Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who dat? 

Around town, I keep hearing namby pamby nervous nelly Who Dats predict "I think the Saints will win by a field goal". Screw that. For the past month we've ebbed, and now it's time to flow.

I'm expecting a decisive victory. I'm expecting Pierre Thomas and Jeremy Shockey to break some tackles for first down. I'm expecting to see evidence of superior gameplanning by the coaching staff. I'm expecting a scintillating performance by a protected Brees, and a surprisingly confident and opportunistic performance by the defense. Ratboy says to look for Lance Moore in the middle for 3rd down conversions. Ok, we'll do. As for #12, Big Smoove-- you bet he'll make a quantum leap or two.

Deuce cheering on the sideline: nuff said.

Insane crowds making people's ears bleed: nuff said.

I predict we will eat and drink and watch and yell... and, at the end, I predict, the celebrations will continue.

update: It seems my predictive preview forgot to mention Reggie "bring da wood" Bush, who played like an unalloyed champion yesterday, with 2 long touchdown runs and over 200 total yards. Nicely done. Yesterday the NFL network called Bush the "X-factor", which Cliff has been calling him for many moons now. I'm sorry I forgot to mention him before the game, but was pleasantly surprised that he turned in perhaps his best professional football performance.

At the Dome I saw Joe Horn come out of the bathroom, creating a breathless fuss among surprised fans.

On to host the NFC Championship game.


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Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Dignity. Always dignity." 

Via WST, we learn of this story from WGNO:

Former state Senator Derrick Shepherd has been arrested by New Orleans police after a traffic stop.

Police spokesman Bob Young said on Thursday that Shepherd was arrested for outstanding warrants for theft and domestic violence.

Shepherd is currently waiting to be sentenced, after pleading guilty in an unrelated federal corruption case.

Stay classy, Shepherd.

Update: Fox 8 News had some more details:

The NOPD says Shepherd had two outstanding warrants; one for theft and one for domestic violence.

According to criminal court documents, at least one of the cases dates back to 2002.
It is unclear why there were active warrants for Shepherd on old cases.

Yes, why were there active warrants on Shepherd for old cases from eight years ago? What are some potential reasons that might happen?


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Vitty-cent questions Man of the Year 


In an unusual alliance, conservative Sen. David Vitter is teaming with self-described socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders to block a vote on Ben Bernanke's nomination for a second term as chairman of the Federal Reserve.
At the very least, Vitter said, the Senate shouldn't vote on Bernanke, who was first appointed by President George W. Bush, until a process is established for audits of the agency.

So Vitty-cent thinks he can team up with some wacky socialist to grandstand against Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. How dare Sen. Vitter question Time Magazine's Person of the Year? Vitter suggests that we should audit the Federal Reserve's books? Really? Do you know how much money that might cost, and how much time that would take? The Fed cleared a profit last year, so what's the big problem? Who does our junior Senator think he is, anyway?


Actually, I agree with Sen. Vitter on this one. Kudos from YRHT to my main bonhomie Vitty-cent. I think an audit of the Fed would be most... illuminating. And extra special thanks and praise to Reps. Ron Paul and Alan Grayson, for getting this effort started.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court Jon Gegenheimer -- 'Super' Hypocrite--... 

... and Jefferson Parish is A Cauldron of Corruption and Cronyism and Aaron Broussard is a Bully!"

Dear Blogger:

Re: “No concession to socialism,” by Jon Gegenheimer, New Orleans Times-Picayune, March 03, 2009

With acts of political arrogance and disdain for the interest of the citizenry flowing out of the Aaron Broussard administration, and most evidentially criminal behavior as well, as if the 17th Street Canal levee breached on the side of Jefferson Parish and flooded the parish with hypocrisy and cronyism, along comes Clerk of Court Jon Gegenheimer with a fresh dose of supercharged chutzpah.

On Saturday, January 9, after I had telephoned the Gerry Vaillancourt talk program on WRNO FM 99.5-- “Rush” radio-- Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court Jon Gegenheimer telephone the program to address a comment I had made regarding Mr. Gegenheimer’s wife, Cherreen, being a high level paid Jefferson Parish employee working at the pleasure of the now disgraced, and former-- thank “God”-- Aaron Broussard administration.

Mr. Gegenheimer -- as fast as Muhammad Ali could do the Ali shuffle-- asserted that his wife was qualified and was a hard worker (neither of which I disputed or questioned) and made an argument that his wife was hired based on her qualifications and ability. An assertion that I will most certainly dispute and call into question.

But, quoting from the above referenced Times-Picayune letter to the editor, Mr. Gegenheimer’s feelings and attitude, or, to be more precise, contempt for the working stiff needs to be made known.

Jon Gegenheimer: “The governor says no to expanding unemployment benefits because that strategy would expand unemployment itself by encouraging those disinclined to work to remain unproductive and to hold out their hands to the taxpayers.”

Mr. Gegenheimer, who has held the office of Clerk of Court since his predecessor Raoul Armando "Skip" Galan, Jr. was made an offer which he could not refuse (a mandatory all expense paid long-term residency in a federal jail, I believe, around the time of the Hula Hoop craze) has blended into the Jefferson Parish cronyism culture as well as rum mixes with a Pat O’Brien's hurricane.

Being highly, highly critical of the behavior of Democrats as a frequent guest on the now off the air, but decades running Keith Rush talk program (the same Keith Rush who is a current member of the Louisiana Republican Party State Central Committee, as well as the person who campaigned and made speeches for the “Jew hater,” and Nazi uniform wearing “cross burning” “white power shouting” David Duke, and is on the Southern Poverty Hatewatch blog, and the same Keith Rush who was warned by the U. S. Secret Service for inciting violence against President Clinton) well, should a Democrat have practiced what I feel is cronyism, at its worst, on the part of the Broussard/Gegenheimer cabal, Gegenheimer would have steam coming out of his ears like Donald Duck.

What Mr. Gegenheimer ever so “conveniently” omitted from his diatribe on the Gerry Vallincourt program while spewing his wife’s qualifications-- who holds the title of Chief Administrative Assistant, one level below the top appointed office of chief administrative officer -- was that Jon Gegenheimer and his wife, Cherreen, have heavily donated and contributed financially to their political “Godfather” –- the “disgraced” Aaron Broussard! And for an example, check out “Correction: Gegenheimer’s Loan To Broussard Was Personal”

Given what has transpired on the part of the Broussard administration, drowning in apparent graft and corruption, and given that the Gegenheimers have been heavy financial lenders and donors to Aaron Broussard, “dinero,” (by far, I submit) played a much much higher role in securing a plum position for Cherreen than the hypocrite Gegenheimer would admit.

From my March 13, 2009, response to Mr. Gegenheimer’s referenced letter to the Times-Picayune: “For Mr. Jon Gegenheimer, Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court, to suggest more tax credits for business as a possible solution to the unemployment crisis and lend support to Gov. Jindal’s denial of $98 million enlarged unemployment benefits to workers in Louisiana victimized by voodoo economics and, further, demean workers by accusing them of being disinclined to work and remain unproductive by holding out their hands to the taxpayers is unconscionable and unimaginably cruel.”

And to read my full response, check out this post at Your Right Hand Thief.

Mr. Gegenheimer’s bourgeois snobbish opinion of unemployed workers in Louisiana is particularly, and appallingly, disgusting since the Gegenheimers have likely “bought”-- excuse me, secured Cherreen a cushion-comfy government job-- while "holding out their hands to the taxpayers.” An opportunity likely not open or a career option not available to the workers Gegenheimer holds in “let them eat cake” esteem.

And should Cherreen’s position carry the same, or similar, non-contributory retirement benefits of Broussard’s former CEO Tim Whitmer, who is under federal investigation, the Gegenheimer’s won’t be missing many meals, at restaurants with the culinary standards of an Antoine’s or a Galatoire’s!

Moreover, with Mr. Gegenheimer holding an influential public office in Jefferson Parish, with the unscrupulous, and likely to be indicted, former Parish President Aaron Broussard, having his re-election campaign fund being literally “financially indebted” to the Gegenheimer campaign fund, and Cherreen Gegenheimer being employed at the pleasure of the parish president, I whole-heartedly contend that little, or no, independence could exist between the office of parish president and clerk of court. A conflict which any reasonable and objective person would agree is an anathema to ethics and if parish government is expected to serve the people, not politicians, new laws need to be enacted.

Now, tighten your seat belt and put both hands on the steering wheel, because you are about to hear the biggest usurpation of power since Richard Nixon had a talk with John Dean.

In late 2008, being a weekly political columnist for, having obtained documentation sending out an alarm as loud as Big Ben, and my suspicions of possible corruption in Jefferson Parish growing like crabgrass, I telephoned the office of Parish President Aaron Broussard seeking a comment regarding a column I was in the process of writing and was transferred to Deputy Assistant Bert Smith.

Days later, I was told by the person I submitted my columns to for publication at that either Aaron Broussard, or someone from his office, telephone the owner of and shouted and “threatened” the owner of not to publish my column! And none of my columns thereafter were accepted at

Mr. Aaron Broussard, or Mr. Bert Smith, or whoever was responsible for an act of intimidation, attacking the 1st Amendment of the U. S. Constitution, and most likely causing me to lose a column that was dear and precious, my fervent hope is that there is a place in “hell” reserved for you wherein you will rot for all eternity.

David C. Bellinger
(404) 762-8779


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Weekly Filtration 

New post up at Humid Beings.


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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

LT Slide puts Satchmo on the Skids 

Minor Wisdom asks:

"The Saints have the top two fight songs in the NFL ['When the Saints go marching in' and 'The Saints are coming']... So here’s the challenge to Cardinals fans: Has your team got one fight song comparable to either of these?"

Not an Arizona fan, but I have their answer: the "LT Slide Electric Glide".

"Not a very good call"

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"I'm working on it" 

I recommend Eli's analysis and reaction to Police Chief Riley's incendiary claim about a phantom email with the "n-word" in it by Councilmember Stacy Head. I think Eli is totally on point.

The American Zombie has more: apparently Riley was on Irvin Mayfield's 990 am radio show, and was asked to describe Stacy Head in one or two words. He chose "David Duke". This charge arguably worse than the phantom "n-word" email, since it implies that Head is a racist fascist, rather than just a plain ole racist.

Speaking of Double D, my friend Ratboy recently told me about an encounter with David Duke back in 90 or 91. This was at some outdoor festival/event in Jefferson Parish, and Ratboy was in attendance with his friend Steve. Duke was making the rounds among his many admirers and "backers", and Steve goes up to Duke and asks "What are you going to do about the Negro problem?"

"I'm working on it," Duke replied.

This is so awesome because it's a fairly rare semi-public moment when Duke let his guard down. A lot of Duke's popularity stemmed not just his racism cloaked in arch-conservative policy, but the abiding belief among people that Duke was more "honest" than other politicians. He was willing to say what they weren't. While this was true to a degree, that didn't necessitate that Duke himself was being "honest". Duke carefully crafted his public statements and positions for maximum political appeal without appearing to go "over the line" into the crass, indefensible "n-word" brand racism. He was disciplined in this sense but then again Duke didn't *have* to be explicit when he was talking to white audiences about, say, the "epidemic" of unwed mothers having more kids to get bigger welfare checks. And Duke was anything but honest about his anti-semitism (jews were the root of the "problem", in his view). He took pains to keep his mouth shut about the "jewish problem", because coded appeals to anti-semitism didn't play as well coded racism against blacks, politically.

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Blago and Georges: "Black to black" 



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