallen down rather than just another politicians ready to kiss babies and whatever else one could offer up to kiss."

Yeah, I noticed that too. *eye roll*

Avman: "I wonder if Kathleen Blanco wears a thong."

I don't.

And to those who might point to this post as a counterexample, let me note that there is a difference between owning an establishment and performing in one. I don't go to Flynt's Hustler Club expecting to see Larry on stage, wheeling around suggestively to the rhythm's of "Ayo".

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Rather odd that those 'large brains' managed to spend so much money in an attempt to 'out lib the liberals'.
Could it be that they are not 'conservative' at all, merely opportunistic?

By Anonymous Jim, at 12:47 PM  

Jim: You may very well be right.

Oyster: I was hoping you did not look to Avman for quality thought. I am glad I was not disapointed.

"I don't go to Flynt's Hustler Club expecting to see Larry on stage, wheeling around suggestively to the rhythm's of "Ayo"."


By Anonymous Daniel Z., at 2:12 PM  

I see that LouisianaConservative is selling some "J the Governor" material. Can we look forward to J: The Douchemook?

By Anonymous Daniel Z., at 2:16 PM  

There's definitely an opportunity for satire with those "W" stickers (and their knock-offs).

"W": still the President.


By Blogger oyster, at 10:13 AM