Friday, April 10, 2009

When you're feeling wrongly crucified... 

I wish I could be your right-hand thief.

Have a reflective Good Friday, and I hope your life changes in some dramatically positive way.


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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Today in life school I learned that... 

there's a fine art to effectively poisoning troublesome hawks.

It's not nearly as easy or simple a procedure as you might've assumed.


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Sweat leaf 

Oh Britney!

Britney Spears, a smoker, put the breaks on her Vancouver concert Wednesday night because it was too smokey in the arena.
The Toxic performer, who doesn't even sing live at her shows, walked off stage after just three songs.

The concert came to a complete standstill, lights off, for over 20 minutes - when a voice came over the speaker system and announced that the show would not continue if people kept smoking marijuana (and cigarettes) in the arena. The announcer claimed it was "unsafe" for Britney and the performers to continue with the concert.

Almost 40 minutes later, Spears finally took to the stage again, much to the relief of the thousands in attendance. But, one concertgoer tells us, "She did not look into it at all!"

Nothing commands respect like a lip-synching smoker who refuses to perform a stolen circus/dominatrix act because... the cheeba fumes in the arena are too thick.

How does Britney expect people to enjoy her show without serious herbal enhancements?

(Possible answer here. NSFGF.)

Palate Cleanser:


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John Maginnis writes:

Artists, musicians, teachers and arts advocates protested deep state funding cuts last week by staging a mock funeral procession to the Capitol, complete with coffin, symbolizing the death of the arts.

That seems like a theatrical, over-the-top exaggeration.

They were not exaggerating much, given the Jindal administration's proposed cutting of total arts funding by more than half, including effectively ending a grants program to community groups by slashing it 83 percent.


Without those state grants, galleries, museums and theaters in towns across the state could close and schools would lose the teaching services of visiting artisans and performers.

Still, it seems to me that the unerring free marketplace should make decisions on art, not government bureaucrats. The invisible hand always recognizes artistic genius in its own time, so innovative producers of art always get their just remuneration. They never have to live on scraps and die young before receiving their propers. For example, that Thomas Kinkade fellow seems to be doing alright. So why do these so-called Louisiana "artistes" need handouts to promote their wares? I don't understand.

Further: perhaps Jindal should start a state-wide discussion about whether we should even teach art (or non-military science) anymore. Why not just focus on Business and Christian belief inculcation?

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bad week for Ms. Love 


Rockstar Courtney Love was left fuming when her favourite piece of art was thrown away by packers who mistook it for trash.

The art work by artist Polly Morgan, consists of a dead chick in a match box, had cost the 44-year-old singer 8,000 pound, reported Daily Mail online.

"Courtney is beside herself. She had entrusted her personal assistant to supervise her move from a rented house in Malibu to a big place up in the Hollywood Hills. One of the removal men mistook Morgan's art work for rubbish and threw it out," a source told the newspaper.

Love was so angry at the loss that she immediately fired her assistant.

Why is this woman crazier than a cut snake?

Oh, yeah. One more thing. Besides the irreplaceable dead-chick-in-matchbox masterpiece, Love also discovered that $750 million in cash and real estate from the late Kurt Cobain's estate is... gone.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

One minute ago... 

I washed a mango in a women's bathroom.


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"My own business always bores me to death; I prefer other people's." 

Over the weekend, Lovely and I partied with the former lead singer of a 1st generation punk rock band. We drank enhanced sweet tea at his eccentric abode, and had a fun time.

In the bathroom there was an Oscar Wilde action figure on prominent display. I thought it was very cool, and imagined that I would have collected that sort of thing had I known about it in college. Of course, a shelf full of Nietzsche, Kierkegaard and Emerson dolls wouldn't've helped my chances with the opposite sex but... [insert joke here].

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Monday, April 06, 2009

"As we anathematize all of those who oppose us" 

The Cryptogon header currently sports a detail of Hieronymous Bosch's The Conjurer.

Please read this Cryptogon post about an Italian scientist who-- heaven forfend!-- used something called seismic monitoring to warn people about the possibility of imminent lethal disaster.



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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Peeps show 

Nicely done, BoRev.

Nicely done.


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Bouquets to Sulphur! 

We Saw That alerts us to this story:

In a special election yesterday, a Southern Louisiana city of 22,000 overwhelmingly rejected photo enforcement. Asked, "Shall Ordinance No. 873, M-C Series adopting automated speed enforcement for the City of Sulphur, Louisiana, be repealed?" eighty-six percent of voters said "Yes." After results are certified on April 13, the Australian speed camera vendor Redflex Traffic Systems will be sent packing.

Sulphur's ballot box totals contrast sharply with public opinion survey results published by traffic camera vendor American Traffic Solutions (ATS).

Sulphur voted almost 6 to 1 to remove the automated speed enforcement cameras.

As I've been saying for over a year, there is hidden political power in this traffic camera issue. Hardly anyone likes the damn things, and a great many people hate them.

Again, I implore all insurgent and outsider political candidates to heavily exploit this issue. Own it! This is one of those kinds of issues that channels frustration into a surprising groundswell of support on election day. Non-establishment candidates should make use of it. I'm serious! Make hay out of the incredible efficiency of the traffic cameras compared to the lackluster inefficiency of the crime cameras: cops not cameras! working traffic lights not cameras!

I'm not even going to discuss all the related New Orleans political drama that's coming to a head, but it doesn't take a political genius to see that expensive new technological monitoring systems may have a bit of a stigma attached to them in the coming weeks and months. I promise you, this is one of those issues that taps into a deep vein of political motivation throughout a very broad swath of the voting public. Quite simply, most people don't like to feel monitored and don't like to feel cheated. Even many of the so-called New Orleanians who want the French Quarter to be more "Disney-like" don't want to feel like cameras are watching their every step on the street, and their every turn on the road. Combine those feelings with the idea that rejecting the cameras (in some sense) is a rejection of Nagin and Meffert... I mean, this isn't rocket surgery.

Who will take this issue, this political gift, and find a way to run with it?

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