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Flaming Liberal lights up Broussard, Baroni 

Ex-aide about to turn tables on Broussard. (And “no” surprise since Broussard is the best pal of my first cousin, Nick ’13 count confessed federal felon’ Baroni – former president of the Kenner Council when Broussard was mayor!And seems like Broussard loves to be a bully since Broussard evidently “bullied” the owner of to cancel my weekly political column and I would have been the very very first journalist to report on likely and probable corruption in the Broussard administration!!!!!!)

From the Stephanie Grace column in the 3/25/12 Times Picayune titled "Ex-aide about to turn tables on Broussard”:
For those who can't wait, Fanning's comments and Whitmer's own legal documents offer a preview of his excuse, which seems to be at least partly that Broussard bullied him.

From my January 13, 2010, column titled "Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court Jon Gegenheimer-- 'Super' Hypocrite"... and Jefferson Parish is A Cauldron of Corruption and Cronyism and Aaron Broussard is a Bully!" {Note:  Shortly after my column was published, the FBI subpoenaed the payroll records of Cherreen Gegenheimer!}:

“Now, tighten your seat belt and put both hands on the steering wheel, because you are about to hear the biggest usurpation of power since Richard Nixon had a talk with John Dean.

In late 2008, being a weekly political columnist for, having obtained documentation sending out an alarm as loud as Big Ben, and my suspicions of possible corruption in Jefferson Parish growing like crabgrass, I telephoned the office of Parish President Aaron Broussard seeking a comment regarding a column I was in the process of writing and was transferred to Deputy Assistant Bert Smith.

Days later, I was told by the person I submitted my columns to for publication at that either Aaron Broussard, or someone from his office, telephone the owner of and shouted and “threatened” the owner of not to publish my column! And none of my columns thereafter were accepted at

Mr. Aaron Broussard, or Mr. Bert Smith, or whoever was responsible for an act of intimidation, attacking the 1st Amendment of the U. S. Constitution, and most likely causing me to lose a column that was dear and precious, my fervent hope is that there is a place in “hell” reserved for you wherein you will rot for all eternity.

David C. Bellinger

(404) 762-8779

Furthermore, a very very close family member, who is a very very close pal of Nick Baroni, has “emphatically” told me that when Nick Baroni was serving as the president of the Kenner Council, while Aaron Broussard served as the mayor of Kenner, Nick Baroni had a “secret” ownership interest in the Treasure Chest Casino!  Upon the sale of the casino, based on what I was told by a very very close family relative – who is a very very close friend of Nick Baroni,  Nick Baroni made a profit in excess of $1,000,000!

And I cannot imagine, or think for a second, in my opinion, that Nick Baroni’s best pal -- Aaron Broussard -- did not have at least, in my opinion, knowledge of what has been alleged and likely Broussard profited as well from the Treasure Chest Casino as Nick “13 count federal confessed felon’ Baroni likely did -- based on what I was told by a source I would not think for a second would have said without absolute definite and extremely reliable information!!!!

In addition, for more of what I have been told and advised (and believe me, there is ”lots” and “lots” more!) by a very very close family member – who is a very very close friend of Nick ’13 count confessed federal felon’ Baroni - has told me – regarding the alleged, and most likely, in my “strong” opinion,   “outright” “illegal” behavior of the former Broussard/Baroni Kenner administration, you are welcome to telephone 24/7:  404-762-8779!

I was also told by a very very close family member, who is a very very close pal of Nick “13 count confessed federal felon” Baroni that Nick Baroni’s ambition was to be a “mafia” godfather!  You read correctly and Nick Baroni is the best pal of Aaron “38 count federal felony indicted” Broussard – and most likely lots and lots of additional indictments will shortly be filed by the U. S. Attorney for the Southeastern District of Louisiana against Aaron Broussard!!!!!!

And to this, I will most gladly take a lie detector test and swear under oath subject to the penalty of perjury!!!!

And, by “all” means” “please” check out some of my most brilliant columns listed below the column - “Flaming Liberal will write letters” by David C. Bellinger - below regarding Broussard and the Baronis!!!

And putting the maraschino cherry on the sundae, Aaron Broussard’s best pal Nick Baroni, not only defrauded the U. S. Navy when troops were fighting and “dying” in overseas combat, but Nick Baroni most likely and most probably corrupted his son – Keith – who also copped to thirteen federal felonies for defrauding the U. S. Navy in a time of war!!!

For more on this topic, check out -- “A Nick Baroni Accolade for Aaron Broussard, or You Got to be Yanking My Chain!” –- by David C. Bellinger

And Broussard and Baroni have traveled to Yugoslavia to “pray” – as prayer partners” to the Blessed Mother – what “unbelievable” and “unimaginable” vile and wretched hypocrites!!!!!!

Additionally, as a former AFL-CIO union senior shop steward for the Office and Professional Employees’ International (OPEIU) –I had the great honor of representing workers for the largest containerized steamship company in New Orleans and I “never” lost a grievance, “never” lost a worker (not even due to a temporary layoff), “never”- lost an election, “never” took a single penny from the union, and had the local union president and the secretary-treasurer “removed” from office for ethical reasons – possibly placing my “health and safety” in jeopardy!

Therefore, I am not in the least intimidated by the two-bit “criminal” punk Nick Baroni filing a frivolous “criminal” stalking complaint against me with the Kenner Police Department!

And I can reasonably speculate, with the attitude that Nick Baroni obviously and apparently possesses, as to the reason Nick Baroni was severely beaten and likely left for dead while serving time in a federal prison camp at Maxwell Air Force Base!

And, based on information given to me by a high ranking Republican Kenner elected official, currently in office, Nick Baroni turned down an offer by the feds which would have given the son of Nick Baroni – Keith Baroni – “no” jail time!!!!!!

Not exactly “Father of the Year” material!!!!

As well, I was told first-hand by a former high ranking Kenner elected official – and have a witness to such – that Nick Baroni– using a tactic I would reasonably describe as an act of intimidation – pressured the former Kenner official, while in public office, to support what would have been a taxpayers funded road improvement project which would have added huge value to land -– you “guessed” it -- owned by none other than Nick Baroni!!  Eerily similar, in my opinion, sucking on the tit of mother government while taking the taxpayers for a ride using political influence, to the “Baroni Carwash!”

For more on this topic, check out -- “Mister Bubbles Carwash or Jefferson Parish ‘White’ Wash!” -- By David C. Bellinger

And to cite an example of Nick Baroni’s best pal -- Aaron Broussard’s “good-hearted” “Christian generosity!-- from my October 10, 2010, column, “Connecting the Dots in Aaron Broussard’s ‘Sheikdom,’ also Known as Jefferson Parish” -– by David C. Bellinger:

“And he (Aaron Broussard) raised Whitmer's salary 76 percent over a 15-month period, setting up his embattled top aide up with a $177,000 annual lifetime pension.” -– Source:

But don’t break out the crying towels and fear not for Tim Whitmer, since Tim Whitmer will be able to soak the taxpayers as he beats a path to the bank in less than five years at age fifty-five to cash in the chips of his annual $177,000 lifetime pension bestowed with the support of his “benevolent” boss, Aaron Broussard – the disgraced former President of Jefferson Parish.

And while Aaron Broussard was busy as a beaver dispensing generous goodies -– likely making the city fathers of Bell, California green with envy -- to his pals, such as sticking the taxpayers with $340,000 of improvements to private land owned by the sons of Broussard’s fellow world traveler and prayer partner, the now confessed thirteen count federal felon -- Nick Baroni, the Jefferson Parish council was eliminating funds for the elderly and disabled enrolled in the Meals on Wheels program!

"There are people who are alone and they just don't eat," she said. "I feel like some of these people will just accept whatever happens and I worry because they don't have someone to fight for them." -– Source: “ Scores of elderly people stricken from Jefferson Parish Meals on Wheels program, ” New Orleans Times-Picayune, By Bob Ross, December 31, 2009

And such greed rises to the level of the heartlessness of Mr. Potter (Lionel Barrymore) in “It's a Wonderful Life!”

Whether or not I have connected the dots of illegal wrongdoings, I cannot say, but if “back scratching” and incestuous relationships benefiting mentioned parties financially were a class A felony -– well, indictments would be flying in Jefferson Parish like beads and doubloons during Mardi Gras on Vets and Causeway! And as fast as Jon Gegenheimer could demean unemployed workers by accusing them of being disinclined to work and remain unproductive by holding out their hands to the taxpayers!””}

And to make a donation to the Jefferson Parish Meals on Wheels program, please go to:

And as a first deacon in a Christian ministry, dedicated to feeding the needy, I have prayed before our church service, and sincerely request others do the same, that Aaron Broussard’s cancer goes into remission.

And David C. Bellinger, “the Flaming Liberal” – and the “heartthrob” of talk radio” -– who knows more about politics than George W. Bush knows how to mix a double vodka martini and who has been banned from more conservative wing-nut talk shows than Limbaugh has had prescriptions written for OxyContin, Lorcet and hydrocodone-- can regularly be heard as a caller to the Jeff Crouere “Ringside Politics” political talk program on WGSO AM 990 in New Orleans from 7am to 11am, and streamed at

The call in number is 504-556-9696 and the program is aired Mon. through Fri. 7 till 11 Central time.

“Flaming Liberal will write letters” by David C. Bellinger

Thursday, August 25, 2011

{E-mail I will mail or e-mail to “every” candidate running for Jefferson Parish public office in the Fall 2011 election)

(Name of candidate for Jefferson Parish public office), I hope that the below columns, with links, which I wrote, and were published at, as well as other info I have supplied, will be of use in your campaign to be elected to public office in Jefferson Parish.

As far as I know, "no" special independent audit of the Baroni invoices has ever been conducted by Jefferson Parish and such an audit was requested by, as well as myself,  Drew Broach of the Times-Picayune (see Broach's column– Landing those Contracts the Baroni Way” - ( - and I supplied the Baroni invoices to Drew Broach).

Furthermore, I have discussed with the FBI regarding what I feel, as the FBI has agreed with such, may have been a "criminal" violation (misappropriation of funds and a criminal conflict of interest - among other possible federal criminal violations similar to the scandal in Bell, Calif.) regarding the $340,000 given to the sons of Nick Baroni - the politically connected, and best friends of Aaron Broussard, for improvements made to private business property owned by the sons of Nick Baroni.

I would wish to suggest that as a campaign position you release a press release stating if elected that you would introduce a resolution before the Jefferson Parish Council to request the funds of $340,000 be returned – with interest - by the sons of Nick Baroni to the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish, and additionally request that the district attorney of Jefferson Parish open a criminal investigation as well, since – in my opinion – the $340,000 is as criminally tainted as Macbeth’s guilty hands were stained with blood.

Additionally, I would wish to suggest that you pledge, and challenge your opponents, to issue a press release questioning your opponent whether he or she would, if elected, request a special audit of the $1,300,000 Baroni invoices submitted to Jefferson Parish by the now "26" count confess federal felons (Nick and Keith Baroni – the very very close pals of the now disgraced, and target of a federal grand jury investigation for payroll fraud, former Jefferson Parish president -- Aaron Broussard.

And Broussard’s close friends, Nick and Keith Baroni, defrauded the U. S. Navy when troops were sacrificing and dying in overseas combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and, as well, I have supplied the Baroni invoices to the federal authorities!

I will also be most glad and happy to supply you, or any interested party – including law enforcement agencies, the $1,300,000 Baroni invoices submitted to Jefferson Parish which I have in my possession.

Telephone anytime at your convenience -- would wish to discuss other suggestions and ideas which I hope would help your campaign.

And in the interest of full disclosure, I am the first cousin of Nick Baroni -– the same Nick Baroni who served on the Kenner council for 19 years while the Baroni benefactor, Aaron Broussard, served as mayor of Kenner, La.

Titles of columns and links to columns:

“Broussard’s Call for Good Government Regarding Parish Business with Hubbard, and not for the Baronis is Inconsistent,” by David C. Bellinger

“What Jefferson Parish Gives in Contracts, Parish President Aaron Broussard’s Appointee Tim Whitmer Receives!” –- by David C. Bellinger

“A Nick Baroni Accolade for Aaron Broussard, or You Got to be Yanking My Chain!”

“Connecting the Dots in Aaron Broussard’s ‘Sheikdom,’ also Known as Jefferson Parish”

“Mister Bubbles Carwash or Jefferson Parish ‘White’ Wash!”

David C. Bellinger


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