Sunday, May 09, 2010

"It's called the Toxic Waltz, and it's causing devastation" 

Facing South:

Hurricane Creekkeeper John Wathen of Alabama and volunteer pilot Tom Hutchings of SouthWings flew over the Gulf of Mexico on Friday to get a look at the massive oil slick spreading from the site of the BP disaster.

At nine miles out, they began to smell the oil. At 11 miles, they saw a visible sheen on the water.

And at mile 87 off the Alabama coast, they reached ground zero of the disaster -- what Wathen described as a "red mass of floating goo" as far as the eye can see."The Gulf appears to be bleeding," he said."For the first time in my environmental career, I find myself using the word 'hopeless,'" Wathen continued. "We can't stop this. There's no way to prevent this from hitting our shorelines." [Video here.]

Someone needs to inform Mr. Wathen that "goo" is not on the Official List of Oilspill Metaphors. Next time, he should compare what he sees to a food or beverage. In this case, "Red gravy" or "delectable meuniere" would be preferable.

WSJ: via Climate Progress

For Tony Hayward, who has led BP for the last three years, the accident threatens to overshadow all of the efforts he has made to burnish the tattered reputation of the company after a refinery explosion in Texas in 2005 and a pipeline leak in Alaska in 2006.

As Mr. Hayward said to fellow executives in his London office recently, “What the hell did we do to deserve this?”

I don't have a clue what you did (H/T Zombie), but surely "deserve's got nuttin' to do wit it". Surely. Besides, it's "crazy" and "insanely unproductive" to think that way. So there, there, Mr. Hayward. Keep a stiff upper lip and a twitchy finger on the rip cord to your golden parachute. I'm quite sure you and your fellow executives will find a way to pull through this corporate tragedy.

Raw Story via Singularity:

While the cause of the explosion is still under investigation, the sequence of events described in [BP's interviews with rig workers] provides the most detailed account of the April 20 blast that killed 11 workers and touched off the underwater gusher that has poured more than 3 million gallons of crude into the Gulf.

Portions of the interviews, two written and one taped, were described in detail to an Associated Press reporter by Robert Bea, a University of California Berkeley engineering professor who serves on a National Academy of Engineering panel on oil pipeline safety and worked for BP PLC as a risk assessment consultant during the 1990s. He received them from industry friends seeking his expert opinion.

A group of BP executives were on board the Deepwater Horizon rig celebrating the project's safety record, according to the transcripts. Meanwhile, far below, the rig was being converted from an exploration well to a production well.

Up on the rig, the first thing workers noticed was the sea water in the drill column suddenly shooting back at them, rocketing 240 feet in the air, he said. Then, gas surfaced. Then oil.

"What we had learned when I worked as a drill rig laborer was swoosh, boom, run," Bea said. "The swoosh is the gas, boom is the explosion and run is what you better be doing."

The gas flooded into an adjoining room with exposed ignition sources, he said.

"That's where the first explosion happened," said Bea, who worked for Shell Oil in the 1960s during the last big northern Gulf of Mexico oil well blowout. "The mud room was next to the quarters where the party was. Then there was a series of explosions that subsequently ignited the oil that was coming from below."
The party room is next to the mud room. Enquiring minds wonder, "why not both"?

Anyway, now that the Oil Kraken has been released and isn't hurrying to go back in his cage, we can expect the liberal socialists in charge to enact a flurry of draconian over-regulations upon helpless Big Oil. Some on the right view this potentiality as the "real" disaster. Whereas Socialist dictator Fidel Castro thinks "the spreading oil slick fouling the Gulf of Mexico is proof that the world's most powerful governments cannot control large corporations that now dictate the public's destiny". I mean, how out of touch can a senile old Marxist get?

Prove'em both wrong with the responsible middle path, President Obama!

Since the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig exploded on April 20, the Obama administration has granted oil and gas companies at least 27 exemptions from doing in-depth environmental studies of oil exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico.

The waivers were granted despite President Barack Obama’s vow that his administration would launch a “relentless response effort” to stop the leak and prevent more damage to the gulf. One of them was dated Friday — the day after Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said he was temporarily halting offshore drilling.

The exemptions, known as “categorical exclusions,” were granted by the Interior Department’s Minerals Management Service (MMS) and included waiving detailed environmental studies for a BP exploration plan to be conducted at a depth of more than 4,000 feet and an Anadarko Petroleum Corp. exploration plan at more 9,000 feet...
Eff it all. I'm going to the parlor to read Masque of the Red Meuniere, to take my mind off this hopelessness. Enjoy this thrashy cut from Exodus' Fabulous Disaster album.

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jeff said it right.

once the jizz is out no jimmy hat will be like the day after pill.

bp must be channeling fred astair with the next solution

Ladies and gentelmen I give you the top hat.

I just got an invitation through the mails:
"Your presence requested this evening,
Its formal, a top hat, a white tie and tails."
Nothing now could take the wind out of my sails.
Because I'm invited to step out this evening
With top hat and white tie and tails.

I'm puttin' on my top hat,
Tyin' up my white tie,
Brushin' off my tails.
I'm dudin' up my shirt front,
Puttin' in the shirt studs,
Polishin' my nails,
I'm steppin' out, my dear,
To breathe an atmosphere
That simply reeks with class;
And I trust that you'll excuse my dust
When I step on the gas,
For I'll be there,
Puttin' down my top hat,
Mussin' up my white tie,
Dancin' in my tails.

By Blogger GENTILLY YARD ART, at 10:13 PM  

jimmy hat =fail

top hat = next thing to shut us up for a couple of days.

asshole from the noaa who said the slick would stop hurricanne convection in the gulf= he is my pinata shaped like a goat that i will have carnal knowledge with before hitting with my ian druary rythm stick.

i will also drink his milkshake.

By Blogger GENTILLY YARD ART, at 10:24 PM  

I follow ya.

By Blogger oyster, at 10:35 AM  

Is now a bad time to mention the Administration just awarded a no-bid contract to Halliburton?

Hope. Change. Unity.

By Blogger GO, at 11:04 AM  

There's no good time for such news, GO. But, yes, this would qualify as an especially bad time for such news.


By Blogger oyster, at 11:55 AM  

How's that HopenChange working out for y'all?

Have you sent any money to Nashville yet?

By Blogger Pawpaw, at 5:07 PM  

Have trouble believing that there were NO doctors available to treat the rigworkers. Even WalMart provides PTSD counselors for major problems.

However in the deep dark Louisiana night BP could assemble an army of lawyers with preprinted legal forms, a series of portapotties to check the blood of the workers for illegal substances and large convention hall size rooms for rounding up the workers, but could not put in one single mobile phone to allow calling to family.

Now being an old fool, I realize that all of this must be prefunded to go. The people are all on retainers to provide when, not if, a well blows.

These retainers would certainly have paid for the missing shut off valve.

Precimininal conspiracy certainly raises it's ugly little head in what was done and what was not done.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:08 PM