Saturday, September 10, 2011

Home invasions 

Zombie has details on the latest.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Relax on a Styler mattress 

Thanks to orbis quintus.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Links to T-P commentary and letters related to the Garland Robinette story 

Although the news was published on a stormy Labor Day weekend and quickly moved off the "top stories" page, Paul Rioux's article on Garland Robinette's "loan" is still by far the recent comment leader on New Orleanians are clearly interested in this (developing?) news story. So YRHT will endeavor to compile links and select quotes from all of the Editorials, Opinion pieces and Letters to the T-P Editor related to Rioux's original article, as The Times Picayune publishes them. (Update: Rioux has written two follow-up articles and published this online comment poll.)

To save time, let's make a pre-numbered list and fill it in as we go:

1. James Gill "Media Ethics are not negotiable," 9/7 
2. Stephanie Grace "Garland Robinette violated the public trust" 9/8 
3. Letter to the Editor "Garland Robinette should see ethical issue" 9/9
4. Letter to the Editor "Garland Robinette's credibility is gone" 9/11
5. Letter to the Editor "Robinette has violated his listeners' trust" 9/12
6. Letter to the Editor "Tuning out WWL radio" 9/15
7. Letter to the Editor "Robinette was just speaking his mind" 9/18

I expected that the T-P would soft-pedal the story on its editorial page, and while I'm glad to be wrong, I will dine on some crow in my next Lens column which should be up soon. (Update: column link here.)

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