Saturday, November 06, 2010

Right Wing goes coconuts 

They'll believe anything about Obama if it fits into their narrative.

So let's do an experiment: I heard that Obama's visit to India will cost $2 trillion dollars, and he'll dine on chilled monkey brains.

Run with it, freaks!


JEFFERSON, La. – Jefferson Parish President John Young has accepted the resignation of the head of the film commission, Cherreen Gegenheimer, on the heels of an Eyewitness News 4 Investigates report earlier this week. According to a parish spokesperson, Young accepted the resignation of Cherreen Gegenheimer Friday afternoon just after 4:30 p.m., along with two apparently unrelated resignations.

Gegenheimer was originally hired by former Parish President Aaron Broussard, and in 2004 became the head of the parish’s film commission.

This week she and her husband, Jon Gegenheimer, the Jefferson Parish clerk of court, were the subject of two 4 Investigates reports looking into trips to France, Utah and California for the film commission.

Excerpt from Flaming Liberal post at YRHT from 1/13/10:

What Mr. Gegenheimer ever so “conveniently” omitted from his diatribe on the Gerry Vallincourt program while spewing his wife’s qualifications-- who holds the title of Chief Administrative Assistant, one level below the top appointed office of chief administrative officer -- was that Jon Gegenheimer and his wife, Cherreen, have heavily donated and contributed financially to their political “Godfather” –- the “disgraced” Aaron Broussard! And for an example, check out “Correction: Gegenheimer’s Loan To Broussard Was Personal”

Read the whole post here.

What a shellacking that was! 

The other night, as the numbers trickled in, I wasn’t sure how it would go. But later on it became clear that one side had surged far ahead, and the other side wouldn’t catch up. Web sites and news tickers updated the changing totals; twitter was swollen with cheers and jeers; true believers congregated in “victory” parties, waving their signs and flags. Then, finally, the decisive turnover occurred and the balance of power officially shifted. Afterwards, the media interviewed the winners and losers, analysts sifted through the statistics, and pundits speculated on how the results would impact future contests.

So, congratulations once again to the New Orleans Saints for beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-10 last Sunday night.

… Well, what did you think I was referring to?

Alright, alright. I suppose my description of the Saints win could also apply to the Republican electoral landslide on Tuesday, which was even more dominating and lopsided than the football game. Apparently the same party who doubted the reality of the Great Recession while we were in it has just the right tonic to cure the recessionary "hangover” in 2010.

Hair of the dog, indeed.

Believe it or not, I spotted a liberal political/cultural trend lurking beneath the "conservative" electoral wave that swept the country on Tuesday.

No, I'm not being willfully delusional! You have to dig down, way down, to find it, but it's there. And this progressive trend will reach an important statistical milestone in the coming year, and will continue throughout the rest of our lives. Further, a small but deceptively important confirmation of this trend will occur one day soon at, of all things, a major sporting event-- perhaps in New Orleans.

What the blazes am I talking about?

Read my opinion column at The Lens on Monday to find out.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


"Your kids will meditate in school!... "


Update: I have my fun with Jerry Brown, but he's one of the most interesting characters in modern political history. I admire much of his small-govt liberalism and especially his anti-death penalty principles.

On cue, Scott McKay rails on Jerry Brown's election-- he's touting education and renewable energy! What a madman!  

That's probably an auspicious reverse indicator for the Golden State's future. Like in the 70's after Reagan, Brown is following a GOP Governor and inheriting a state in difficult circumstances. And he'll be more fiscally "conservative" than his predecessor just as he was-- ssshhh don't tell anyone-- more fiscally conservative than Gov. Reagan.

Governor Brown was much more of a fiscal conservative than Governor Reagan, even if he made arguments for austerity that the Republican would never use. (At one point, to get across the idea that a lean organization could outperform a bloated bureaucracy, he offered the example of the Viet Cong.) Reagan had raised taxes several times and boosted spending by an average of 12.2 percent a year. In his first year as governor, by contrast, Brown increased spending by just 4.6 percent, less than the rate of inflation. He wasn’t always so restrained in the rest of his reign, but he was thriftier than his predecessor, accumulating one of the biggest budget surpluses in California history.
Can we get a comment from the Bayou Buzz's Steve Sabludowsky about his "friend" Greg Meffmouth, now that Mef's pled guilty to conspiracy charges?

Remember this column of righteous outrage penned by Sabla-dabla-doo from four years ago?

So, you must wonder, why are [T-P writers] going after Meffert? And, who is the former disgruntled former City government official or perhaps technology company who wants to destroy the Nagin and Meffert reputation of efficient and good government and who appears to have have so much venom bound up that they must spew it secretively to the media.

In the case of the Times Picayune, recent outright constant bashing of Greg Meffert, who had been the Chief Technology Officer for the City of New Orleans, it appears bent on the course of trying to explode the good name of a person who gave his life to the City at a time when he did not even need employment.

Monday, November 01, 2010


AZ handles the latest news with more class than I can muster for this thieving buffoon. Listen to that 2007 radio interview, if you want to laugh and then shake your head in frustration and disbelief. Oh, the biased media! Oh, the name-calling bloggers! I was in the Hyatt with the Mayor after the Flood! How far we've come, indeed.

At the time, I described the performance as such: "Meffert stumbled and bumbled so badly, he made [WWL radio host Garland] Robinette sound like George Plimpton." I hope Meffert's rich slang vocabulary is a great asset to him in the clink.

Punditbook sets the over/under at 32 months.

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Magic in the Superdome 

10/27/10 Lens post on Gov. Jindal's Bermdoggle

Some recent letters to the T-P about the berms and higher ed cuts:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I find myself once again wincing, not whining, when I read stories about our lackluster governor.

I applaud LSU student government President J Hudson in his attempts to shine a light on Gov. Bobby Jindal's forays around the country in order to increase his name recognition.

Unfortunately for Louisiana, Jindal has failed to live up to the hype surrounding his ascent from bureaucrat to Louisiana's top spot. I am at once dumbfounded and angry that so many people in Louisiana have allowed themselves to be taken in by his empty rhetoric.

There are a few points I see.

. Jindal derided the Blanco Administration for the problems in the Road Home Program, and now we know that under the Jindal Administration the program has not fared well either.

. Against all expert and scientific advice, the governor insisted on grandstanding and building sand berms to stop oil. He chided the "experts," saying the state needed action. The berms are believed to have captured fewer than 1,000 barrels of oil, which the experts call a generous estimate.

. Louisiana is a poor state. The only way out of poverty is through education. Jindal has played politics with higher education in this state and gutted the budget.

. Jindal has increasingly marginalized the poor by taking away health care.

This is short-sighted and in the long run will cost the state and federal government more when these individuals end up in the emergency room with more complicated medical issues due to the lack of access to good medical care. If you are poor it is unlikely that you can drive very far to obtain care.

Jindal has done nothing but grandstand and position himself for higher office at the expense of Louisiana and its hard-working and proud citizens.

Wake up!

Thomas S.

New Orleans

Friday, October 29, 2010

Gov. Bobby Jindal, who graduated from Brown University and studied at Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship, has had educational opportunities beyond what most residents of Louisiana could ever dream of. So it is appalling that he is imposing horrendous cuts on Louisiana's higher educational system.

To judge by his comments, Gov. Jindal seems to think that these cuts will not damage universities in Louisiana, since professors will have to spend more time in the classroom and will have to cancel research sabbaticals. Of course, had Gov. Jindal been paying any attention while he was a student at Brown and Oxford, he would know that the professors' research is a vital component of their teaching.

And if Gov. Jindal thinks LSU would be better off if professors spent more time in the classroom, maybe it should occur to him that Louisiana would be better off if our governor spent more time in Louisiana governing our state.

Dennis K.

New Orleans

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thomas Stagg's letter is much appreciated, but it misses some very salient points.

Gov. Jindal was warned by both the Blanco administration and the LSU System's office that the billion-dollar surplus he inherited would vanish and that higher education, health and hospitals would take the brunt of cuts.

Those berms to which Mr. Stagg referred were built by Shaw, a big Jindal contributor.

The promises of "transparency" and "high ethical standards" have long gone unfulfilled.

Jindal opposes all federal bailouts, but has run the state on federal dollars.

Oil is trading at about $85/barrel and Jindal can't balance the budget.

One can only hope that, as Mr. Stagg noted, we "wake up."

Robert Z.

New Orleans