Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stunning Comeback! 

Last week Texas State Senator Betty Brown told a Chinese-American representative with a uni-syllabic last name that people of Asian descent should simplify their names so that "Americans" could deal with them more easily. After apologizing, Brown skirted unfavorable media coverage by flying to England and pretending that she was an unemployed, celibate Scot. She entered the British American Idol competition under this new identity, and shocked the world with her beautiful voice.


I haven't heard a similar voice since that one evening at the Korova Milk Bar when a sophisto devotchka piped up and all the malenky little hairs on my plott stood endwise.


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Monday, April 13, 2009

Price per page 

Forty-six cents a page seems like a bit much, but maybe it's a bargain if you're a savvy collector of unintentionally humorous masterpieces. When you have Recovery Czar Ed Blakely saying that "you" are "the problem" if you don't buy Sanitation Director Veronica White's book about maximizing FEMA funding... well, as I often say, sometimes comedy writes itself.

Remember, when White gave lawyer Tracie Washington all those City Council emails, she provided them on computer disk, which saved Ms. Washington (and LJI) thousands of dollars in fees. Everyone else gets to pay 25 or 50 cents a page for printed hardcopies of requested records. To my knowledge, this irregularity hasn't been addressed by the T-P or other major media sources.

Also, my sources tell me that Councilmember Stacy Head will face some serious political hazard if those emails are made public, and she runs for re-election. Earlier, I thought there might not be much for her to worry about. Sounds like I was wrong.

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Congrats to Mr. CL10 at the CCC 

Way to represent!


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Whiz kids with CRS syndrome 

Mominem reads and summarizes Muppet's deposition so you don't have to.

Press conference tomorrow?


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