Monday, January 14, 2013

Crouere statement confirms claims that capitulated to Aaron Broussard's office 

Below is a letter from WGSO 990am radio host Jeff Crouere, released today, that confirms YRHT co-author David Bellinger's claims about then-Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard and
To whom in may concern,

As Political Editor of in 2008, I solicited David Bellinger to write a regular column from the political left.

After publishing a few columns, Mr. Bellinger started work on a column about Jefferson Parish government. It was this investigation that triggered a negative response from the website management. Shortly after Mr. Bellinger started his research, I was summoned to a meeting with the co-owner of the website, Mr. Don Jones. He mentioned that he had received a call from someone at Jefferson Parish President Broussard's office who was very upset with Mr. Bellinger's investigation.

Mr. Jones expressed his displeasure with Mr. Bellinger and informed me that his column would no longer appear on the site. This incident eventually contributed to a negative work environment that ultimately led to the elimination of the politics section on the website.

Sincerely yours,

Jeff Crouere
David Bellinger's account of this episode is at the end of this 2010 post here.