Friday, January 30, 2009

Cerasoli resigns 

Damn it!

Can this backassward town get any more snakebit!? Seriously. When incompetent (if not wicked) nimrods like Ray Nagin are re-elected, and honest men like Cerasoli are ground down until they have to leave... it profoundly frustrates and demoralizes me.

I wish Cerasoli the best as he confronts new health challenges, and thank him for his service to the city. However, I can't help but think that his resignation is not purely due to health issues. This guy was tough. (See the "no anesthetic" story in the T-P link.) I have to think that, barring a cancer diagnosis, Cerasoli would have stayed on if he was confident that he could properly establish the IG office, and put in two or three solid years of good, quality work. However, the Nagin administration not only didn't fully cooperate with the IG, but it tried to sabotage the office at every turn! At least that's how it appeared to me, as I watched them erect roadblock after roadblock to Cerasoli's office. The other week they disconnected his long distance service, for crying out loud!

"There was always that mysterious hand there, that made you wonder if somebody was trying to stop it, " Cerasoli said.

Update: Selected Reactions:

Toulouse Street "There is only us"

Tin Can Trailer Trash "Our next challenge is to replace the irreplaceable."

Gambit: Leonard Odom, First Assistant for Criminal Investigations, has been selected to serve as interim IG.

Maitri "We're toast"

Suspect Device "Youre done"

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The cockroaches of New Orleans are far more comfortable today than they have been in over a year...

Sad, sad day for the city...

I have faith in folks like you to keep the scrutiny up...

By Blogger GO, at 8:31 AM  

Brian Thavenot, the author of the article, is a good friend of mine and he has gotten to know Cerasoli pretty well. From what I hear from Brian, we are losing a really good man. Also, is anybody concerned about this "shadow government" referred to oin the article?

By Anonymous el stevo, at 9:03 AM  

fuck it....I ain't resigning. You're not resigning. BSJD isn't resigning. Karen isn't resigning. Eli isn't resigning....etc.

on we go.

By Blogger Dambala, at 1:16 PM  

Oh please, people need to have a drink and get a grip. If one, single man was the only person in America who could save us, then we were toast a long time ago.

I wish the man a speedy recovery, and I trust he didn't personally see himself as the second coming. If that's true, then I'm also assuming he hired good people and set up a working structure for his office.

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