Thursday, May 15, 2008

Olbermann's Special Comment

thx Amorphous Funk

Update: We Could Be Famous has some additional photos showing Bush's "solidarity" with those who lost loved ones in the Iraq War.


Varg said...

The startling thing is that Olbermann's rhetoric was a pointed attack on Bush's policy towards the war in Iraq alone. Consider how long he could have gone on if the entire scope of the Bush presidency's ineptitude, dishonesty and hopelessness were also included?

alli said...

i've never seen anything like it.

i wanted to laugh or cheer, but it really just made me teary. what the fuck is wrong with our nation that we put up with this administration's bullshit?

banality of evil, indeed.

jeffrey said...

I'm becoming more concerned with the banality of Olbermann myself. I guess it would be worse if he were wrong... but the sanctimonious over-smug tone wears thin on me after a while. I wonder if he does more harm than good.

The long, long road home,New Orleans said...

He articulated what many Americans feel. Yet on some level Americans have only themselves to blame. He was elected by a majority in his second term. I suppose you reap what you sow.

I personally felt a deep fear when he was first elected. What his administration has shown me is that the will of the people doesn't matter. You can scream and yell all you want but It won't get him out of office. I hope Olbermann feels better, but really what difference does it make. As the saying goes "Hunker down and pray for daylight."

Daniel Z. said...

I would rather someone who uses $20 words and sounds sanctimonious while making a great point over someone who tries to keep the argument to a level that Bush might actually understand.

The only problem with what Olbermann says is that the people who really need to hear his message are probably too dumb to understand it (or too lazy to care).

Any Democrat who supports one of the remaining Democratic candidates and who will vote for McCain if the other Democrat gets the nomination needs to be sat down and shown this video over and over again until it sinks in that we cannot afford 4 more years.

jeffrey said...

Yeah... I probably shouldn't have expressed my objection in utilitarian "does it do more harm than good?" terms. The point is that right or wrong, Olbermann's smug rants start to grate on the ears after a while is all.

Karen said...

I have decided to stop eating twizzlers as long as GW is in the Oval Office.

Leigh C. said...

Olbermann does have a weird cadential thing going on throughout these 12-plus minutes...but dammit, I'm glad he said it.

Now if we could have gotten many, many Congresspeople to say it too over four years ago, we'd most likely have been better off.

jeffrey said...

It might be a start to drop the conceit that he's speaking directly to the President in these.

I tell you what. I'll actually START playing golf if it means I don't have to hear Keith say "Sir" anymore.

Daniel Z. said...

Leigh: As Olbermann said, Congress was misled by Bush who eliminated any evidence he did not want them to see. I cannot blame people in Congress for Bush's actions.

E said...

I'd like to leave the door open on some war crime prosecutions myself.

Editilla O'rilla d'Aphasia said...

Ok Jeffery, I love'ya mon, you Editillero, so lemme give you some of mine.

It appears that you might be watching too much television. I do not own a television. There is one in my living room but it doesn't work and is there only to make guest feel more...balanced. I can see getting tired of such a rant IF YOU WATCH IT EVERY DAY.
But then again, I do listen to radio and KO is a really great sportscaster. That in itself makes him fascinating to watch for me, as I never knew what he looked like, only how he sounded.

But I stopped watching television after Bush stole the election and congress laid down.
Well, actually I watched again on 9/11, watched our nation's knifing happen live in Big Daddy's on Royal and Franklin. You want shrill? You shoulda heard the Queens crying! But I missed ALL of the post coverage of that dark, congenital sucker'punch.

I stopped watching because the television became 100% in favor of the Bushco. That is not an exageration and it is not funny. it is frightening to watch Orwell on the march.
I remember Reagan. Now that was 1984 all over again. But at least The People actually voted Reagan into office. This is different and much more developed in that The People obviously did not vote Bush into office and the Congress obviously allowed a takeover and bypassing of the election process. I watched it every day on TV. Everyone on television seems uninterested in pursuing this coup, this slight illegality...or the war or the levees. No One. Who?

Someone needs to stand up publicly and call that fascist to the ground now. And No One Has.

I have been split from my own family for opposing this president, because I can no longer let the ubbermanican line slide innuendo and out da'utter across the dinner table any longer, because the grand niece and nephews you see at the bottom of my blog may very well end up fighting for these chicken'hawk coward motherfuckers' world ho'shit.
The babies of today in America will be draftable in a mere 18 years. Vietnam lasted over 10. McCain said today 2013? Clock's ticking. And we don't even DO national elections any more!

That is why Olberman is screaming. And yeah, I think he is being a bit too charitable towards Bush by using sir. His proper honorific should be: "Hey, Murderin'Fool!"

And then I watched again on 9/04/05. He is a goddamned murderin'fool.

So yeah, I think it is time to call a war crime a criminal prosecution and toast these assholes.

I don't get the "condescending tone" you feel. I eat neo'bullies for breakfast. After the flood what more can I lose? Certainly not my dignity. They can kiss my oh'so humble ass.
Thus spake,

ps-Oh, and hello Oyster. Nice to see your hammer hangin so well over at Liptrap's. Peace of work that one.
I look forward to meeting the tide all over again when I come to town fo'da Bayou Boogaloo, and to perform at Neutral Grounds Coffee House-Tue 27th/7pm. I plan to donate the proceeds of my set to the FYFF thingy. I had originally intended RT3 but its the same forkin wake if ya'ax me. August 29th is tomorrow.

charlotte said...

Like I said on AF's blog this morning, I woo-hoo'd all da way thru KO's rant last night.

I like him (kO). He says what he means and means what he says...and he can say it in falsetto with a liberal sprinkling of "babe" and "sweetie" for all I care. :)

jeffrey said...

Editilla owns a Feng Shui-o-vision set. That's pretty cool in and of itself.

For the record, KO is my favorite (national) sports reporter of all time. (Buddy D is my favorite sports reporter of all time) Sportcenter reached its peak when KO and Dan Patrick hosted the 10 PM edition back in the early 90s.

(Some of you kids might even be old enough to remember the early 90s.)

Everything on ESPN has pretty much sucked balls ever since that broke up.

It's not the content of Olbermann's rant that I'm objecting to here. It's the tired, pointless repetitiveness of what has basically become his schtick as a newsman.

After about the 80th scolding indignant "Special" comment, it's time to start questioning whether or not you're just another dancing monkey.

Olbermann is obviously intelligent and introspective enough to be wary of this. (See this interview with Bill Moyers for his thoughts on the very thing I'm talking about here) But I'm afraid he's probably just cornered by nature of the particular kind of show biz he trades in.

Editilla O'rilla d'Aphasia said...

Yes there is that Network Monkey.
And if I could fit both of my fengs in my mouth then I'd be a one flat ass dancer whoa.
Sinn Féin Shui Baby!

Yeah, I heah'ya. Repetition rings Goebelle all over again but in KO's placemat I can't to see King George's Head enough.
Talk about da'Bourgeois Nievete!

How easily we forget that people do not dis'da Boy George in public outside of the Surrealipelago Successionists Habitat Movement Of New Orleans {SSHMONO}. I tried it in the check-out line at Walgreens and lemme tol'ya, cell phones at the ready.
No. You don't spit into the wind of America's passing these days. You don't tug on Ubberman's cape. And by God you don't pull the masque off the Old Monkey Wanker and you don't mess around with Ben.

I am glad to hear such vitriol rexall because all to easily they could just pull the plug on him or us.
Therin lies the tiny little bone in my heart. And it got stuck there during "The Troubles" when western civilization became most poignant by its absence. Internet? Network cohesion? Grassroots Infrastructur? Ha! Functioning Shitters? DOUBLE HA HA! They could pull the plug that fast, especially now with government shrunk small and maleable enough to drown in a bath tub.
There is a "them" and "they" will go "there" and do "that".

And lest ya'wonda, I caught KO's subject rant here on Oyster as directed thissa'way by Liptrap, whence I had somehow been slithered to from, UH!--the Library Chronicles? I know if I wanted to I could really get KO'd but I won't...been there done that and all I got was a stack of poker chips.
But if they pulled the plug...ewe. No Jeffery. No Liptrap or Oyster or Rising Tide. No Nola'bloggers No Burma News Ladder. Civilization don't just happen. No shit.
And speaking of Monkeys...this is more fun than a barrel full of voodoo dolls no lie.

Editilla can't stop aaaiiiee said...

OK, so I am reading your link thingy on KO and right at the part where he states this about his vitriol:
"I was sitting on a plane in Los Angeles reading in August of 2006 about Don Rumsfeld talking to the veterans and talking about how every--everyone who was in opposition to the Iraq War policy, the so-called war on terror, even to some degree the Bush administration, was the equivalent in his mind to the Nazi appeasers of the 1930s."
---and then suddenly on my radio simultaneoulsly but hardly congrooviently came our Boy George. speaking to ISRAEL about how he wished that he could have spoken to Hilter? How then we would not have had the Appeasement of the Nazis that we have today with the Iranians? Are "they" listening to us? Yikes Whoodama'Gadzooks, Thingfish!!! Live, right here in the room wit'me.

OK if the payphones start ringing when I pass then I'm outta heah...ya'heah?!

Did you hear that mocking birds have now learned how to sing the sounds of car locks and cell phone rings? Yeah blots my ass!


droudy said...

What I wish is that KO or someone else would say that we had a bloodless coup d'etat when Bush and his minions took over. We've been under one ever since.

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