Friday, December 11, 2009

Conservative "Mock Mitch" campaign heats up 

Avman has a post up at the Louisiana Conservative criticizing Mitch Landrieu. He takes Mitch to task for announcing his candidacy after an event at Cafe Reconcile. Admittedly that was probably a hasty error on Mitch's part. But then, in typically over-the-top fashion, Avman implies that liberal Landrieu supporters approve of New Orleans' high murder rate and hate black people. Avman despairs about what Mitch's announcement meant:

The message from Mitch to inner city minority youth? A disturbing one, but one that makes sense when you think that people actually voted for him in the last election so “New Orleans can finally have a white mayor.”

Right. Because in 2006 people only voted for Mitch on the basis of race. There were no other good reasons imaginable to remove Mayor Ray Nagin from office. Luckily, as Paul at the conservative blog Wizbang explained, white conservatives saved the day by voting for Nagin because Mitch would "rebuild the projects" and "destroy the city" (even though the Housing Authority of New Orleans was in federal receivership under Bush's HUD department). Whew, we really dodged a bullet there.

Previously I've pointed out that the conservative "rulebook states that Mitch Landrieu must always be mocked". And Avman doesn't disappoint:

[Mitch Landrieu] comes from a long time prominent political family in a city known for corruption, and he’s a heart beat away from being the Governor of Louisiana. He’s not short on power, but if that’s not enough, he’s capable of transmitting codes from the side of his head. To who, I don’t know. Maybe aliens, maybe Barack Obama, who knows? Maybe it’s a subliminal message that says “I got a $1,000 for you Reverend, just deliver them to evil.”

Avman is saying Mitch pays off pastors to get "them" (black voters) to vote for him (evil). Again, we were so damn fortunate to have the GNOR and Couhig Conservatives in 06, who strategically voted so that these reprehensible payoffs wouldn't occur. But what's this talk about Mitch "transmitting codes from the side of his head"?

If you have as hard of a time paying attention to Mitch because you get mesmerized by the morris code on the side of his head, I went ahead and transcribed what I believe him to be saying in this video.

Avman then presents a Youtube clip that shows the side of Mitch's head while he's talking to reporters. Recall that in the most important mayoral election in New Orleans history, conservatives decided it was a good time to make fun of Landrieu's hair. Four years later Mitch has very little hair left, so Avman creatively finds a way to follow the rulebook by mocking... wait for it... the scars and bumps on Mitch Landrieu's scalp. To Avman McBritelite, they look like "morris code". He writes "I want to take a scrub brush to it, scrape it off..."

Can it get more deathlessly inane than that? Can it? No, but Avman tries his best.

Exactly how much will President Barack Obama be involved in the mayor’s race? And has any President since Andrew Johnson did it in 1866 interfered in New Orleans politics? One thing is certain, if anybody can bring the President in to meddle in New Orleans politics, Mitch and Mary Landrieu can do it.

Great Balls of Liar! That is so incredibly rich.

No, Avman, you don't have to go back to 1866 to find Presidential meddling. As BayouStJohnDavid correctly pointed out this week, you only need to go back three and a half years to the conservative pro-Nagin effort. Political analyst Clancy Dubos called it "a carefully orchestrated campaign attributed to the White House". And former Greater New Orleans Republicans leader and current political analyst Jeff Crouere also cited the White House's involvement. Crouere should know, too, since his friends at the GNOR were responsible for some of the political hit pieces against Mitch Landrieu, which Schroeder catalogued here. There were also advertisements on radio (and tv?), plus significant online activism as well. What I want to know is where the money came from to fund the venture, and the details of the White House's involvement.

Ok, oyster, but why should we care about what some dufus Conservative writes on some political blog?

Well, because this dufus post is promoted on Chad Rogers' Dead Pelican news aggregator page, so it is getting widespread exposure. Chad Rogers has a history of doing anti-Mitch Landrieu hit pieces, which YRHT has thoroughly documented. And these hit pieces-- such as the false story about Mitch Landrieu wearing "full makeup" and staging a Katrina rescue operation so he could film it for future political ads-- ended up becoming sources for mayoral debate questions! That's why these things matter. Sadly Chad Rogers has never apologized for these false attacks*. And by the looks of it (he's linking to this vid on the DP right now) he's going to stick to the "mock Mitch" rulebook during this mayoral election, as well.

So let's review: the opening salvo in the "Mock Mitch" campaign of 2010 begins with a Louisiana Conservative post promoted by the Dead Pelican which makes fun of the bumps on Mitch's scalp, saying they are "morris code" for bribing ministers to deliver votes. The post also raises the specter of Mitch getting the White House to meddle in the New Orleans mayoral election.

Follow the playbook, fellas.

* these false attacks took the form of Dead Pelican news "Flash Sheets". Though they have been removed from the Dead Pelican web site, YRHT has preserved copies of them as historical keepsakes. Sadly it looks like we may have to refer to them again in the future.

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Nagin crony to be indicted 

The Zombie was hinting about this earlier in the week. He gives us a run-down, for those keeping score at home:

This marks the third set of indictments in the past two months of cronies and companies [associated] with Ray Nagin: Meffert/St. Pierre, HSOA/Frank Fradella, and now Ben Edwards/O.C. Coleman.

T-P reports:

U.S. Attorney Jim Letten will hold a news conference this afternoon to announce "developments in a public corruption matter," his office announced Friday morning.

A news release stated that no additional details would be available until a 3 p.m. news conference at the federal courthouse. But sources close to the case say the target is Benjamin Edwards, a 9th Ward minister and longtime member of the Sewerage & Water Board who spent $270,000 on New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's 2006 re-election campaign.

The government believes Edwards received kickbacks totaling as much as $2 million from companies that performed work for the water board, the sources say. The money was routed through Edwards' Third Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, located on Piety Street in the Desire neighborhood, the sources say.

The money came from two main S&WB contractors: JLJ Construction LLC, based in Gentilly and owned by James L. Jones of New Orleans, and Management Construction Consultant Inspection LLC, or MCCI, a company that was formed by politically active pastor Bishop Oliver "O.C." Coleman a few months after Hurricane Katrina.

Edwards, 55, is a familiar face to City Hall insiders. He is by far the longest-serving member of the 13-member water board, having been appointed 20 years ago by Mayor Sidney Barthelemy. Though new mayors typically stack the board with allies, Edwards was reappointed by Mayor Marc Morial. His current term expired in late 2003, but Nagin has allowed him to continue serving without a reappointment.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Vitty-cent guest post on the Tiger Woods affair 

Hi again.

Vitty-cent here. Last week Your Right Hand Thief allowed me to discuss Tiger Woods' serious sin. I've been advising Tiger on how to successfully navigate this unfolding crisis in mistress-management, and with my experience in this realm, I believe I can help Tiger get through this and salvage his career.

As Tiger and I both know, the real scandal is never the original "sin", or the coverup, or the lying or the hiding. The real scandal is the drive-by-media's frenzy over the issue. They inspect every known detail about an alleged affair and this fuels more speculations and questions, and the hunger for more details. It's a disgraceful, vicious cycle.

If the media would only show the same investigative spirit on important issues like illegal alien infiltration and the radical gay ass-sex agenda, then the country would be in much better shape.

Liberal Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson is a prime example of the drive-by-media. On Tiger's behalf, I will respond to Robinson's latest screed. Although it starts out promisingly enough

Leave Tiger alone.

Amen, brother! But then:

Enough with the puns -- we get that he's really just a "cheetah" in disguise.

I confess, that cheetah reference doesn't make sense to me. Tiger is a golfer. He doesn't run fast. I think Robinson has Woods confused with that Jamaican sprinter guy. Stupid liberals.

Sit down with a friend over lunch and try to have a conversation about health care, climate change, financial regulation or Afghanistan...

That's exactly what I just recommended! Illegal aliens are a good topic, too.

... without straying at least once onto the oh-so-unimportant subject of Tiger Woods's philandering.

You feeble-minded degenerate!

I've given up trying to deny that the unfolding saga is compelling, even if paying attention leaves me feeling a bit disappointed in myself.

That's sad. First, if it makes you feel disappointed, you should either fix it or ignore it. Don't openly declare it unless you have to. Second, the Tiger Woods saga is only "compelling" if you're a voyeur who hangs on every private detail, like what Tiger's mistresses looked like. What do they look like, anyway? Excuse me one sec while I check something.

HOLY MOLY-- it's a hawt bimbo treasure trove! Awhooga! Awhoooga! Did you see the tramp stamp on #8's backside? I bet she knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Heh, heh. Wow... I wish...

Anyway, back to Robinson:

It's becoming clear why Woods's initial mea culpa was worded vaguely to cover any and all "transgressions." Wouldn't want to leave anybody out.

See? I told him that being vague is an indispensible virtue in these situations. You can do years of mad extra-marital humpin' and then simply confess to a "sin" (like I did) or to "transgressions" (like Tiger did). Problem solved. You just have to never open your trap about it ever again.

I'm not going to pronounce judgment on Woods's moral fiber...


except to state that adultery is bad.

Careful with that high horse, Eugene.

But as more women surface with claims to have bedded Woods, one does begin to marvel at his capacity for multitasking.

Actually, these days it's not all that time-consuming. Celebrities have assistants to take down information and set up rendezvous. Also, there are efficient full service establishments that keep your preferences on file and make appointments to fit your schedule. And now with automatic bill pay you don't have the hassle of frequent cash transactions. It's a snap. So I hear.

Here's my real question, though: What's with the whole Barbie thing?

Beg pardon?

[I]t really is striking how much the women who've been linked to Woods resemble one another. I'm talking about the long hair, the specific body type, even the facial features.

What's the problem? Has Mr. Robinson never been to a decent strip club?

This may be the most interesting aspect of the whole Tiger Woods story -- and one of the most disappointing. He seems to have been bent on proving to himself that he could have any woman he wanted. But from the evidence, his aim wasn't variety but some kind of validation.

Validation? Spare us the psychobabble.

... Woods's self-esteem was apparently only boosted by bedding the kind of woman he thought other men lusted after -- the "Playmate of the Month" type that Hugh Hefner turned into the American gold standard.

Listen. There's nothing wrong with a nation having a gold standard-- whether it's tied to playmates or currency. Back in my days of rampant indiscretion, I could've indulged in the gold standard package. But I'm a fiscal conservative, and calculated that I could get more bang for my buck with the discounted bronze standard package. Seems almost as if Robinson would've approved of that.

But the world is full of beautiful women of all colors, shapes and sizes --

That's what they say. Get to your point

some with short hair or almond eyes, some with broad noses, some with yellow or brown skin.

That doesn't make any sense. First off, Eugene can't talk about these girls until he has seen them undressed. There's probably plenty of variety underneath all the packaging: augmented and natural, landing strips and clear fields, innies and outies, inverted and pencil erasers....

It's superficial for a pundit to assume similarity when he hasn't seen the entire physicality.

Oooh. I felt like Johnnie Cochran when I wrote that.

And what in Sam Hill is Robinson talking about with the "almond eyes" thing? What does that even mean? Is it a reference to girls who have that "nutty" look? All men, I think, have liked'em "a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty" at one time or another. I really don't see the problem there. And the "yellow skin" thing is another puzzler. Why would a healthy man like Tiger want to date girls suffering from jaundice? It seems a little weird. (Not that there's anything wrong with weird, as long as its hetero-weird.)

As far as the brown skin complaint goes-- that's more legitimate. My general policy is to not comment on interracial dating issues, because reasonable people can differ on the topic of mixing. But I think we all know what that the Bible says about it.

Woods appears to have bought into an "official" standard of beauty that is so conventional as to be almost oppressive.

Good grief. Now liberals want to get Politically Correct with our mistresses. What's next? Affirmative action in the hotel bedroom? So what if Tiger's Slut Closet doesn't measure up to Eugene Robinson's standards?

The Drive-by-media is a disgrace. They're nearly as preverted as the public figures whom they crucify. Tiger needs to totally ignore them. Just pay off the bimbos, go back to work and pretend this whole thing is resolved.

Update: Oh dear.

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Season for giving 

On rare occasions, I do shameless plugs. As always, caveat emptor. Here are some "do's and dont's" suggestions for holiday gifts:

Calendars are good for keeping track of the messy upcoming collision of Carnival, Football and Political events. Here's a hot Fireman's calendar and a cool Saints Fan calendar.

An inflatable fruitcake is always fun.

Do get yourself some Vic Rattlehead gear if you're going to sample Greg's hostiliday submissions. (Hail to the King, baby. On a side note: don't you miss the old days when metal bands [existed and] had their own little signature cartoon characters on the front of every album?)

Do get yourself a first aid kit if you purchase any of these questionable items to enhance the "reindeer games" that you wish to play with your Sig Oth, prior to a long winter's nap.

If you're passing through Vidor Texas, and you see a roadside stand selling "Klan-o-Claus" dolls, consider picking some up for the white racists in your life.

Not to be outdone, The New York Times has a special guide of "Stylish Gifts" created "for and by people of color". Surreptitiously, I peaked inside and saw that one of the gifts listed is a children's book about Barack Obama. If you've already purchased this book on Amazon, intending to give it to a white kid-- don't! This "stylish" story isn't for colorless ears! Not right now, anyway. Until his approval rating goes up, Obama is 100% "of color". So either return it, or find an appropriately-pigmented kid to give it to.

High quality British ugg boots will keep your fookies cozy as you laugh at misled liberals clinging to their "science", while they wait in vain for global warming to kick in.

"Lawman" schwag. 'Nuff said, punk.

And for that special person in your life, consider becoming majority owner of Galatoire's, a landmark restaurant in the French Quarter. [Update: Sorry, no longer available: "'I thought it would be nice if I wanted to be mayor to at least invest in my own city,' said [John] Georges, the chief executive of Imperial Trading Co." Kind of an odd thing to say. Georges shouldn't be so modest, since he's been increasing his investments in the local gambling industry for a while now.]


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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

New Filter post up 


This punk rawk song nicely accompanies the post I think (NSFW language).

"The Killing Blow" by The Suicide Machines

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Come to oysterhead 

Is it wrong to be attracted to Sarah Palin if she wears Maoist gear?

Rebel girl Rebel girl
Rebel girl you are the queen of my world
Rebel girl Rebel girl
I think I wanna take you home
I wanna try on your clothes



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Monday, December 07, 2009

Mitch Landrieu expected to run for Mayor of N.O. 

Good gracious. I had discounted the recent polling he was doing, and didn't think he would jump in.

This certainly scrambles the political dynamics, and as a longtime fan of Mitch I'm pretty darn pleased. I'm going to think this over before doing much analysis or prognostication. My initial thought, though, is that it's difficult to believe that this decision was made because of a positive showing in a recent poll. I don't care how weak the field is, and how promising the angles look, it's difficult to envisage a scenario where Mitch is a shoo-in. Why give up the Lt Governor's seat? If he wants to be Governor some day, how does running for Mayor of New Orleans help? Are Gov Jindal's proposed budget cuts in the tourism office a factor? Does Mitch know about some things that are coming down the pike? Assuming he makes the runoff, how does he intend to secure a winning number of (so-called) "crossover" votes from an antsy black electorate?

I'm intrigued by all of this. Might go to Cafe Reconcile to see the announcement tomorrow.

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Bishops in the news 

Grandmère Mimi feels wounded about the progressive blogosphere's silence regarding the election of the Very Rev. Morris Thompson, to be the next Bishop of the Episcopal Archdiocese of Louisiana.

Grandmère wonders why this news went neglected:

Was our election in Louisiana not controversial enough? Did you miss telling the story because we are way down south nearly in the Gulf of Mexico? Are we too French and not Anglican enough? Why? A bishop-elect is a bishop-elect, no matter that he's a straight white male. Are we not part of the Episcopal Church?

No, I don't think this story was ignored for those reasons. The problem as I see it is the denomination involved. Many bloggers didn't care because Episcopalianism is like Near Beer: all appearance without the essential, "demanding morality" of Catholicism*. At least, that's what our Governor thinks. And he's, like, really smart.

Seriously, though, this Thompson fellow seems appealing: a former marine with an inclusive perspective, who doesn't feel like "sexuality issues" should dominate the church's mission. Thompson says:

[W]e have forgotten who we are as people of faith. Our purpose is to have love for one another just as Jesus loved... The question to ask ourselves is, will the world know that we are followers of Jesus by our love? Can we live love or will we just speak it?

I can get on board with that. What else?

I'm passionate about ministry, about people having a relationship with Christ. And we all have a place at the table, no matter who we are.

Table? I thought Episcopalians used altars.

Anyway, from what I see this fellow seems like he would be my sort of bishop. Unfortunately, I don't have a "sort" of bishop. My nominal club is "priesthood of all believers", Presbyterian style, so bishops don't do much for me unless I'm playing chess.

Granted, I suppose I should care more about newsworthy changes in regional church hierarchical structures, because these are so often the dudes who are making decisions that irritate me. For example:

The Archdiocese of New Orleans last summer contributed $2,000 to a campaign to repeal same-sex marriage in Maine, campaign finance records there show.

That's an excellent use of money in post-Federal Flood New Orleans. I wonder how many other similar campaigns were funded?

It's interesting that the previous Louisiana Episcopal Bishop, Charles Jenkins, is leaving because of his struggle "with the emotional trauma of Hurricane Katrina's devastating impact on the diocese in 2005 and its aftermath". Kind of echoes the exhaustion cited by Father Jerry Kramer of Broadmoor, who unexpectedly announced his retirement this year. He explained:

If I keep hanging around, [the parishioners will] stay in Katrina mode. And they have to move on from that.

Indeed, the past four years has been a challenging time for area pastors.


* Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I can tell, the "demanding morality" of Catholicism to which Jindal refers requires: treating homo-love like it's an existential threat to civilization; opposing birth control in famine areas; opposing pregnancy termination to save a mother's life; minimizing or ignoring the problem of preasts raping children; but ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS conveniently dismissing the Church's principled opposition to little matters like war.

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