Friday, February 29, 2008

The Jindal budget 

When the "next Ronald Reagan" goes to "war" on uncontrolled spending, it is a fearsome thing to behold:

Gov. Bobby Jindal proposed a $30.1 billion budget Friday for next year that includes increased state spending, mainly in education, health care and work force training, along with the expectation of more than $100 million in cuts to business taxes.
Though the governor campaigned on ways to cut government spending, Jindal's spending recommendations are larger than the budget approved by lawmakers a year ago, and the state dollar spending would actually grow over the current year by $551 million.
Lawmakers approved a $29.7 billion budget for the 2007-08 current year, but with new pass-through federal recovery aid for housing reconstruction after hurricanes Katrina and Rita, it has grown to $34.3 billion.

All of the decrease in Jindal's budget proposal involves the loss of one-time federal hurricane relief aid — not shrinks in state spending. All the jobs cut in the proposal are vacant, according to Jindal financial adviser Ray Stockstill.


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Remember that Jindal complained about the 1000 jobs that Blanco added last year, even though those jobs had not been filled. Hypocrisy abounds. Another day, another lie.

By Anonymous Daniel Z., at 2:50 PM  

Nice job releasing it on the Friday-afternoon-news-black-hole, too.

By Blogger Clay, at 11:28 PM  

Ya know, I would be upset except I think that it is a wonderful thing. I think Jindal is terrible, but my hope (and of course I wasn't alone) was that when he was elected he'd come back towards the center. Proposing a budget that is $1B more than Blanco's previous one is just that. Let's see how long this honeymoon lasts (I hope at least as long as it takes to get the financing and approval for the LSU-VA hospital)...

By Blogger Jeffrey, at 2:21 PM  

About this business of identifying Democrats without the suffix "-ic." Another offender is the Republican Party hack and blowhard Jay Dardenne, the Louisiana Secretary of State. Jay just can't get himself to say, or write, "Democratic," but with that well-known smirk of his he invariably says something like, "the Democrat candidate." He's pretty assiduous in this, although he is unable to maintain his car in the proper lane when he's driving on the Interstate. One other thing about Jay: He wants to limit the hours of voting on Saturday; says it's too expensive to keep the polls open longer. This is part of parcel of the standard Republican ploy to limit the vote, especially on Saturdays, when working people can turn out to vote more readily than on week-days. Can't the Democratic Party find someone to run against this prating fascist?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:02 AM