Sunday, May 02, 2010

In the words of Laura Bush, "We've been poisoned" 

Long term.

Oyster beds could be spoiled for decades.

I sense that if Ashley Morris were alive to rage against this crude reality, he'd write a post containing the word "Biafra".

There will always be a moon over Macondo.

Update: The metaphors have gone from "iced tea" to "chocolate milk". What's next? Floating pudding? Baked Alaska? Do us all a favor and lose the food metaphors when you're talking about toxic spewage. Democrats are telling us not to panic-- "let nature take its course". Are you f-cking kidding me? Bob Marshall says the "terror is justified". I'm gonna side with him.

There's some appropriately incendiary words on Toulouse Street. Previously, Wet Bank guy (mf) has said "It's simple. Private profit, public risk."

Quite right: It's the wanton Socialism of black swan risks, for the enrichment of a cartel, defended with the rubric of free market capitalism.

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SO, let me ask. If it weren't for that cartel who would sell you gasoline? I assume you drive a car? Consume electricity? How do you expect that those things come to you?

By Blogger Pawpaw, at 2:06 PM  

Oh, I see. I'm not sufficiently thankful to the Big Oil cartel.

By Blogger oyster, at 3:04 PM  

No, the big oil cartel doesn't care if you thank them or not. Really, doesn't care. Nor do I.

This is a disaster; no doubt about that. BP knows it's a disaster. Believe me, they know it.

The unfortunate fact is that we consume oil. Every facet of our life is about oil. The clothing you wear came to market in trucks burning diesel. The food you eat was harvested by combines burning diesel. We need oil and the only way to get it is by drilling.

If you've got a better idea, I'd love to hear it.

By Blogger Pawpaw, at 4:20 PM  

Good point.

Will we ever get to the point of having planes and trucks powered by bio-fuels? I imagine that that's going to have to happen at some point.

But until we get there...we're dependent on oil and gas.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:34 PM  

I'll reprint what I wrote at Paw Paw's blog.

"Yes, we got us a serious situation. But neither I nor ... the overwhelming majority of progressive bloggers in S. Louisiana opposes drilling or oil, in itself. That's a false choice. I think we have a right to complain about this disaster and its response without getting lectured on the value of oil. I think it takes a fair amount of chutzpah to do that, frankly, since the piping that takes the oil to processing and then to market has vivisected our protective wetlands, the rest of which are now being poisoned by an underwater oil gusher which was a catastrophic risk BP claimed was pretty much impossible. We do think that oil companies should be truthful and accountable for the catastrophic risks and damage that they bring to the communities who support their infrastructure."

"Something like this was only a matter of time. And the next disaster is only a matter of time."

Don't make this about the necessity of oil (given our current economy). This is about catastrophic risk. And don't assure me how BP understands this is a disaster. They downplayed it from the start.

And by the way, I remember us having a few conversations about drilling safety in the past, and you pretty much dismissed the risks and thought we should drill everywhere possible, including national parks like Yosemite.

By Blogger oyster, at 7:46 PM  

My proposal is to have an oil industry like Norway, as clean and safe as humanly possible, with the profit from the extracted resource benefiting the people who own the resource far beyond the people who lease it. BP and friends don't fucking MAKE the oil.

By Blogger joejoejoe, at 7:59 PM