Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sending out an SOS, message in a blog post...

Is it too much to ask that Secretary of State Jay Dardenne not say "democrat primary" when he talks to the media about the rules for upcoming primary elections? A few days ago, WWL 870am played a clip of him saying "democrat primary".

The correct term is Democratic primary. You'd think the SOS would know that.

Can't state officials restrain themselves from using partisan terminology when explaining election rules?



el stevo said...

I'm thinking you're a bit over-sensitive, no? You serious partisan hacks (of both parties) are waging a war against each other that many of us don't feel a part of. If only you would both completely destroy each other, the country would be better off. You should settle down and not take everything so personally. Again, this goes for both dems and repubs.

oyster said...

Call me oversensitive, but on this particular point, I won't ever give an inch.

Imajayhawk said...

"If only you would both completely destroy each other, the country would be better off"

Geez Stevo tell us how you really fell.

Ashley said...

Especially when there's just no call for it. I thought Dardenne was an honorable person, and for him to stoop to this tacky partisanship is beneath him.

oyster said...

Well, I'm not saying he's dishonorable. It was probably just a "slip" made out of habit. But he should guard against such things, and correct them.

The "Democrat party" thing, arose from GOP pollster Frank Luntz and was popularized by Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich's revolutionaries.

Now Dems who are vigilant against such language are told to "lighten up" and that they are being too sensitive.

Also, the last I heard from El Stevo, he was cut and pasting Ron Paul talking points over at Jeffrey's place. Still part of the rEVOLution, el stevo?

Ryan said...

Well, from now on, I'm just gonna call it the "republic primary."

Nick said...

Oh no!! Don't do that!!

Please...we'll stop calling you the Democrat Party if we must. Just please, anything but calling us the "Republic Party (primary)"!!

Geez, I wonder if the vast majority of even informed voters give a damn Democratic/Republican...Democrat/Republic.

Anonymous said...

Man...you Democrats are soooo sensitive. Just because we pull one out of the old country politician's bag of tricks (think Huey and Uncle Earl) and purposely mispronounce your name EVERY single time we say it for about twenty years now, and do it on a pretty much national scale, you guys act like somebody's saying something bad about you.

Just get over the complete lack of courtesy and respect that shows and understand that when it comes to politics, we start at the curb...and step down.

el stevo said...

Ron Paul has some intersting ideas and "talking points" that I would like to see some of the majors discuss seriously. That said, I do not support him for president. Even if I did support him, I would not get my panties in wad if someone pronounced his name incorrectly, which was what my comment was about. For fucks sake you are uptight man. If it wasn't for the fact that repub. supporters are just as bad as you I would hope your party lost just so it would piss you off.

Ian McGibboney said...

What's interesting to me, oyster, is that the people telling you you're too sensitive are being just as defensive. I too have been repulsed by "Democrat primary" (as I told Nick once on his blog) because I felt it's a deliberate show of disrespect, kind of the way LSU people refer to UL-Lafayette as "U-La-La."

Now that I know Frank Luntz is behind this, my agreement with you has only strengthened.

Nick said...

Just as defensive??

Go ahead and call the GOP the Republic Party. I, for one, don't care.

How about we start referring to them as the Elephant and Donkey Parties? That way no one gets upset.

oyster said...

Or, here's an even wilder thought, Nick. How about we just call them by their real names, as most Democrats and Independents do?

Why's that so hard?

D-BB said...

I think you should do an expose` on the following:

Why are the Boston Celtics pronounced "S"eltics yet the word Celtic is pronounced "K"eltic?

No "i"s to dot or "t"s to cross. (Between u and me, not even a lower case fucking "J".)