Friday, September 16, 2011

Marcello wants workers who can pedal 

From the T-P article titled "Pedicabs start rolling on the streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans":

 A new industry was born Thursday in New Orleans... [when] vehicles of the city's three new pedicab companies began traveling around the French Quarter and nearby neighborhoods, looking for customers.

The {Landrieu] administration favored a lottery [to pick the pedicab companies], arguing that it was impossible to find meaningful criteria by which to choose among applicants for a brand new industry, and it won the day. The lottery was held Aug. 12, with about 40 companies applying for the right to operate 15 pedicabs each. The three winners were Bike Taxi Unlimited, owned by Rob Lynch; Need a Ride LLC, owned by Evan Alford; and NOLA Pedicabs LLC, owned by Vincent Marcello.

Hey! Waddya know? Marcello had the lucky number. Good for him. And he gets to drive the mayor around (for what I assume is the first time).

Unfortunately, Mr. Marcello can't do it all alone:
Marcello said he expects to hire 50 to 60 drivers, who will staff two or 2 1/2 eight-hour shifts. He said he expects to have his vehicles on the streets almost around the clock. Besides being "strong and healthy," he said, his drivers need to be articulate and good "ambassadors for the city."

Couldn't agree more. We don't need a bunch of shady pedallers giving tourists the wrong idea about our fair town. 
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