Saturday, July 11, 2009

GOP "Youth" has talent! 

Congratulations to 38-year old Louisianan Audra Shay, the newly elected chairperson of the Young Republicans. Despite the controversy over her apparent affirmation of a racist comment on her facebook page, Shay was able to beat convicted vote-fraudster Rachel Hoff, and will lead the fresh-faced Goops during the important months and years ahead. Governor Jindal endorsed Shay, and must be very happy about her victory. I know I am.


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HFN brilliantly vivsects a political column written by the highly esteemed Dr. Laurie Roth. It's rare to find a text that is so sublimely stupid on so many levels.

Here, to get you started, the title of Doktor Roth's column is "Did we even attack Hitler so much as Sarah Palin?"

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Senator Ensign might be more pathetically weird than Vitty-cent 

I realize that's hard to swallow, but read this.

Also, Jesus' General publishes some private correspondence between former Presidential aspirant Ensign and his elderly parents (who ended up paying off Ensign's mistress).


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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Freaking the Geeks 

Read the whole T-P article for full context, but I want to preserve these excerpts as they may be important later:

A local computer analyst who claims that his recent work at City Hall revealed the intentional deletion of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's e-mail and other material told authorities his Metairie home may have been vandalized last week as a "scare tactic" related to his public contract.
Lewis said "he was assisting with a high profile case involving the mayor of New Orleans and believed the damage to the locks may have been a 'scare tactic,' " according to the June 30 report.

The meddling occurred the day before a news conference at which Lewis and another local tech expert who worked on the project announced they had discovered evidence that a tech-savvy person, possibly with high-level access, had deliberately erased the mayor's records, the report indicates.
Lewis, who eventually entered his home through a rear door, told deputies that "a similar incident had occurred to his public relations associate, Cheron Brylski."

Brylski, who for years has handled community outreach for Lewis nonprofit technology group, confirmed that she found the sole exterior lock to her home sealed shut in early January, about four months before the Louisiana Technology Council, known as LTC, won the City Hall contract worth about $8,000.
Lewis... said last week that 22 gigabytes of information had been removed from the server the day they started their project in May. Of 59 mailboxes contained on a computer-network server, Nagin's was the only one missing.

Because of the access and the expertise such a task would require, Reade said, it could not have been accidental.
"This had to be something that someone would actually do," he said. "You can't just hit 'delete' in your computer and it goes away. ... The average person, even the average techie, would not know how to do that."

The American Zombie reminds us of a past post which includes this scandalous passage (my highlights):

NONE of the following statements are verified and they should be viewed as speculation:

I was informed that there is solid evidence out there of voting fraud during our last mayoral election in the form of electronic data on hard drives which was discovered during a forensic audit on City Hall computers. This audit was reportedly conducted by a federal entity.

I was also informed that there was an illegal raid conducted in Jefferson Parish by NOPD officers (out of their jurisdiction) who were trying to confiscate that evidence from one of the forensic computer experts who conducted the audit. The man and his family were supposedly held at gunpoint by NOPD officers while every computer in his house was extracted. It is unclear who ordered this raid. Supposedly, the man immediately reported the incident to the federal entity he was working for and the said entity immediately ordered all the computers returned.

Now back to the T-P article:

A mayoral spokesman said Nagin did not order anyone to tamper with Lewis' home. Nagin learned of the vandalism Tuesday from a news reporter, spokesman James Ross said.

Didn't "order anyone"?

Is that more or less a quote? I mean, I don't have a transcript of the Q and A between the reporter and mayoral spokesperson, but the use of the word "order" seems like an odd way to qualify the denial. Compare hypothetical response 1 with 2:

1. "Did the mayor have anything to do with this so-called 'scare tactic'?"

"No. The mayor had nothing to do with this vandalism and finds the mere suggestion of his involvement preposterous and insulting."

2. "Did the mayor have anything to do with this so-called 'scare tactic'?"

"No, the mayor didn't order anyone to tamper with Lewis' home."

Jeffrey's unimpressed, and refers to Lewis (and Brylski) when he states that "these individuals, and this article by extension, are getting into some pretty stupid conspiracy theory here". However, the article quotes Lewis saying that the police report basically put words in his mouth, and that he thinks it's inappropriate to draw any (conspiratorial) connections between his work for the mayor and the vandalism.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009



-- City Councilmember Stacy Head, writing in an email to an aide. Head stands by the language and her characterization of New Orleans. Aside from the possibility that Ms. Head might use this sentiment as a re-election slogan, it is nice to know that racial concerns aren't at the top of her consciousness; least of all when she's at Wal-Mart, itemizing a welfare mother's groceries and using her resulting irritation to influence her vote for U.S. president.


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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Capitol Punishment and pretty flowers 




[Donald Lee] Leger -- awaiting death for murdering a stranger in St. Mary Parish while chasing his girlfriend, who escaped his kidnapping attempt -- will now have viewings of Catholic Mass and have private confessions with a priest.
Oh yeah. I keep forgetting that Louisiana isn't an electric chair state, like Florida.

Nevertheless, we'll proceed with a "lightning round" between Megadeth vs. Metallica

And just for the hell of it a link to dead horse, a quasi-death metal band I often quote. How to put this? dead horse is so incredibly under-appreciated and underrated and several other underthings... it's difficult to fathom. They were so, so good. You had to be there, I guess. And for those of you who were there (and who understand what we're after, and where the pope is, and why we eat alpo and drink beer) this hourlong clip of dead horse in concert at the Liberty Lunch might be the best thing you ever see on youtube this month. Like I said, if you weren't into the horsecore in the early nineties, the vid will seem inaccessible (except for around the 28 minute mark where there are AC/DC and a B-52's covers, back to back). So you can either go pick up a copy of Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers and feel like an epigone, or you can go back to your bars, your temples, your massage parlors...

Sunday evening
returning home from church
masses of people
their lives summarized
in a paragraph--
not much different than mine!
We're after the same thing,
we're after the same peaceful death

-- from "Peaceful Death" by dead horse (music samples here)

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Oh dear 

Attentive YRHT readers may recognize the name Audra Shay. Most notably, Shay was the chairperson of the Greater New Orleans Republicans in 2006 when they endorsed Ray Nagin for re-election. You could say Shay has multifarious connections to those extremely intelligent GNOR luminaries who thought Nagin was the best choice for mayor in 2006.

Also, a few years ago I had the pleasure of seeing Audra get absolutely torched in a televised political debate against my friend Brian.

Well, guess what? Thirty-eight year old Audra Shay is now running to become President of the Young Republicans! Yay! And she received the endorsement of Governor Jindal! Double Yay!! And then she encouraged a racist commenter on her Facebook page! Triple yay for Shay!!

Whoopsy poopers. That last one was a no no. Shay got caught, and tried to delete her racist error and de-friend the people who were offended. Then she went into lockdown mode for a while and then ended up claiming (implausibly) that she hadn't noticed the racist slur when she typed her affirming reply. Then she apologized.

Now (presumably) her chances of being elected President of the Young Republicans have diminished. Poor Audra.

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Monday, July 06, 2009


The National Review has another hilarious cover 'toon. How do they do it? This one's funny because it shows President Obama planning to reach in your ass with his hand, which is funny because it involves another man's hand in your ass. Har har! It's like that "Moon River" scene in Fletch: you don't want another person's hand in your ass, but circumstances compel you to play along until the unnecessary anal probe inevitably occurs.

Heh. Heh. What a rip snorter.

Greg has a new cartoon, too. But it doesn't involve strange anal intrusions, and is therefore not as funny.

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Many are asking

Why did Sarah Palin resign?

Her best friend Leslie said "Oh she's just bein' wily".

Rich Lowery probably posted this video on his farcebook.

Jeffrey adds some related queries which aren't so simply answered.

Bonus sasq: This Vanity Fair article on Palin says the Wasilla paper recently had an "article" that asked*

“Will the Antichrist be a Homosexual?”

No, Dick Cheney is hetero.

* and answered in the affirmative


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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy 4th 

Driving to Florida, I noticed that Air Supply is coming to the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi.

But Air Supply at the Hard Rock only seems inappropriate until you learn that the duo has a new thrash version of "All Out of Love", and it rocks the haus. (Kind of like that Seether cover of "Careless Whisper" which happens to be the answer to several hundred questions no one ever asked.)

Several years ago, Lovely and I drove to Gulfport on Independence day to see Quintron play. It went something like this. Outside, in the parking, lot there was a drunk punk who was trying to burn an American flag. He lit the end with a lighter and then blew on it to spread the flames, but the alcohol in his breath made it flare up beyond expectation and he burnt his face and beard, and screamed in pain.

Speaking of pain, I'd been worried that the 2000's wouldn't have a widespread pop song-induced dance-craze like the Macarena. Luckily, a band called 3Oh!3 has apparently prepared the way, musically, for the ... Helen Keller.

3Oh!3 - New Music - More Music Videos

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