Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oyster lovers getting together 

World Class Saints-watching.

Now this is a Facebook page I can support (h/t Mosquito Coast)

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Happy Halloween, druids 

Suspect Device locates the scariest link of them all.

Also, this week's Suspect Device comic about our boys in uniform was very strong. Go find a Gambit to see it, or check the SD archives, when those get updated. The comic provides sobering context for Grandmere Mimi's recent post.

Update: Grandmere Mimi's cute Happy Halloween post shows a brilliant costume idea. Go as a teabagger. What would be the best label, though? Constant Comment? Sleepytime? Red Zinger?

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Hard Knux life has a report from one of the acts at Voodoo Fest.

The Knux consists of two brothers from New Orleans. But the progressive hip-hop duo’s homecoming did not end happily.

As Kentrell “Krispy Kream” Lindsey attempted to launch “Fire” on Voodoo’s Soco/WWOZ Stage, he solicited audience members to join him on stage.

Very cool, and punk rock.

But a stage security guard in a yellow raincoat emblazoned with “Sheriff” across the back immediately stepped forward and shut down the idea.


Lindsey, on the microphone, attempted to engage the guard. “Why you got to be all bad cop?” he said, extending his hand.

Ah, a moment of levity that might lead to unity.

When the guard refused to shake his hand,

Double Booooo!

Lindsey initiated a chant of “f--- the police.”

Whoah! That seems a bit excessive.

After several refrains, he instructed the audience to flash the peace sign. “I’m just a peaceful brother from New Orleans…” he said, just as his microphone – and the entire P.A. – went silent.

The Knux had been cut off.

Triple Booo!

With that, Krispy tossed his microphone in the air and led the band off stage.

Moments later, he vented backstage. “Voodoo is the worse festival I’ve ever played,” he said, citing, among other complaints, a power outage that left the musicians’ catering tent dark. “We couldn’t see what we were eating.”

Catered food in the dark? Heaven forfend!

He was angry that the guard refused to shake his hand, but says that instead of instigating a physical confrontation, he decided “to turn the crowd against him.”

Fiona Apple once did that to me. I didn't much care for it.

He felt disrespected that the Knux’s set was cut short, regardless of whether weather-related delays played a role. “New Orleans won’t get to see what we do at Bonnaroo or Bumbershoot,” he said.

Well, at least we have the Saints. Otherwise I don't know how the city could console itself over missing the Knux experience at Bumbershoot.

“I won’t play Voodoo again."

Finally, a man of principle.

"They’d have to pay us $100,000 to come back.”


By the end of this article, I'm sympathetic to the security officer.

Previous Voodoo Fest post here.

Appropriately enough, here's the Voodoo Glow Skulls' classic (ska! ska! ska!) "Insubordination":


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Friday, October 30, 2009

James Dupré 

At the risk of crowding out more worthy topics by commenting on the massive "country music festival... coming to Baton Rouge... in May" (as Jeffrey described it), I have a rare-- make that damn rare-- country music recommendation for the festival.

James Dupré

I'm serious. Hoss can sing.


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Thursday, October 29, 2009

This one goes out to Medium Jim 


Occasionally, goat news is covered here at YRHT. I feel it's important, because I feel goats...
are important. They can be milked and eaten...
for sustenance. They can be dressed in tutus...
strictly as a gag of course...

The President's father was a goatherder, which is a wonderful thing to contemplate.

And if memory serves, one time on Let's Make a Love Connection a contestant told Chuck Woolery that she opted for door #3 instead of bachelor #2... and she won a white goat instead of a car! Yet she wasn't elated, which has always puzzled me.

I still hold out hope that one of my pearlgirls will explore goatherding as a career. Fingers crossed.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Saints video 

The Louisiana Weekly chimes in about the New Orleans Saints' incredible performance thus far this season.

Barring major injuries or a catastrophic event, the New Orleans Saints are sitting pretty atop the football world.

Agreed. They seem to find new ways to win dominate each contest, and I'm enjoying each game more than the last. Obviously, the comeback win against the Dolphins at Landshark Stadium (sounds odd) was an instant classic, and will be hard to top. Rich Eisen at the NFL network described it as the most entertaining football game of the season so far. Nonetheless, those metroplexual 'Boys fans up in Shreveport had to endure Saints/Miami instead of Dallas/Atlanta on the local Fox affiliate. Tough noogs for them. But let's get back to the Louisiana Weekly Saints commentary.

Could you even imagine what the Super Bowl would be like in Miami, one of the most vibrant cities on the planet, with Saints fans tailgating...?

It would be sick. It will be sick.

Let’s not even talk about what the Super Bowl Victory Parade would be like in New Orleans.

Just so you know, the Super Bowl will be played on Sunday, February 7, in Miami. Nine days later, the world will be watching as the New Orleans Saints come home to celebrate their first Super Bowl championship on Mardi Gras Day 2010, February 16, 2010...

Yes, it will be tremendously sick and the town will melt, but I thought the Weekly just said "let's not even talk about" the Victory Parade. Instead, perhaps they could suggest something we can do in the meantime?

Songs are already being played celebrating the Saints and their swagger...

That's wonderful. I bet Saints fanatics are loving those songs.

But there’s nothing like having the players themselves make music about their athletic exploits.

Did I read that correctly? Must be a joke.

Remember that classic Chicago Bears rap video of 1985, made the year they won the Super Bowl?

Yeah, the Bears made that video right after getting dismantled in front of a national Monday Night Football audience, by the Marino-led Dolphins. (I was a Dolphins fan at the time, and-- like many other Fins faithful-- I was absolutely certain that they were going to win that game. Decisively.)

I'm not so big on sports teams making videos, but since the Weekly is obviously joking, we don't have to worry about such a silly notion gaining momentum.

By today’s standards, the video footage looks cheesy and the rhymes were underwhelming, but back in ‘85 NFL fans who saw it were like “Wow!”

Yeah, we were like "Wow, that's [insert 80's slang word for cheesy]!"

They got together and did something special, captured a moment in time. Something that is a time capsule for every man, woman and child who has ever rooted for Da Bears.

Great Caesar's ghost! The Weekly cannot... be...

Still, as memorable as the video was, I know the Saints can do better.


Imagine Charles Grant getting things crunk as only he can

I'd rather not

and players like Lance Moore, Reggie Bush and Tracey Porter all over the place.

Granted, Bush has undeniable dancing ability. Still we're going to have to pass on all that.

If Drew Brees brings the same energy to the song and video that he brings to the pre-game warm-ups, get out of his way.

A thousand times NO!

I can't think of a quicker way to sour the fates against the Black and Gold than for the team to make some obnoxious music video midway through the season. This idea needs to be smothered in the crib before things get out of han--

Since we got a little juice in the White House, we might even be able to get President Barack Obama to come on board and make a cameo appearance in the video.

Oh dear lawd, make it stop. In my experience, football, rap videos, and Miami don't combine well. For example, I'm a Florida State fan (shaddup) and... well,

[Before the 1988 season opener against Miami, number one ranked] FSU decided to release a rap video modeled after the Super Bowl Shuffle. Among the participants was a senior cornerback named Deion Sanders.
Sounds festive. How'd that turn out?

an inspired Miami [Hurricanes team] dominated Florida State 31-0 and the Seminoles never recovered to get back in the title race.


My advice is, if the Saints want to go back to Miami for the Super Bowl, they should resist the urge to make a music video.

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What the shuck? 


In an effort to reduce cases of a rare, but potentially fatal, bacterial illness contracted from raw oysters, the FDA announced new rules this month that will require any oyster served from April through October to undergo a sterilization process before it can be sold in restaurants or on the market.

The rule will essentially eliminate raw oysters -- at least as Louisianans know them -- from restaurant menus for seven months of the year. Even oysters that will eventually be cooked during those months would have to go through the same cleansing process before being added to any dish, a move some say would undermine the culinary integrity of some of New Orleans’ most famous delicacies.

“It’s not only going to include raw oysters. You can’t fry oysters for a po-boy, you can’t put oysters in a gumbo and you can’t charbroil oysters unless they’re post-harvest processed,” said Tommy Cvitanovich, owner of Drago’s restaurant, a mainstay for oysters in the metro area. “That’s ludicrous.”

Seven months of sterilized oysters? This is an overreach, in my view. I don't want to downplay 15 deaths per year, but I think the current warnings to those with compromised immune systems, and the current quality control measures are a sufficient balance. Fresh raw oysters are so delectable to folks like myself, I can imagine an underground raw oyster economy developing amongst the bivalve aficionados, should these draconian safety measures be enacted.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Scabies of the heart" 

What's this?

Attitudes about "interracial" dating/marriage have radically transformed over the past fifty years. This is a victory for liberalism and a feather in the nation's cap, but since conservatives now regard "liberal" as a pejorative term indicating Socialist Fascist Hitler/Joker Obamaism, then I guess this sea change in racial regard is a victory for America's enemies. Or something. I dunno. Get your nearest Gordon Rand Becko conservative to explain it to you.
John Maginnis' latest politics column can basically be summarized: Thank goodness Obama didn't stay long in New Orleans, or else the media would've asked him for a smackdown of that Buford T. Justice dude up in Tangipahoa parish.

In case you hadn't heard, here's the news story he's referring to:

NEW ORLEANS A Louisiana justice of the peace said he refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple out of concern for any children the couple might have. Keith Bardwell, justice of the peace in Tangipahoa Parish, says it is his experience that most interracial marriages do not last long.

"I'm not a racist. I just don't believe in mixing the races that way," Bardwell told the Associated Press on Thursday. "I have piles and piles of black friends. They come to my home, I marry them, they use my bathroom. I treat them just like everyone else."

Bardwell has piles of 'em! "Piles" he says. And he let's 'em use his bathroom, too! Ain't Bardwell just the sweetest? It's a point of pride to Bardwell that he doesn't send blacks outside of his house to relieve themselves. He makes a point of mentioning that to shore up his "not racist" bona fides. That's just awesome, I think. But-- when it comes to misceguh-- er, I mean when it comes to mixing the races, Bardwell won't assist. That's where he draws the line. It's for the children's sake, of course. See, if he sanctions black and white "mixing" (read: marital relations), then he is allowing mongrel-- er, I mean bi-racial-- offspring to enter the world. And life's just too dadgum hard on kids like that, because in Bardwell's experience the parents soon split and the poor child is left there, feeling all abandoned and mulatto.
Elliptical Sports interlude: Don't ask why, but I'm a New York Yankees fan, and am pleased to see them doing well in the playoffs. Yeah, yeah, I'm rooting for U.S. Steel. So, in case you don't follow the national pastime, the Yanks have this shortstop named Derek Jeter. He's good. For example, he made this immortal play, among others. I like Jeter, and so does New York City.

Elliptical Song interlude: Speaking of NYC, that reminds me of a Jane's Addiction song about a couple and their baby strolling in New York. The kid is gorgeous. Jane's will be playing at Voodoo Fest on Halloween night (with original bassist Eric Avery, who I met at a JA show in Houston in the early 90's).

Maybe Jeter, Bardwell, Obama and Perry Farrell (of Jane's Addiction) can all go to the beach and have some Coronas together. Swim in the same ocean, surf the same waves... etc.

Less elliptical philosophical interlude by that hopeless romantic, Fritz Nietzsche:

Where races are mixed, there is the source of great cultures. (WP)

We are not nearly “German” enough, in the sense in which the word “German” is constantly being used nowadays, to advocate nationalism and race hatred and to be able to take pleasure in the national scabies of the heart and blood poisoning that now leads the nations of Europe to delimit and barricade themselves against each other as if it were a matter of quarantine. For that we are too open-minded, too malicious, too spoiled, also too well-informed, too "traveled." (The Gay Science)

I cite these quotes because they are suggestive. Let's not work to find historical counterexamples to Nietzsche's "great cultures" formula. Instead, let's see if we are "American" enough to avoid the regression into the "scabies of the heart" that we are currently-- slowly but surely-- overcoming. Widespread acceptance of so-called "mixed" marriages and "mixed" children is a key component in the war against racial fear and unconscious provincialism. In my view, we can't redeem this country's "original sin" without this growing acceptance. Obama, Jeter, Woods are celebrated "bi-racial" greats. Yet, one day we'll see how hopelessly clumsy our current "racial" categories are, and realize that we are all "bi-racial", or "multi-racial", or (preferably) "human racial". Who knows how many different "drops of blood" you have in you? Do you need a formal scientific audit of your DNA before you can decide how to treat people with different skin color? Don't you see how history extends too far?! And don't you see that the loving impulse doesn't recognize political borders or clumsy racial categories? So even if you falsely consider yourself "pure"-- your children or children's children will eventually "mix".

Elliptical personal biographical interlude. When I married Lovely on the top floor of the Monteleone hotel looking over the French Quarter and the river, my friend Ralph was in attendance. Back from a LDS mission in Mongolia, Ralph wanted to wear some traditional Mongolian garb to the ceremony. I vetoed the idea, because I thought he-- with his bright blond hair and pale skin in Mongolian dress-- would be too much of a distraction. Afterwards, though, I profoundly regretted the decision, and my temporary "scabies of the heart". So, next wedding I have, I will insist on "blond mongolian" and other stereotype busters everywhere... I want there to be so many different folks enjoying the celebration that no one will even bother or care to keep track. [Basically, I want it to be a New Orleans wedding, not a wedding in New Orleans.]

Senator Vitter seems to want to avoid the Bardwell issue. In a bizarre display of political contortion, when Vitter was first asked about Bardwell's refusal to marry a black man and a white woman, Vitter blamed... liberal bloggers! Rather than risk saying something remotely liberal that might alienate his conservative white racist flank, he avoided the interracial marriage "issue". See, in a 1999 Congressional race Vitter lost Tangipahoa parish to David Duke. That's right: ten years ago Tangipahoa parish voted for a racist Nazi fraud over David Vitter. It seems amazing, but that occurred about ten years after Duke won the statewide "white vote" in Louisiana-- twice. So perhaps Vitter, who has been willing to cut opportunistic political deals with David Duke in the past, is just adhering to the old "no enemies to the white right" adage.

Steve Sabludowsky has a strong reaction to what he sees:

I am now very afraid of David Vitter. I am also very ashamed.
Today, for really the first time ever, I am [seriously] beginning to question whether David Vitter is not... completely racially insensitive and not playing to the most ugly element of our state’s population for the purpose of being re-elected.

More than that, I am now wondering if I want to be in the same state as a US Senator named David Vitter.

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