Thursday, November 17, 2011

Football fans say "special teams is a third of the game," but how many truly believe it?

Number one rated LSU's victory over Alabama should've converted a whole new generation to the importance of special teams. Instead, some Tide fans are still seething, and believe the better team lost the "Game of the Century," as it was touted.

But they are are wrong.

I suppose Bama fans could plausibly argue that their team was slightly better on offense and defense. I'd contest both those points, but would charitably grant them for the sake of argument as long as Bama fans admitted that whatever difference between the teams in those categories was miniscule. However, LSU was indisputably superior on special teams-- no one could contest that. They kicked great punts to hold field position, and made the field goals that determined the final score.

So get over it, sulking Tide fans. Kicking is a third of the game. That's why they call it football.

Sunday, November 13, 2011