Monday, June 09, 2008

Oh, the unmitigated horror! 

This photo shows former President George Herbert Walker Bush (aka Poppy) trading a "terrorist fist jab" with the President of Germany.

Imperfect Union charts the spread of these hand movements, which can only interpreted as an expression of islamofascist solidarity. They're infectious, too. Even New Orleanian Harry Connick jr succumbed to this dangerous jihadi trend, and taught his daughter these terrorist dark arts. Worst of all, I'm sad to report that all Rising Tide participants are now under suspicion because of last year's convention graphic, which looks like an invitation to "dap":

Come get some.

Update: More at here and here.
Thx to Lamar for the link.

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OOOOOhhhhh .... now I have to rethink coming to RT 3. Don't wanna be associated with teh terrorists.

By Anonymous ryan, at 9:05 AM  

Based on the revolutionary imagery of the first RT conference, a terrorist fist jab would actually be a step backward.

By Anonymous Boyd, at 11:32 PM