Saturday, August 01, 2009

Explosive news 


It's been a tough week for porn actress Stormy Daniels-- complete with a domestic violence charge and a car explosion-- as she continues to mull a U.S. Senate bid that could make life uncomfortable for incumbent first-term Louisiana Republican David Vitter, still recovering from a sex scandal.

Previously, I've noted Stormy's penchant for saying she literally wants to tackle or wrestle Vitty-cent, which is not the most Senatorial of impulses. Of course, domestic violence is a serious matter. What on earth did Stormy do to her poor husband?

Daniels was arrested Saturday on a domestic violence battery charge after she allegedly hit her husband at their home in Tampa, Fla., during a dispute about laundry and unpaid bills.
Daniels was arrested Saturday at 3:18 p.m. after her husband, Michael Mosny, reported that Daniels hit him several times... Police said neither Mosny nor Daniels were injured.

Mosny told police that Daniels was upset "about the way the clothes had been done" and then "got more upset about some bills that had not been paid,"...

The police report said Daniels allegedly "threw a potted plant at the kitchen sink," hit Mosny on the head several times and "threw their wedding album onto the floor and knocked candles off coffee table, breaking them."

Yes I abhor domestic violence and yes I will treat the information in this news article with snarkasm. If you are unable to deal with those competing propositions simultaneously, then please skip the next paragraph.

If my wife ever came home after a long day on the Riders of the Stormy porn set campaign trail and became angry at the way I prepared her clothes and then she proceeded to break some candles... I would immediately call or tweet the police. Immediately. There'd be no hesitation on my part because that only allows the situation to escalate, and soon my wife would be tossing plants in sinks or flinging wedding albums on the floor or hitting me on the head. No way, jose: I wouldn't let it come to that, but that's just me.

Ms. Daniels may decide to run against incumbent Senator David Vitter, who is also known for his temper. One time Vitter got aggravated by a woman who questioned him about gay issues at a political event, and was found to have advanced toward her in a threatening manner.


[Stormy's bad week started] on July 23 when her political adviser's car blew up in suspicious circumstances in New Orleans.
Welsh, a Democratic adviser and manager of the Stormy Daniels Senate Exploratory Committee LLC., said his Audi convertible exploded into flames around 11:15 p.m. July 23, a Thursday, while he and his wife were walking their dog nearby.

He said he became suspicious after reviewing surveillance tapes of the street where his car was parked, wedged between other vehicles.

On fuzzy security tapes that Welsh posted on YouTube, a person in a white shirt can be seen loitering around his car and apparently getting into it shortly before the car explodes in a ball of flames
Welsh said he had no suspects, but feared someone caused the explosion.

"Maybe there is a reason, more of an intentional reason for the car blowing up," Welsh said. "I want to get more facts."

Welsh said he was uncertain if the explosion was connected to his work with Daniels.
"I really wish this had not happened," Welsh, 38, said. "I need a car."

Brian's a friend of mine and I'm glad he's alright. I'd like more facts, too. Greg's betting $40 that Brian "did this himself", which is a bet I'll take for any amount.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

As tasteless as this blog can be, your humble narrator has some standards. For example, I wasn't sick enough to make a "dingo ate my baby" crack in reference to this hideous news story from a few days ago. I would never sink that low. (Now, obviously, I am low enough to write about not doing it, which is probably nearly as bad.)

Anyway: Lovely was watching the news with Pearlgirl (now 5) and this "rats ate the baby" story appeared, and instead of turning the channel, Lovely watched the report with our impressionable young daughter (!) and of course Pearlgirl had a thousand questions afterwards. I was appalled and horrified that she was exposed to such a hideous thing, so I glared accusingly at Lovely and suggested that Pearlgirl and I should watch a family film together, to "cleanse the palate", so to speak.

We selected "The Tale of Despereaux"... and learned that it's a film about rats preparing to devour a live princess.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Register for Rising Tide 4 

Here. Or at least click through just to gawk at the beautiful art/website.


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Sunblock: the best disinfectant? 

Uncommonly strong T-P editorial on Mayor Ray Nagin's transparent attempts to conceal suspicious information:

Ciber's technology contract in 2005, the result of a competitive process, was capped at $5.5 million. Since then, the Nagin administration has amended the deal without seeking alternative offers. Now Ciber and its subcontractors stand to make a staggering $46 million, including the latest addition.

Yet the Nagin administration would not even explain the reason for the latest addition. His press office did not respond to questions about the amendment.

The mayor calls that transparency.

What's clear is that Ciber's contract resembles the patronage and political-insider deals of the Marc Morial years. Mayor Nagin once promised to change all that.

Instead, he continues to give lucrative deals to Ciber, whose executives gave at least a combined $35,000 to Mayor Nagin's re-election campaign and political action committee. A Ciber executive and a separate city contractor, Mark St. Pierre, hosted a 2006 Chicago fund-raiser for the mayor.

If memory serves, I think the Chicago media initially reported that the fundraiser for Nagin's reelection bid might've brought in $500k, or some ridiculously high number. Then, when Nagin finally reported the haul, he claimed his campaign actually received only $5k, or some other ridiculously low number.

Mr. St. Pierre and his companies, which got millions of dollars in contracts from the Nagin administration and from Ciber, gave a combined $25,000 to Mayor Nagin's campaign and PAC.

To top all that, Mayor Nagin has recently faced allegations of impropriety for receiving free vacations from Mr. St. Pierre, including plane tickets for the mayor and his wife to attend the Chicago fund-raiser.

The mayor has become indignant when questioned about these gifts. But the coziness between these contractors and Mayor Nagin raises valid questions. In this context, New Orleanians at least expect the administration to give out technology work through an open and competitive process to avoid accusations of patronage and to ensure that the city gets the best possible deal.

Apparently, that's too much to ask.

Indeed. Why did (the laughably named) Sunblock Systems get hired so quickly after LTC revealed that Nagin's emails were likely intentionally erased, and how much is Sunblock being paid?

Don't ask why, but Nagin's antics remind me of "Don't Steal My Sunshine" a 1999 pop confection by a canadian brother/sister act called Len. If you click through, you'll see that some of the video was filmed in 2x speed, so it has a "slow motion" appearance-- the same technique Spike Jonze pioneered when he directed the Beastie Boys' "So Watcha Want" video. (Adam "MCA" Yauch has cancer of the salivary gland, and the B-Boys will postpone the release of their latest album "Hot Sauce Committee Pt 1". YRHT wishes him well.)

Unfortunately, as far as the "Sunshine" video is concerned, one of the coolest parts of the song is omitted. In the beginning of the track there is a charming dialogue between two fellows that goes:

T: Hey matt,
M: yeah tim,
T: hey have you talked to mark lately?
M: uhh, i havent really talked to him but he looks pretty, uh, down
T: ha ha ha, he looks pretty, uh, down. Yeah, well, maybe we should cheer him up then
M: what do you, uh, suppose we should do?
T: well, does he like butter tarts?

So with that omission, the coolest part of the vid occurs around the 3:00 minute point, where a very pregnant gal shows off her bare belly.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is this, Michael Clayton? 


More later.
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Praise song for egghead graffiti 

Someone wrote "dat azz" in the men's bathroom of a Greater New Orleans Circle K. Someone else, probably me, decided to enhance the statement. It now reads:

Circumnavigate dat azz like Joshua Slocum !

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