Monday, July 26, 2010


I approve of this post title.

The Hayride's Ryan Booth is pullin for Jeb Bush in 2012 horse race.

Needed comedy relief: as unsafe as it is funny.



Open Email to Don Dubuc and WWL 870 AM from David C. Bellinger 

Subject: Does WWL AM 870 Protect Whore Mongering ‘Republican’ Politicians? I say-- indubitably –- YES!!!!!!!!

Don, I am sure the past e-mail that I sent with the evidence (Times-Picayune James Gill Column dated 1/12/2003 – “Who knew the boat did it?”) that you so conveniently are not able to recall is quoted below and is more than adequate evidence to substantiate that WWL’s pal Billy Nungesser, the “Republican” President of Plaquemines Parish -– who is running for re-election, was in fact and indeed a customer of the Canal Street Brothel -– thus making “Republican” Nungesser a whore monger!!!!!!

From the above reference James Gill column:

“At the hearing, attorneys on both sides said that the list of brothel customers provided by the madam includes Billy Nungesser Jr., son of the former state Republican Party chairman”

Astonishingly, on the Jeff Crouere program on AM 990 WGSO on 3/18/2008, Billy Nungesser claimed that he never heard of the Canal Street Brothel! And Nungesser has been a stranger from the Jeff Crouere talk program ever since -– quite a feat considering I know of no “bigger” publicity hound than Nungesser!

Furthermore, Nungesser has not accepted a challenge to undergo a lie detector examination when challenged to such by the Canal Street Madam – Janette Maier – and if the James Gill column is in any way or manner whatsoever a “slanderous” falsehood”-- then why has Billy Nungesser not filed a libel suit against James Gill, the Times Picayune, and Jeanette Maier, hummmmm!!!!!!!

It is my most fervent and sincere belief that if “little” Billy Nungesser were an African-American Democrat holding high public office, and running for re-election, Republicans like Congressman Steve Scalise, who “never” has missed or passed on an opportunity to bash a black Democrat – such as President Obama and former New Orleans Mayor Mark Morial – on the Big 870, the topic of a “black” Democrat most apparently violating the law banging “whores” at a brothel would be “topic” numero uno at the Big 870 AM in New Orleans in an attempt to hang on to the Limbaugh “racist” audience -- which has flown the coop to FM 99.5!!!!!!

And Don, that phone call from Shirley from Kenner on your talk program on July 24, 2010, stating that the earlier caller – whoever “he” was – which you most rudely and indignantly hung up on while copping an attitude claiming “you know we don’t make accusations without any facts to back it up, you know you need to get some facts if you are going to say it on the air!!!!!”

I suppose that the James Gill column that I – excuse me – the caller named “Bob,” which I have e-mailed to you in the past, which “bob” referenced on your program -- is not a sufficient fact – however – again, if only the whore monger were a black Democrat seeking re-election-– well -- I could not help to have the feeling that your high standard of evidence would not be the same and your ability to recall such evidence would be as sharp as the treble hook that I used to win the grand prize in the nation’s oldest bass fishing rodeo in New Orleans City Park on April 10, 1960,–landed a five pound 13 ½ ounce green bass – see photo in Times-Picayune of yours truly holding the prize winning bass in the April 14, 1960, edition (Times-Picayune photo available upon request).

And later on your program when Shirley from Kenner asked you – on air—“where did Jeanette Maier (the Canal Street Madam) ever find a woman willing to have sex with a ‘whale’”– well Don – I busted my gut and what a knee slapper that was! Don, did the board operator take a powder and were you on the wireless headset and too far from the board to cut off the caller?

Don, not that I would ever prompt someone to dial into the Big 870 and suggest to them what to say, but if yours truly were writing material for the Big 870 – well – the ratings would go through the roof of the Superdome!!!!!

Also Don, why is it that talk host at the Big 870 say, as you most rudely said to me, sorry – said to “Bob” from Belle Chase, "Aweee, yeah well, when you call, first of all, use your real name . . ."

You know Don I can’t ever recall a talk host at the Big 870 ever being so indignant when a right-wing caller drops a dime on the Big 870 to accuse the African-American President of the U. S. of being a Marxist -– and with “absolutely” no evidence!!!!!!

Additionally, another example of how a white Republican whore monger gets a pass -– from the above referenced James Gill column dated 1/12/2003:

Had the case gone to trial, therefore, defense attorneys were evidently prepared to argue that acting U. S. Attorney Jim Letten, if he wanted to be confirmed in his job, had an apparent incentive to go easy on the johns, since the elder Nungesser is an old hand at doling out federal patronage.

The elder Nungesser, however, stepped down as party chairman 10 years ago, and may no longer be quite the force he was in the old days when time came to appoint a new judge, say, or U.S. attorney.

Neither Nungesser Sr. or Jr. could be reached for comment.

And Don, when will the Big 870 stop protecting the Republican Sen. David Vitter -- you know the other Republican “whore monger -- and require Vitter to take phone calls from the listeners of the Big 50,000 watt 870 as Vitter’s Democratic opponent -– Congressman Charlie Melancon-- has done on the Big 870, hummmm!!!!!!!

And I challenge you to take my phone call while using my real name!

Moreover, your comment referring to Shirley and me, sorry “Bob,” as “Wacko and gutless callers” is as hypocritical as the whore mongering pals of the Big 870 -- Nungesser and Vitter-— being members of a political party which espouses “traditional family values"!

In fact Don, I say that you are a no class back stabbing coward of the highest order since you resort to name calling when I, sorry “Bob,” merely quoted a factual and well documented James Gill column regarding a high political official who is officially seeking a second term in a public office!

And check out my latest Sen. Vitter exposé proving that Sen. Vitter “lied” at his 2007 national press conference at:

David C. Bellinger
(404) 762-8779
Atlanta, Ga