Monday, May 17, 2010

60 Minutes story on Deepwater Horizon disaster 

The interview with Deepwater Horizon's chief electronics technician Mike Williams is tremendously compelling television. [Update: More details on William's story at Suspect Device.]

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Professor Bea: "Houston, I think we have a problem." (Indeed.)

Watch CBS News Videos Online

As the video notes... the (remote but potentially catastrophic) risks are still out there. And if I hear another apologist for the greedheads lecture me about the virtues of self-regulation, self-certification and voluntary compliance, I'm going to get huffy puffy. And that's a promise.

More cbs links and additional, extended coverage here:

Extra: "I'm Gonna Die Right Here"
Extra: "As I Got To The Next Door, It Exploded"
Extra: "It Was A Ranging Inferno
Extra: "We Were In Bad Trouble"
Extra: "We're Gonna Burn Up Or We're Gonna Jump"
Extra: "I Must Be Dead"
Extra: Capturing The Disaster Extra: Warning Signs Complete Coverage Truthout: Article on Whistleblower
Photos: Gulf Oil Spill Threatens Wildlife

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