Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hacks laugh at Mike Bayham 

Why does a $2 political pundit like Mike Bayham act as if national political figures should be listening to him? Here's his latest I-told-her-so:

Months ago this arch-Republican offered some good free advice to the junior senator from New York: drop out before things got too nasty and cut a deal with Barack Obama by which the first-term senator from Illinois would back her in the Democratic primaries in 2012 if Obama lost this November.

Unfortunately for the former First Lady, she did not follow my counsel and met the same end without a deal.

Why the hell should Hillary Clinton, much less anyone, follow Bayham's "counsel"? After militating for the re-election of George Bush in 2004 and Ray Nagin in 2006, why does Bayham think anyone should listen to him? Hasn't he done enough damage? Shouldn't he take a break, and go into the back storeroom and rest his thick head on a 50lb sack of Chicken Lay 'n Mash for a few years?

Maybe, just maybe, if Bayham wanted Hillary to take his "good free advice" he shouldn't have called her names like "Screeching Warrior", and referred to her party as the "Democratic Reich". (And then a couple weeks later he has the gall to shake his head at the anti-Hillary "media bias". Horrible, isn't it?)

Then there's this unattributed locution by Bayham, penned days after Todd Purdum's heinous Vanity Fair piece:

Whether the Clintons want to admit it or not, the official close of the primary season on Tuesday marked the end of their 16 year domination over the Democratic Party. The man who thrives on being the bride at every wedding and corpse at every funeral never surrendered the reins of his party when he left the White House; he just loaned them to cronies like Terry McAuliffe.

Probably just a "coincidence".

So, what happened to Bayham's fellow Greater New Orleans Republicans? Their web site is down. Say it ain't so! Did these political luminaries close down their "headquarters" in Rogers, Arkansas and slink away into the night? After all the good these "arch Republicans" did New Orleans? Aw, what a shame.

Perhaps GNOR should've taken my good free advice and not supported Ray Nagin's re-election.

Good riddance, douchemooks.


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"Why does a $2 political pundit like Mike Bayham act as if national political figures should be listening to him?"

Does that mean that a local blogger like me shouldn't write a post about who the Dems should muzzle or keep off the air if they want to win? I'm going to say it anyway. Muzzle: Donna Brazile and Lawrence O'Donnell. Guess they can't do much about O'Donnell, but he constantly proves that hehas all the arrogance and insufferability of his old boss (Moynihan), but none of his intelligence. The Democrats definitely don't need another "JohnEdwards is a Southern white man keeping a black man down" piece. Keep off TV: the barely re-animated zombie from Pennsylvania. Does Bob Casey always look both dim-witted and unprepared? He looked terible on Meet the Press Sunday, hate to sound like Bob Somerby, but the Dems need to put people that at least do their homework and memorize their lines on those shows.

Not that my advice matters. However, I will point out that I expressed concerns over a McCain ressurrection when everybody was counting him out. I think I did so on a comment on this blog.

By Blogger bayoustjohndavid, at 11:34 PM  

Looks like your favorite pol - Cheryl Gray - is one of those state legislators who feel that they deserve to have their salary TRIPLED.

Double plus ungood.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:16 PM  

Cheryl Gray actually deserves triple. She works hard and is responsive. The others... not so much.

By Blogger oyster, at 1:58 PM  

BSJD: You still think Brazile will be the focus of GOP attacks?

By Blogger oyster, at 9:25 AM  

I've explained my point about racial politics poorly every time I've tried, but I'll give it one more shot. Everybody knows that that Stephen Colbert is being absurd when he claims to not see color, but too many liberals believe that there are vast numbers of less enlightened whites who only see color. That's also absurd. Of course there are some, but not many who can't get past their prejudices.

The question is, how do you get the votes of white people who aren't as wonderfully enlightened as somebody like Will Bunch or Lawrence O'Donnell, but not quite klansmen either. One sure way to turn off such people is to put white liberals who will insult vast segments of the population (O'Donnell) or black Democrats who will call "fairy tale" racist (Brazile) on TV.

That's what I meant by my comment. However, in response to your question, I think it would be a smart play in Fla. There's plenty of ammo with her statements about stripping the entire delegation to use her in a commercial. I'd film that commercial and hope that the Dems accused me of race-baiting. In the case of Brazile, it would give me the excuse to show her calling "fairy tale" a racial insult. In general, if I were a Repub strategist, I'd feel pretty comfortable about race-baiting because I'd know that white liberal Dems are strangely incapable of pointing out race-baiting without also insulting the people that it's aimed and calling anything that could conceivably be race-baiting "race-baiting" as well. Sometimes it's like watching a strange cross between Jeff Foxworthy and Andrew Dice Clay, "You must be one ignorant sister-f**ing redneck if you can't see that it's racist to bring up the drug use that Obama mentioned in his own book." Actually, I guess I first really noticed it with a Will Bunch post about how blue collar Philadelphians are such a bunch of ignorant Archie Bunker types that they'd probably vote for Clinton. I had very little confidence in the Democrats ability to handle racial politics well going in to election, I have even less now.

By Blogger bayoustjohndavid, at 11:34 PM