Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Not one drop of oil" spilled in River yesterday 


Just over an hour after finalizing plans to visit an oil rig tomorrow, the McCain campaign has cancelled the visit.

“The meeting with Governor Jindal has been postponed and we are cancelling the trip to the rig due to weather," said spokesman Michael Goldfarb.

They cancelled it because of the alleged oil spill in the Mississippi that occurred yesterday, not because of the weather. (Hell, they planned the trip while a hurricane was in the Gulf...[Update: to clarify, I'm saying they cancelled the event because the spill would have messed up their pro-drilling message. It was Rush Limbaugh's idea. Earlier Rush had said: "[W]ere I McCain, you know where I would be this week? I would be out on an oil rig. I would take the [media] with me, and I would point out how environmentally safe they are, and I would show how damned impressive they are, as well as the workers." (Yes, I understand that there's a difference between drilling oil and transporting it, but that doesn't mean that news stories with McCain saying "drilling is safe" juxtaposed with video of an oil-filled river was politically tolerable.)]

According to the liberal MSM, four hundred thousand (+) gallons of oil were spilled into the Mississippi River. The local paper described the alleged spill as "massive" and "catastrophic", but, using our trusty GOP/Big Oil talking points, and doing a little "McCain Math", we can properly classify this alleged spill as "not significant", or "nothing major", or... hell let's just tell everyone that there was no collision between ships, and "not one drop" of oil fouled our river. If we all say it together in coordinated fashion, then it might become true!

If GOP stooges can tell us that SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND gallons of oil and condensate spilled in the Gulf after Katrina/Rita is "not one drop" (or, at most, "nothing major") then why can't Louisiana tell the world that there was no spillage yesterday? That would save us a lot of money on cleanup costs, and we could get the port system up and running much quicker.

Over a month ago I cited the possibility of an oil spill as a reason why McCain's "Hail Mary in June" was so risky. So, if someone sees a picture of a dead, oil-choked pelican in the River, please take a digital picture of it and send me a copy to use for political purposes. Thanks.

Update: Through my google blog reader, Sarah Andert from the Best Of New Orleans Blog linked (or might be linking soon) to this similarly-themed post at Shakesville.

Btw, Best Of New Orleans Blog is sort of cumbersome to write. But abbreviating it in a cheeky but affectionate manner-- calling the writers there BONOBos, for example-- might be viewed as disrespectful.

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Geez, the picture is awful. Unbelievable that it's getting so little coverage.

By Blogger Michael, at 12:31 PM  

They seem to be experimenting with the catchier title Gambit Daily But that URL ( is still a problem.

By Blogger jeffrey, at 12:48 PM  

you'd think the legislators in town for their conference would notice the odor and the river. i imagine a cruise or two has been cancelled from the agenda.

By Blogger New Orleans Nation, at 1:41 PM  

Dude, Oyster...Seriously? They cancelled it because of an oil spill, or did they cancel it because of inclement weather in the Gulf? Sheesh, man...

I had come here because you were a GREAT source of objective, alternative views of Baton Rouge and state politics...

It seems you can't help but talk smack about a guy you're not going to vote for in an election where your vote doesn't really count...

Stick to local & statewide politics, or e-mail me with some links of folks you like who do...

You are EXTREMELY good at it...But, you're sort've just another face in the crowd with this typical left wing/right wing blather about McCain/Obama/Hillary crapola...

By Blogger GO, at 1:50 PM  

Thanks for the comment, go.

My view is that the McCain camp cancelled the oil rig event because the oil spill would be mentioned in every single press story. It's irresistible.

"As McCain and Jindal flew over gulf coast oil rigs and touted the safety of drilling, a major oil spill oozed down the Mississippi River..."

They didn't want that.

See the update I put towards the beginning of the post.

By Blogger oyster, at 2:19 PM  

Also, go, I think I've been analyzing this story about the GOP oil talking points pretty well over the past few months. If you can find someone on the blogosphere who has done a better job, and who started earlier (especially as it pertains to LA) please forward the link. They deserve a lot of credit, in my view.

This issue is about more than scoring cheap political points. (I'm certainly not above that, though.) To me, these GOP/Big Oil talking points radically underestimate and diminish the immense environmental burdens oil has put on this state. Especially in the wake of Katrina Rita. This is a huge disservice to LA. The oil spill is just one more example of the immense environmental sacrifices Louisiana has made so that the rest of the country can be powered.

By Blogger oyster, at 2:32 PM  

Well I LIKE BONOBos, so there.

By Blogger Leigh C., at 9:03 PM  

I *love* BONOBos.

By Blogger Kevin Allman, at 9:41 PM  

Preach on, Erster man.

Remember that loverly little flick that Standard Oil made about how they were "improving" the lives of us backwards hick and li'l Cajun chillens, back in the day? Something along the lines of "A day in the life of Cajuns" or something similarly condescending, with derricks, pumps and offshore rigs in the background, as safe and snug as can be, as if they BELONG there, rather than those bothersome trees, wildlife, etc.

Huey had the right idea, of getting OUR fair share of the profits, from all of the toxic waste that Cancer Alley has subjected us all to, for over a hundred years... Too bad that Bobby & Mary get to take credit for it, even though they didn't get nearly as much as Kathleen had aimed for, if I remember correctly.

Y'know what would make the perfect counterpoint to any publicity stunts that McSenile and/or Piyush do, if they ever make it to a rig? A nice simple statistical graphic, showing how many cancer and other toxic-waste/toxic-air-related deaths have occurred in this state since Standard Oil/ExxonMobil first invaded. Maybe use a still of that publicity flick as the background graphic. After all, Beth Courtney thinks that this "film" is EVER so charming and quaint, showing how much "good" that the oil bidness (and every chemical derivative thereof) has been for us!

(and re: BONOBos? I'm sure that Jesus' General would be damned proud.)

By Blogger Anntichrist S. Coulter, at 1:28 AM  

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