Friday, June 06, 2008

Whoopsy poopers! 


[The Friday after Katrina], Gov. Blanco gave Bush a two-page letter detailing everything the state needed to cope with the disaster -- troops, buses, supplies, money, and more. It would not be until several days later, when Blanco's aides released the letter to the press and got frantic phone calls from Rove's aide Maggie Grant, that it became clear that Bush had taken the letter Blanco had personally handed to him -- and lost it.

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Disgusting. I'm wasn't sure that I could have a lower opinion of Rove that I had previously. I was wrong.

By Anonymous imajayhawk, at 11:35 AM  

Really, Oyster. People are starting to talk. I can't hold back forever.

By Anonymous gina g., at 11:35 AM  

"Lost," my wide, white, gelatinous, tattooed ass.

Circular-filed, is more like it.

Shredded, used as toilet paper, used to pick up Barney's little oopsy-poopers in the East Lawn, anything but "lost."

It was a purposeful genocide, to destroy the last solidly-democratic voting bloc in the south.

To clear out all of us po' motherfuckers who don't "deserve" to live in NOLA when there are rich, white, privileged republicunt trust-fund babies just SALIVATING to "appropriate" that land.

For THEM, there will be 100-year-storm protection. For us? Newspapers, duct tape and bubblegum. For the lucky few (with income under half a mil) who get to go home, it's tread water and "take personal responsibility" for your own safety.

You know, how Marc Morial hung around to offer the use of his PRIVATE JET to evacuate people as Katrina was nearing landfall... oh, wait. He didn't do that.

Wait, how about how See-Ray took an entire caravan/cavalcade of lower-income/no transportation New Orleanians with him to his REAL home in San Antonio... oh, wait. He didn't do shit, either. He got on the radio and made up an assload of hype and horror stories and cried like a little bitch.

Not that any of this clears the Evil Fist Up Dumbya's Ass, whatsofuckingever, or Cheney, or Brownie or any of the incompetent hacks & cronies who are responsible for helping co-ordinate the genocide, certainly.

But it sure as fuck don't help when "our" own people HAUL ASS FIRST AND THEN THINK ABOUT US LAST.

By Blogger Anntichrist S. Coulter, at 4:33 PM  

So it really wasn't all written down on a Pat O's napkin?

By Blogger Leigh C., at 7:16 PM