Friday, February 01, 2008

Grab bag 

1. Prytania Waterline reflects on parades past, and posts a photo of some Pussyfooters in front of his weird neighbor's house.

2. From Gentilly Girl, we found this delicious excerpt from Lolis Eric Elie's T-P column:

Yes, I have heard Bobby Jindal's rhetoric before, and not just in some dusty history book, but in the first administration of Mayor Ray Nagin.

Killing corruption is a worthy goal. But it's also a paper tiger, an amorphous, feel-good enemy that we can all rail against without fear of offending anyone who matters.

Yes, you just heard Jeffrey cheer after reading that.

3. Last night Sen. David Vitter had a celebratory fundraiser at the Aquarium of the Americas for newly elected Gooper "leaders". Guests included Gov. Jindal, Treasurer Secretary and others. (Only $2500 per couple for VIP's).

The title of Vitter's event was the "Leavin' Em Behind Second Line".

(H/T Lovely.)

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I am not cheering about Elie's column one bit. Why should we cheer something that is common sense and is too little too late? Where was Elie with these observations before the election? It is not like Jindal just started preaching about ethics.

Elie also states "This bold-sounding rhetoric is safe rhetoric."

Well isn't that irony for ya? Just as Elie claims that Jindal's rhetoric is "safe", it is also "safe" for Elie to make these comments now instead of during the election where his words might have actually made a difference.

The T-P coverage of Jindal during the campaign was a joke. T-P staff should be shamed, not cheered, for waiting until now to be critical of Jindal.

I am absolutely disgusted. I would rather the T-P just continue its brown nosing of our Governor then show now that they had the capability to question him during the campaign and failed to do so. They should leave the questioning of Jindal to those who cared to do so beforehand. Doing the questioning now just makes them look more irresponsible.

By Anonymous Daniel Z., at 8:18 AM  

Oh, and who did David Vitter leave behind? His family when he went off to go sin with some hookers?

By Anonymous Daniel Z, at 8:20 AM  

DZ is full of some vinegar, today.

I especially like the "irony" comment about Elie making these criticisms when it was safe. Jeffrey, obviously, was making these criticisms since the outset of Jindal's dragon-slaying.

By Blogger oyster, at 8:37 AM  

Yes, there are many in the blogosphere (Jeffrey included) who pointed out Jindal's quixotic and often hypocritical crusade to reform ethics.

Hell, Bobby Jindal's 2006 "campaign for Congress" (where he spent millions of dollars outside his district) was based on ethics reform as well and many people understood Jindals hypocricy of pushing for ethics reform after he voted to weaken house ethics standards during the Tom Delay scandal.

And while the T-P brown nosed Jindal and all his manufactured glory, the blogosphere accepted the duty to inform the public.

By Anonymous Daniel Z., at 8:56 AM  

I understand Daniel's point but I think Lolis is subject to certain editorial restrictions at the T-P that may have made it difficult to write this during the campaign.

What I've tried to highlight more than anything during this current "dragonslaying" phase of Louisiana politics is that the establishment media are generally worse than the demagoguing pols.

This is hardly the first such phase and will likely not be the last.... and the script is always achingly familiar

By Blogger jeffrey, at 10:27 AM  

I thought about the idea that perhaps he was prohibited from insulting their annointed wunderkind during the course of the election.

However, that doesn't make his statement any less safe now, in fact it makes it more so. The only other thing it would do is make the T-P even more despicable than I already thought it was.

Either way, I still cannot cheer for something that is too little and too late.

By Anonymous Daniel Z., at 10:35 AM  

Hey now. You're all talking about the TP brown nosing PBJ. Come on.

Clancy wants equal time.

By Blogger Ashley, at 11:10 AM  

Well, at least Clancy allowed his writers (like Jeremy Alford) to say things about Jindal that don't line up with the editorial opinion of the paper as a whole.

But don't worry, im sure Clancy will step up his game soon enough and continue to darken his nose for the annointed one.

By Anonymous Daniel Z., at 11:26 AM