Friday, April 04, 2008

Blight Field talk with Ashley 

Thanks to Humid Haney who posted a rough edit video of a conversation Ashley and I had recently about blogging and New Orleans. Haney writes:

Hana thought sharing this with all of you would be great. It certainly has made me smile since hearing the tragic news about Ashley leaving us too soon.

We wanted to share this incomplete edit to the first Blight Field Talk we shot. It was with Ashley Morris and Mark Moseley aka. oyster. With Ashley's recent passing we thought you in the local community would like to see his face and hear his voice as talks about the city he loved and his hobby of sticking it to those who deserved to be stuck.

[Sinn Fein.]

Forget my ramblings in this video, and instead focus on Ashley's deep commitment to the musicians in New Orleans, which really shines through here.

There will be an opportunity very soon to donate to Ashley Morris' family via Paypal. Please check back with the nolablogosphere over the weekend and donate generously.


Update: The Gambit Weekly writers pay tribute to Ashley here, here and here.

Ray's touching "goodbye" is a must-read, as is Mark's tribute at Toulouse St.

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What an honor to have Ashley say my name. We need to instigate more of these conversations between ourselves.

Thanks to Mark and Blake for having this one.

By Anonymous Karen, at 12:56 PM  

Re: ramblings, on the contrary, in the limited span of ten minutes you and Ashley both demonstrate the innate wisdom of an informed and concerned citizenry, and isn't that the essence of a functional democracy?

Thanks for helping with and posting about a Paypal option to help. You know, I only met Ashley a few times--at the RT conferences, and once at your house to watch the World Cup soccer game, but he's the kind of person who leaves an indelible impression, in a good way. Between that and his posts and comments (he once "admonished" me for drinking Bushmills--'but that's Protestant whiskey!'--I've since switched to Tullamore), well, my heart goes out to those of y'all who really got a chance to know him...

By Blogger Michael, at 1:51 PM  

I am so glad for this video. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to meet Ashley in person, nor to see him perform live, so it is simply wonderful to see and hear him in this video. (You, too, for that matter, oyster!) Isn't it amazing that only having known Ashley through his blog, I can be so personally connected to him so as to feel the poignancy of his passing as if he were a close relative or friend? The blogosphere is, indeed, a powerful thing, as you and Ashley point out at the end of the clip. Ashley's passing has made me resolve to get to know my blog comrades beyond the computer screen. Thanks, again, for this posting.

By Blogger Huck, at 3:31 PM  

While I am sure my blog doesn't have the traffic as yours does, I will post the link to help his family on my blog. Just let me know where to point people.

By Anonymous Daniel Z., at 5:37 PM  

So sorry - what a loss.

By Blogger blogenfreude, at 12:27 PM