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Rising Tide 6 


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flaming Liberal will write letters 

 {E-mail I will mail or e-mail to “every” candidate running for Jefferson Parish public office in the Fall 2011 election)

(Name of candidate for Jefferson Parish public office), 

I hope that the below columns, with links, which I wrote, and were published at, as well as other info I have supplied, will be of use in your campaign to be elected to public office in Jefferson Parish.

As far as I know, "no" special independent audit of the Baroni invoices has ever been conducted by Jefferson Parish and such an audit was requested by, as well as myself,  Drew Broach of the Times-Picayune (see Broach's column– Landing those Contracts the Baroni Way” - ( - and I supplied the Baroni invoices to Drew Broach).

Furthermore, I have discussed with the FBI regarding what I feel, as the FBI has agreed with such, may have been a "criminal" violation (misappropriation of funds and a criminal conflict of interest - among other possible federal criminal violations similar to the scandal in Bell, Calif.) regarding the $340,000 given to the sons of Nick Baroni - the politically connected, and best friends of Aaron Broussard, for improvements made to private business property owned by the sons of Nick Baroni.

I would wish to suggest that as a campaign position you release a press release stating if elected that you would introduce a resolution before the Jefferson Parish Council to request the funds of $340,000 be returned – with interest - by the sons of Nick Baroni to the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish, and additionally request that the district attorney of Jefferson Parish open a criminal investigation as well, since – in my opinion – the $340,000 is as criminally tainted as Macbeth’s guilty hands were stained with blood.

Additionally, I would wish to suggest that you pledge, and challenge your opponents, to issue a press release questioning your opponent whether he or she would, if elected, request a special audit of the $1,300,000 Baroni invoices submitted to Jefferson Parish by the now "26" count confess federal felons (Nick and Keith Baroni – the very very close pals of the now disgraced, and target of a federal grand jury investigation for payroll fraud, former Jefferson Parish president -- Aaron Broussard.

And Broussard’s close friends, Nick and Keith Baroni, defrauded the U. S. Navy when troops were sacrificing and dying in overseas combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and, as well, I have supplied the Baroni invoices to the federal authorities!

I will also be most glad and happy to supply you, or any interested party – including law enforcement agencies, the $1,300,000 Baroni invoices submitted to Jefferson Parish which I have in my possession.
Telephone anytime at your convenience -- would wish to discuss other suggestions and ideas which I hope would help your campaign.

And in the interest of full disclosure, I am the first cousin of Nick Baroni -– the same Nick Baroni who served on the Kenner council for 19 years while the Baroni benefactor, Aaron Broussard, served as mayor of Kenner, La.

Titles of columns and links to columns:

“Broussard’s Call for Good Government Regarding Parish Business with Hubbard, and not for the Baronis is Inconsistent,” by David C. Bellinger

“What Jefferson Parish Gives in Contracts, Parish President Aaron Broussard’s Appointee Tim Whitmer Receives!” –- by David C. Bellinger

“A Nick Baroni Accolade for Aaron Broussard, or You Got to be Yanking My Chain!”

“Connecting the Dots in Aaron Broussard’s ‘Sheikdom,’ also Known as Jefferson Parish”

“Mister Bubbles Carwash or Jefferson Parish ‘White’ Wash!”

David C. Bellinger
Cell number:  404-408-4561
E-mail address:



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You gotta admit... 

the Rising Tide schedule is pretty damn strong.