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Notes on the Marty and Camp show 

1. If I could re-write my latest post at The Lens, the end of this line-- "Now, because of [Mann and Perricone's] unprofessionalism and half-truths, they’ve permanently besmirched the federal prosecutor’s shop."--  should have been qualified to "their work at the federal prosecutor's shop." ---

2. In my earlier post on Perricone, I said I didn't know who commenter "muspench" was, but that I liked one of his analyses. Apparently the author of muspench is someone who has had legal trouble, and uses several sockpuppet aliases to bolster his positions in the comments. Pretty lame. (Correction: the author of muspench is not associated with the person referred to in the link, and does not use sockpuppetry. I apologize for the error.)  Still, this comment thread involving muspench and others is fascinating on several levels.

3. I can't remember the article I read that said Letten is something of a Luddite when it comes to social media. That's the basis of a pretty big assumption in my post-- that Mann and Perricone played around and figured Letten wouldn't find out. I could be wrong, and will happily revamp my speculations, if need be. But I'd be much obliged if someone can point me to an article that says Letten avoids social media.

4. Notice that my examples in my latest column only show examples of comments to T-P Grace and Gill columns during a very narrow window in Spring 2009. That's because the new site is nearly impenetrable to quality searches in its deep archives. I figured if I could find illuminating examples of camp's exposure and sockpuppetry in that period, there's surely MANY more instances, before and after 09. One other note. During yesterday's searches on the site, I encountered some fishy things. The search returns were inconsistent. Perricone's martyfed alias, for example, returned about a dozen hits when I checked it three days ago at this address Yesterday it was down to  three or four. Also I got a grey popup that asked me for a username and password during my search. I forget what else it said, but it looked like I encountered some special software. Or a bug. Very strange.
5. Ole Campstblue discussed numerous topics in the comments to the Gill and Grace columns in Spring of 2009. There were many examples I didn't include in my post. For instance, here's Camp ranting on Free Speech, here's camp talking about an opposing lawyer's "arrogance," and the jury in the Ellenese Brooks Simms case.

Remember that Perricone would later write under the alias "dramatis personae".  But, as Camp he still showed a flair for drama, posting several one act plays. Here’s one about Nagin and Blakely in the Ninth Ward, and here's one about Meffert and Nagin smoking cheeba in Jamaica.

Camp posted numerous comments that trotted out the old "[insert name of black person] is the REAL racist" line. Standard right-wing boilerplate, these days.

This one's a doozy. Here's Camp Perricone calling Sheriff Harry Lee an “endomorphic mobbed-up piece of crap.” Then he implies that Lee's daughter, Jefferson Parish City Councilperson Cynthia Lee-Sheng, will be more of the same. 

I would've liked to hear more about the “mobbed-up” part. 

 A recurring theme from Camp's comments is the need for the T-P to have a rival daily newspaper. He complains that the T-P's Grace and Gill are "congenitally joined at the buttocks from whence they get their insipid inspiration." Perricone has applauded recent developments in the N.O. new media landscape.

In a post where Camp fears that Obama and Democrats are the precursors to fascism, he responds to a commenter named "dunesriver" by calling him "Dunce River." Then, in another post Perricone's "martyfed" alias calls dunesriver "Dumb's river".
Now, demeaning another's username is a pretty common tactic in comment boards, so I didn't include it in my presentation of evidence linking "campstblue" to "martyfed."

Ethnicity is a recurring theme of Camp and Marty's posts.

martyfed on John Stewart: "Why does he hide behind a ango name. He's jewish. Is he not proud of who he is??? OY"

Here, Camp begins a pro-LSU hospital argument with the following  attack against Gill:
Gill, people don't like smug and supercillious columinist either. Why the TP keeps you around is a mystery to us all.But let's address the issue(s):

Back [LSU President] Lambardi out the equation for a minute. And those of us who know you well, know you do not like Italians. You must remember that about 22% of this metro area has some Italian blood flowing through their insular blood streams. So use caution when you insult.

It's hilarious how issue #1 is Camp's belief that Gill doesn't like Italians... and there's not a trace of insult in Gill's piece that goes beyond Lombardi. Gill may have insulted Lombardi, but "Camp" takes offense as an Italian, and seems to argue that insulting an ethnic group is wrong if they comprise a significant percentage of the populace. 
In another post,  Camp basically says Gill is handy with drinks and dates... but in much rougher language.


Right now I don't think Letten will survive this. The political momentum has turned against him. My guess on his replacement can be found here.
I wonder how user truthisit from area code 70072 became so certain in 2009 that campstblue was a U.S. Attorney.
Update #2 : 

Here martyfed responds to a commenter with this chestnut: “You say you are white, but your writing style reveals otherwise.”

You do know that Slabbed blog  is always a great place for commentary on these matters, yes?

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