Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Jindal Veep buzz

Yesterday the WSJ's Gerald Seib assessed vice presidential possibilities for John McCain. After naming Guvs Mark Sanford and Tim Pawlenty (who I predict will get the nod), Seib then devotes a paragraph to our favorite whiz kid:

Finally, here's an intriguing [V.P.] possibility: How about Louisiana's new governor, Bobby Jindal? He definitely provides youth (age 36), is a former Rhodes scholar who's actually worked on health-care reform while running Louisiana's health agency, and has experience in the House. As an Indian-American, he'd go a long way toward defusing the Republican Party's current image as anti-immigrant, and he's Catholic to boot, which helps with a key constituency. OK, he's probably too young -- but he sure is articulate and that, plus his nontraditional ethnic background, makes him appear to be a kind of Republican version of Sen. Obama.

Have a cigar you're gonna go far...

Also, I want to just mention Kimberley Strassel's WSJ column in today's paper. In it, she blames Spitzer's "media enablers" for not being critical and skeptical in their coverage of Gov. Spitzer. She writes that

Journalism has many functions, but perhaps the most important is keeping tabs on public officials.

I'll note here that the print WSJ totally ignored the Vitter/D.C. hooker story when it came out last summer. I was surprised, but I was told that the wsj "doesn't do many stories on things that happen below the waist", which is fair enough.

I'm not saying the WSJ used different standards with the Spitzer and Vitter stories, or anything like that. Just noting these data points for the record.


D-BB said...

Jindal for V.P.

I will write the conditions tomorrow.

Is it me or is $4,000 a bit steep for a fuck.

Hell, I remember the days of getting a fuck on Airline Highway for $20.
(Of course it sometimes required medical attention in a few days. One time my primary care doc had to refer me to a veterinarian. (Don't ask and my HMO didn't have any vets as providers in my plan.)

joejoejoe said...

Jindal isn't going to be VP. It's standard practice to float anyone and everyone who can be a general election ally as VP because it gets the ally free positive press.

People who will be floated as GOP VPs who have zero chance of being VP:
Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana
Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska
Sen. Joe Lieberman of TeeVee
Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida

If I know McCain his first choice for veep will be somebody like former Sen. Phil Gramm. GOP players like Rove will try to convince him otherwise and McCain will either say 'Fuck you' and pick him anyway (newsflash: McCain has a temper) or he'll pick Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota who is from a swing state and is enough of an asshole to play the classic role of attacking VP. McCain doesn't have that long of a list of choices because most Republicans think he's a pain in the ass and McCain isn't a gladhanding pol with a deep set of contacts in the GOP governors pool. Jeb Bush and Ah-nold are non-starters and the most popular choice with the insiders, Mitt Romney, is absolutely hated by John McCain.

OT: Elliot Spitzer's "escort who cost per hour more than my first 4 cars combined" has a Myspace page. She's tempting but not as tempting as a red VW Squareback for $300 in 1987 dollars.

Daniel Z said...

Joe: Jindal wont be VP because McCain wont be President. That doesn't mean that Jindal wont make the short list. That doesn't mean that Jindal wont be asked. That doesn't mean that Jindal wont accept if asked.

Oyster: I had to email Seib on his "actually worked on health-care reform while running Louisiana's health agency". Seems the WSJ is falling for Jindal press releases as well as the local media.

d-bb: Im sure much of the cost was for a perceived notion of discretion and privacy. Oops!