Saturday, February 23, 2008

Linky Dinky Doo 

Heartiest Congratulations!

Shake it. I had the shakes (due to a flu) last night.

Buy Suspect Device a Milk and Pepsi.

The Jefferson Parish Police are tracking myspace comments, now (with the FBI's help). We Could Be Famous has a very strong post on this story, concluding with this quote: "Hear that? That's the sound of a condominium still standing.

Liprap gives more shout-outs, which I echo in full.


I had a bad, flu-addled dream last night that the Larry Sinclair story would torpedo Obama's campaign. I wonder to what extent the NYT's piece on McCain will actually defuse this story (should Sinclair pass the lie detector test). If it does bring Obama down I will retire into my shell for six to eight months.

Update: Hillary Clinton attended the today's State of the Black Union symposium in New Orleans, whereas Obama skipped it. Background here.

Also, due to illness, I had to skip the Alternative Media Expo as a representative for Rising Tide. I apologize for the late notice but was totally out of commission the past day or so. Any previous attendee or organizer who wants to "fill in", is welcome (if they still have a table reserved). What are you supposed to say? I dunno, improvise. Take down names and numbers, say something outrageous, make news... you know the drill.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

"You can't say that Dallas doesn't love you" 

The Obama rally "seemed to be a 'friendly crowd'", said Dallas Deputy Police Chief T.W. Lawrence.

Oh. Well, then. Pardon us all over the place, Hoss. We didn't know the S.S. toldja to relax security restrictions during an Obama event in "Big D". What could possibly go wrong?

Don't they know this is cold cock season?

Not to pick on Dallas, alone, because plans were made in Chicago and Tampa in November of 1963... However, they didn't work out.

Update: Dallas police officer dies escorting Clinton motorcade.
Update #2: The Secret Service responds.

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"Somewhere along the line, the wheels came off the KatrinaRitaville Express" 

Well, no. Actually the toxic KatrinaRitaville trailer made it to the debate in Austin, but couldn't insert itself into the conversation.


Eighteen months ago, the media sure loved Rockey...


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Thursday, February 21, 2008

politics and tunes with a punch 

Jeff Crouere has an interesting panel lined up for his "Politics with a Punch" show tonight at the Cricket Club.

* Kevin Belton, N.O. School of Cooking, Comedian, Human Taxidermist
* Brad Edelman, Famous Photographer, Artist & former N.O. Saint
* Gio, Burlesque Queen of N.O., Star of “Stripper,” Marriage Counselor
* Nick Lopez, Comedian, Actor, Improviser and Filmmaker
* Rob Masson, News Reporter, Fox-8 WVUE-TV
* Scott Ritter, Former U.N. Weapons Inspector, Author, National Speaker
* Buddy Roemer, Former Gov. of LA, McCain Campaign Representative

Update: Clay informs us that Roemer "chickened out", probably because of the McCain/lobbyist kerfuffle.

Here are some punk and metal tunes for the under-rocked:

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Naturally Ray Nagin 

Adrastos has some initial reaction about Nagin's statements during his WWL interview.

I'm going to highlight key words from a portion of the transcript, we may analyze this later:


Paulsen: 2008 started out with a boom. Do you feel you get the kind of credit you deserve for that?

Nagin: My disappointment is the way some in the media are handling me personally…Our local newspaper for example had me pointing a gun at the police chief, this got all over the internet, all over the nation, and is now sitting on the most racist web sites in America, hate groups now have that picture, so now I am personally more at risk, my family is more at risk.

And I’m a little upset with this station cause you advertising about the ratings, about what’s getting ready to happen with my schedule, you put my personal schedule out there, I am coming back to the station and me and your news director are going to be out in the parking lot having a good one on one.

You do not put my family at risk.

Paulsen: This was a schedule from last year.

Nagin: I don’t care. That schedule has formal stuff on it. It has patterns on it and now you have these Aryan race people focused on me and you have some mental cases out in this community and you’re getting ready to put my schedule out there. Where are the other elected official’s schedule? Are you going to do a follow up on that? This has gone beyond the point of reasonableness.

Paulsen: You have to understand that you’ve been a lightning rod.

Nagin: I am sick of this. I have busting my butt bringing this city back. We’re getting ready to get into 2008 and it’s going to be more than a tipping point. This city will go to the next level. This is ridiculous. It’s personal. It’s vindictive. The election is over. If you supported somebody else, get over it.

Paulsen: Would you do anything different, looking back?

Nagin: I don’t know. Nobody has ever done this. Nobody has taken a city from being totally devastated to where we are now. I don’t know. All I know is that I’ve alienated some people who have significant influence in this community and they are relentlessly trying to destroy and undermine me and I don’t appreciate it.


Paulsen: You’ve gotten a lot of heat over the past couple of years. I’ve never seen you this emotional.

Nagin: Well because, your newscast, the local newspapers, are feeding these awful, ugly talk shows that are feeding these blogs. If you go look at some of these blogs out there and some of the stories that come from the paper and you read the comments, it’s some of the most vile, angry, people that I’ve ever seen in this community.

Paulsen: Are you concerned about your safety?

Nagin: I’ve got coverage. If somebody approach me wrong, I’m going to cold cock them. That’s the bottom line. You can come with that foolishness if you want, but you’ll see a side of Ray Nagin that you haven’t seen.


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Funny link.

My current favorite is nineteenth down.

h/t Steve Duncan

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mainelining the youthful spirit 

about the high school volunteers from Rockland, Maine who want to come help New Orleans. The School Board approved their planned trip, and now all they need to do is raise some funds.

Great news. And thanks in advance, young Mainers!

Check the Mime for the background on this story.

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Inspired by Hung... 

Michelle Malkin decides to sing.

It seems like only yesterday that Malkin put her hair up in pigtails and dressed in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit in order to do a cheerleading routine.

Who knows what inspired that decision.

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"I love the Saints, but I love the Saints' fans even more." 

Ashley explains.


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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Under the overpass 

Dave and Bryan visit the people who don't exist.

Also, for comedy relief, YRHT has updated this post with new video content.


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I was about to transcribe large portions from this Atlantic article titled "The Next Slum?", by Christopher Leinberger. However, the Atlantic just put it online, and I encourage you to read it in full. Here's a couple quotes to prompt you:

In the past decade, as cities have gentrified, the suburbs have continued to grow at a breakneck pace. Atlanta’s sprawl has extended nearly to Chattanooga; Fort Worth and Dallas have merged; and Los Angeles has swung a leg over the 10,000-foot San Gabriel Mountains into the Mojave Desert. Some experts expect conventional suburbs to continue to sprawl ever outward. Yet today, American metropolitan residential patterns and cultural preferences are mirror opposites of those in the 1940s. Most Americans now live in single-family suburban houses that are segregated from work, shopping, and entertainment; but it is urban life, almost exclusively, that is culturally associated with excitement, freedom, and diverse daily life. And as in the 1940s, the real-estate market has begun to react.
In most metropolitan areas, only 5 to 10 percent of the housing stock is located in walkable urban places (including places like downtown White Plains and Belmar). Yet recent consumer research by Jonathan Levine of the University of Michigan and Lawrence Frank of the University of British Columbia suggests that roughly one in three homeowners would prefer to live in these types of places.
If gasoline and heating costs continue to rise, conventional suburban living may not be much of a bargain in the future. And as more Americans, particularly affluent Americans, move into urban communities, families may find that some of the suburbs’ other big advantages—better schools and safer communities—have eroded.
As conventional suburban lifestyles fall out of fashion and walkable urban alternatives proliferate, what will happen to obsolete large-lot houses?

The article also discusses the emergence of "lifestyle centers" (*shudder*), a phenomenon which I previewed almost two years ago.

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Tell the whole story, Woody 

New Woody Jenkins campaign ad: "I'll fight for your slice of the welfare state Social Security..."

Woody Jenkins' 1995 address to the CNP: "We must, must create a new Social Security system based on the private sector..."

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One of my favorite moments of Carnival 2008 occurred during the Thoth parade.

After slurping down humongous chargrilled oysters at Dillyberto's place, Pearlgirl and I joined the Mime's family on Magazine St. to watch the floats pass by on their traditional neighborhood route.

About midway through, the parade stalled for a couple minutes. Luckily, there was a float right in front of us, and all the kiddies got showered with cool throws. Thoth ain't stingy. Then the parade began moving again-- but the float in front of us didn't budge. Somehow the tractor pulling the float had gotten stuck in the middle of the street! I noticed that a weak section of Magazine St. had cratered under the tractor's big left wheel, and now the wheel was spinning furiously in the air while the rest of the tractor stayed in place. The spinning left wheel wasn't touching the cratered asphalt, and couldn't get any traction. So the tractor just stood still; whirring in place. It was an odd scene. The front of the parade was moving on, though, while this float was stuck, helpless.

Some New Orleanian problem-solvers started throwing their beads in the divot under the spinning wheel, hoping to provide some traction. This didn't work, but it was pretty hilarious to watch. Then Dillyberto's well fed cousins from Jennings sprung into action. They were no doubt familiar with such circumstances, and instantly diagnosed the problem. The two men ran over and hopped on the left side of the tractor. Their added weight pushed the tractor wheel down far enough so that it touched the sunken asphalt, and the machine rambled out of the soft spot, saving the day.

As the float accelerated to catch the rest of the parade, Dilly's cousins received cheers from the parade crowds. They graciously tipped their Ooh-la-la caps in appreciation.

Thoth seems to have more than its fair share of adolescent dancing troupes followed by vans adorned with large speakers blaring songs by the likes of Haddaway and Real McCoy. I used to be able to hear these artists regularly on Diva 92.3fm, but, alas, the "Diva" concept is dead, and some bland mix station has taken over.

So, in memoriam:

More on Mardis Gras and the surprisingly offensive Real McCoy here.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Pasts keep intersecting 

This incredible non-story about the Clinton campaign charging Obama with "plagiarizing" a portion of his speeches from Deval Patrick is stupifying.

As TPM commenter cswartout noted, the media already covered the similarities in their rhetoric 10 months ago. It's not like this is some big mystery. Not only are Obama and Patrick friends, but they have used the same media strategist: David Axelrod. That should explain a lot.

What's interesting, though, is that Obama first used the quote in question as a criticism of Saul Alinsky, the famous radical Chicago community organizer. (Hillary Clinton's college thesis analyzed Alinsky's tactics.)

An intriguing and revealing 2007 TNR profile of Obama quoted him as saying:

Alinsky understated the degree to which people's hopes and dreams and their ideals and their values were just as important in organizing as people's self-interest. Sometimes the tendency in community organizing of the sort done by Alinsky was to downplay the power of words and of ideas when in fact ideas and words are pretty powerful. We hold these truths to be self-evident, all men are created equal.' Those are just words. I have a dream.' Just words. But they help move things. And I think it was partly that understanding that probably led me to try to do something similar in different arenas."

In a comment to an earlier post, YRHT compatriot joejoejoe pointed us to this essay by Obama that discusses community organizing in the inner city, "After Alinsky".

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U got the look... let's get 2 rammin' 

Stormy Weathers informs us:

A former St. Louis Rams player and some attendees at the 2002 Super Bowl in New Orleans have filed a lawsuit for fraud, RICO violation, and unfair trade practices for videotaping the Rams’ walk-through prior to the game, which was against NFL rules. The lawsuit, filed in New Orleans federal court, seeks class action status to represent all the Rams players and season ticket holders and everyone who went to the game.

The suit is for $100 million.

Coincidentally, Dillyberto dug up a "vintage" St. Louis Rams music video.

Update: "Fitzy" discusses the Patriots loss (nsfw).


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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Interrupting Cow... 

... recommends the salad.


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Quotes of the weak 

"You know what? The Mayor of New Orleans just declared himself one of the first vagina friendly mayors. He's walking through the streets of New Orleans talking about it."

-- "Vagina Monologues" playwright, Eve Ensler, talking up the V-Day celebration in New Orleans.

"Well, it wasn’t that I wasn’t a big fan. I hadn’t seen the play. I live in Georgia, okay? I was asked to do a monologue called "Cunt" and I said "I don’t think so, I got enough problems."

-- Jane Fonda, assisting Ms Ensler's effort to talk up the upcoming V-day celebration, on national TV.

“Can you believe the United States is on the verge of electing Barack Hussein Obama or the wife of Monica’s ex-boyfriend? It’s enough to make you want to cry.”

--State Sen. Bob Kostelka, R-Monroe. Suspect Device provides the correct response to this sludge.

"The President of the United States has been among the most respectful of all leaders ever engaged in the responsibility of fighting for freedom... [and has been] most respectful in terms of respecting the civil liberties and rights of individuals while engaged in the important task of fighting for freedom."

-- Former U.S. Atty Gen. John Ashcroft, addressing Show-me-state Republicans, and apparently expecting them to take his claims at face value.


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"Son of a gun, we’ll have big fun on the 'buy-you'" 

All due credit to Jim at Jindalwatch for making this entertaining video about "Louisiana Ethics 101".

From today's T-P:

On Valentine's Day, Gov. Bobby Jindal held a public event at the Governor's Mansion ostensibly to honor the state's longest married couple and celebrate the idea of marriage and family life. But it also marked the governor's first press availability since the start of the ethics special session. That gave the governor opportunity to answer the criticism of his agenda that had started to mount by Thursday, including lawmakers' concern that some of the proposed new restrictions and requirements might not extend to the governor's office and some of his appointees. After fielding questions on the session, Jindal was asked what he had gotten his wife, Supriya, for Valentine's Day. The governor disclosed that he hadn't yet purchased anything. "I'm a procrastinator," he said, adding that he's "the guy who ducks in the store at the end of the day." He said, "The Valentine's Day lesson here is, 'Do as I say, not as I do.' "

Isn't that phrase a sweet little political confection? I should call my Candyman, and see if his hardworking associates in Ponchatoula can't make a special "seasonal" run of customized candies, featuring Jindal's slogan.

LJ4A anticipated this slogan, and Clancy Dubos' latest post is a must read.

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