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Why Not Pursue and Recoup Funds from Broussard, Baroni, and Others Who Evidentially Received Coverage “Illegally!” 

 Re: "Kenner police cut back on services Officers focus on most critical calls," By Mary Sparacello - East Jefferson bureau, Times-Picayune, June 6, 2012

Dear Blogger:

As a Katrina survivor, who is totally blind, and was at the time of Katrina, I was pursued and, in my opinion, harassed for an approximate, and measly, $3200 of rental assistance in an attempt to recoup the assistance by the Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA - for six years.

To defend what I felt that I had rightfully received, and has now “finally” been dismissed by FEMA, -– having lost my residence in New Orleans East in Katrina and was without any housing of my own for more than a month following the Katrina catastrophe -– I was forced to retain the services of two attorneys and endure near endless years of FEMA proceedings.

The proceedings included numerous court hearings, several sworn statements, and a  seven hour (maximum allowed by law) grueling recorded sworn deposition in the Atlanta federal building conducted by a U. S. Justice Department attorney representing FEMA. No fraud or wrongdoing was found and, most certainly, in my FEMA matter, there was no illegal conflict of interest or illegal misappropriation of funds and the latter was never an issue or even alleged.

On the other hand, as written in the Times-Picayune on February 9, 2011, based on an opinion by the Louisiana Attorney General - Buddy Caldwell, former Kenner Mayor - Aaron Broussard, former president of the Kenner Council - Nick Baroni, and nine others received “illegally” free life and health insurance benefits for 20 years, or longer, which, no doubt dug deep into the Kenner taxpayers pockets for millions of dollars -- ouch! Add to the brew of apparent surly and dyspeptic good ole boy Jefferson Parish politics, and given the thirty-eight criminal felony federal indictments pending against Aaron Broussard and the thirteen federal felony counts Broussard’s pal, Nick Baroni, who defrauded the Navy when forces were fighting and dying in overseas combat, copped to, and the ruling by the Louisiana Attorney General gives the Broussard gift of lifetime health and life insurance saga the stench of a rotten acre of garlic – down wind in a hurricane.

As well, being the first cousin of Nick Baroni and to no surprise to anyone who ever observed or studied Jefferson Parish politics, I can attest that Aaron Broussard and Nick Baroni – fellow world travelers and prayer partners -- have had a close and enduring friendship for many decades.

As an example, Broussard and Baroni have traveled to Yugoslavia to pray to the Blessed Mother.

It was the decision, with a stroke of a ballpoint written on a memo pad in the hands of then mayor Aaron Broussard, with “no” legislative approval – or even consideration, that Broussard – the ‘Imperial Mayor of Kenner’ – granted himself, and Baroni and others in  the Broussard political click, health and life insurance for life. Thus, creating a clear and apparent conflict – and a possible criminal act -- of interest and, likely as well, a criminal misappropriation of funds!

Moreover, with Aaron Broussard and Nick Baroni being experienced politicians, and Broussard being a lawyer, the deed of being self-anointed with taxpayer paid health and life insurance coverage for life, without council approval, would cause the most naive to be cognizant that Broussard and Baroni had had the mendacity to grease their grubby hands and waive their middle finger at the taxpaying citizens of Kenner!

I am bewildered to comprehend my FEMA travails with the funds absconded by the Kenner pols in what may have been the biggest act of thievery since the Brink’s job. I fervently submit that there is a confluence of evidence to substantiate that an apparent screaming impropriety and a lack of fiduciary responsibility has been enacted by omission on the part of Paul Connick - District Attorney of Jefferson Parish, Mike Yenni – Mayor of Kenner, and the members of the Kenner Council.

Why no act of any kind -- as far as I know -- to so much as recoup a single dime from Aaron Broussard, Nick Baroni, and the other nine pals of Broussard has yet to be taken I believe is an act of criminal malfeasance.

So, Kenner being in dire straights for funds, including the inadequate funding of the police department, why is there not an active recoupment proceeding for the funds “illegally”– paid -- per the Louisiana Attorney General ruling -– to former Kenner pols?

Otherwise, I beseech the district attorney of Jefferson Parish, the mayor of Kenner, and the Kenner council to explain why FEMA could pursue – excuse, hound me for years, for a mere pittance when compared to the mega bucks of the Broussard expenditure, very likely paid “illegally,” and not pursue the recoupment of funds from Broussard and friends -– with interest and penalties as was the intention of FEMA -- for the raiding of the Kenner treasury.

And I repeat, in my FEMA matter there was never any consideration of criminal misappropriation of funds or a criminal conflict of interest, which any person of reason would suspect was indeed in play when Broussard took pen in hand to dispense generosity to himself and to his political pals -- sticking the taxpayers with the bill which assuredly and unmistakably ran into the millions.

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